Jackson County Grooms


FAGAN, H P ASHBEE, Mary 1884-Apr-05
FAGGARD, L C CUNNINGHAM, Florence 1900-Aug-12
FAIRGUST, Leon Joseph YOUNG, Victoria 1890-Aug-25
FAIRLEY, Alexander GRIFFIN, Clara 1894-Feb-01
FAIRLEY, Archie DANTZLER, Franie 1897-Aug-26
FAIRLEY, Archie MCKAY, Sabra D 1884-Aug-20
FAIRLEY, Arthur RAMSAY, Harriet 1894-Feb-21
FAIRLEY, Bruce FAIRLEY, Dolly 1893-Oct-20
FAIRLEY, Buler MCLEOD, James 1899-Oct-19
FAIRLEY, C S HARDING, Martha 1896-Mar-02
FAIRLEY, Cezer BYRD, Diana 1877-Nov-01
FAIRLEY, David HELVESTION, Lucindy 1876-Oct-08
FAIRLEY, David HELVESTION, Lucindy 1876-Oct-12
FAIRLEY, Elam W FAIRLEY, Emma 1898-May-26
FAIRLEY, Geo WARD, Alice 1890-Dec-07
FAIRLEY, Hector SMITH, Carrie 1878-Feb-28
FAIRLEY, Hiram SEMORE, July Lily Angeline 1881-Apr-12
FAIRLEY, John W FAIRBANKS, Cammie 1876-Mar-28
FAIRLEY, John W FAIRBANKS, Cammie 1876-Mar-30
FAIRLEY, Judge CARTER, Nancy 1886-Feb-14
FAIRLEY, Lee BOSARGE, Catt 1898-Apr-16
FAIRLEY, Luke BRONSON, Elizabeth 1877-Mar-14
FAIRLEY, Luke BRONSON, Elizabeth 1877-May-01
FAIRLEY, Manuel BURNEY, Laura 1898-Jun-02
FAIRLEY, Peter DENMANN, Louisa 1880-Dec-30
FAIRLEY, Peter FAGGARD, Martha 1892-Jun-29
FAIRLEY, Randall THOMAS, Francis 1896-Apr-19
FAIRLEY, Ransom ALLMAN, Mary A 1891-Dec-28
FAIRLEY, Sam POKE, Alice 1897-Oct-15
FAIRLEY, Sam WELLS, Juley 1882-May-18
FAIRLEY, Thomas A MCFARLAND, Viscy 1896-May-30
FAIRLEY, Tom MCKAY, Charlotte 1880-May-02
FAIRLEY, W M BURNEY, Esther Anna 1892-May-16
FAIRLEY, Warner BUDGETT, Levinia 1895-Dec-11
FAIRLEY, Warner KNIGHT, Lavinia 1882-Aug-08
FAIRLEY, Washington DENMANN, Elizabeth 1877-Sep-10
FAIRLEY, Willis PARKER, Safrona 1882-Jul-27
FAIRLEY, Wine LAWRENCE, Mahaly 1890-Mar-06
FAIRLEY, Wm M SMITH, Lizzie 1895-Oct-09
FAISON, Julius LONG, Henrietta 1894-Dec-11
FANLEY, John MCCOY, Anna Bell 1884-Dec-23
FARLEY, Jesse S TARVER, Charlotte M 1882-Dec-14
FARMER, A W HINTON, Fanny 1895-May-29
FARR, Horace EMUY, Agnes 1891-Jan-27
FARRAGUT, Alfred J ROLLS, Frances A 1895-Oct-29
FARRAGUT, Geo N GAGER, Leda 1900-Aug-19
FARRAGUT, Leonce RUTA, Mary Junie 1898-Mar-09
FARRELL, Ernest R BLACK, Mary B 1900-Jun-07
FARRIEL, Peter ELY, Margaret 1885-Oct-14
FAVRE, J R Dr DIRIAT, Marie Josephine 1891-Apr-23
FAYARD, Armand CANNETTE, Lily 1900-Jan-23
FAYARD, Henry GROU, Olevia E 1894-Feb-29
FAYARD, Joseph GEORGE, Ida 1887-Dec-03
FELDER, A J KREBS, Laura Dolores 1895-Oct-22
FELLOW, Willie HUNT, A Quitman 1897-Mar-13
FENNER, Christopher J HERRINGTON, Emeline E 1892-Nov-03
FEORE, Michael George PICKETT, Marguerite Louise 1899-Jan-04
FERBY, Samuel ROGERS, Caldone 1887-Jan-11
FERBY, Thos PARKER, Mary L 1897-Apr-10
FERLEY, Wm PEYER, Sarah Ann 1882-Apr-24
FERRALL, Willie WEEKS, Martha 1895-Jul-03
FERRELL, Benjamin FAIRLEY, Julia 1893-Jan-05
FERRELL, Louis WADE, Jeanie 1882-Oct-03
FERRER, Charles N PICKETT, Elizabeth 1898-Jul-27
FERRILL, A B NELSON, Drusilla M 1883-Dec-26
FERRILL, A J COWAN, Milly 1896-Aug-13
FERRILL, I G ANDREW, G C 1884-May-03
FERRILL, Joe GOSS, Julia 1894-Dec-24
FERRILL, John W RANEGAN, Louisa A 1876-Aug-18
FERRILL, John W RANEGAN, Louisia 1876-Aug-20
FERRILL, Lewis MCGLOTHIN, Rachael 1892-Mar-08
FERRILL, Singleton JONES, Emily 1893-Nov-11
FERRILL, Singleton MCRAE, Eley 1880-Nov-25
FERRILL, Singleton REEVES, Emily 1893-Nov-11
FERRILL, Singleton REEVES, Emily 1894-Nov-11
FERTH, Edward HOLDEN, Evaline 1893-Dec-24
FIELD, Andrew Anson CROMER, Sophia 1896-Jun-03
FIELDS, George A CARTER, Estella 1883-Oct-19
FIELDS, Joshua MCINIEN, Nancy 1878-Jun-06
FIELDS, Moses MASON, Sarah 1900-Oct-31
FINCH, James M HINTON, Mary 1895-Jul-31
FINCH, N J BABTIST, Eugenia 1890-Jun-16
FINCH, Sampson TANNER, Derothu 1875-May-12
FINCH, W V GIBSON, Isabelle 1900-Dec-06
FINKLER, Ed M JONES, Mariah 1895-Apr-11
FIRMAN, Christopher KING, Nancy 1896-Apr-10
FISHER, Charles FISHER, Jennie 1896-May-20
FITCHER, Charles V PAGE, Sarah 1878-Mar-30
FITZNER, P J C PASSOW, Mary 1876-May-03
FITZNER, P J C PASSOW, Mary 1876-May-04
FLAMING, Oliver STEWART, Evan 1893-Sep-28
FLANDERS, Eddie THOMPSON, Ollie 1898-Feb-18
FLEMMING, G W FAIRLEY, Ellon 1887-Jan-05
FLETCHAS, V A KREBS, E E 1891-Apr-27
FLETCHER, Henry TOOTLE, Mary D 1892-May-27
FLETCHER, John MANNING, Pheby 1897-Apr-27
FLETCHER, John J HERRINGTON, Eugenia A 1876-May-15
FLETCHER, John J HERRINGTON, Eugenia A 1876-May-17
FLOURRY, Joseph WILKERSON, Mary Ann 1881-Aug-25
FLOWERS, Andrew CHAMBERS, Lorena 1889-Mar-28
FLOWERS, Ed WHITE, Cecelia 1900-May-14
FLOWERS, John W QUAVE, Virginia 1876-Feb-26
FLURRY, Albert TOOTLE, Viola 1899-Sep-21
FLURRY, Joseph H COOPER, Sinia 1891-Jun-05
FLURRY, Joseph W ROBERTS, Emma 1884-Jun-01
FLURRY, Louis LYONS, Mollie 1892-May-10
FLURRY, Rufus BERRY, Margaret 1900-Mar-22
FLURRY, Wm HAVENS, Nancy 1882-Mar-10
FORBES, J H SCOVELL, Mary E 1887-Jul-11
FORCHAND, Julius DOBSON, Sabry Ann 1898-Feb-08
FORD, Andrew WILSON, Jennie 1896-Aug-07
FORD, J I FOSTER, Mamie E 1892-Dec-14
FORD, James BURTON, Josephine 1894-Apr-17
FORD, Lawrence G WARD, Addie M 1892-Dec-22
FOREHAND, George LIVINGS, Louisa 1897-Jun-04
FOREHAND, Isaac COLLINS, Nancy Mrs 1879-Jun-05
FOREHAND, William J QUAVE, Martha D 1893-Feb-06
FORETICH, George A ELDER, Cora Lee 1885-Jun-17
FOSTER, Frankie MCCALL, D A 1888-Dec-24
FOSTER, Geo Lee WELLS, Margaret 1896-Jan-16
FOSTER, George Lee JOHNSON, Frances Mrs 1881-Aug-30
FOSTER, Jacob SCARBOROUGH, Annie 1892-May-03
FOSTER, Jacob SCARBOROUGH, Malina 1890-Mar-10
FOSTER, William DAVIS, Sarah 1878-Dec-21
FOUNTAIN, Ernest EHLERS, Laura 1896-Feb-05
FOUNTAIN, Francis TIBLIER, Louise Alice 1890-Jul-07
FOUNTAIN, John B Jr GALLE, Mary Ida 1887-May-19
FOUNTAIN, Joseph BULLOCK, Viola 1898-May-23
FOUNTAIN, Jules J CLARK, Evelene 1897-Mar-06
FOUNTAIN, Manuel SEYMOUR, Geneva 1899-Dec-28
FOUNTAIN, Martin LADNIER, Elizabeth 1879-May-19
FOUNTAIN, Moiese TIBLIER, Pauline 1891-Jun-23
FOUNTAIN, Raymond GROW, Adonia 1897-Dec-30
FOUNTAINE, Christopher GALLE, Mary Louise 1885-Jul-15
FOURGENESS, Franklin BULLOCK, Louisa 1884-Feb-14
FOURMIER, Raymond J FOUNTAIN, Clementine 1896-May-20
FOWLER, Thomas M MONTGOMERY, Beulah 1882-Jul-18
FOX, W W WARD, Adele 1894-Nov-29
FRANCIS, Joseph SAXON, Serena 1888-Nov-28
FRANCO, John J WARD, Ida L 1891-Dec-01
FRANK, Gust RYAN, Laura 1889-Dec-28
FRANKLIN, Benj WALKER, Mary Ann 1883-Nov-06
FRANKLIN, Benjamin WRIGHT, Mary 1893-Apr-05
FRANKLIN, Charley CAMPBELL, Balloc 1882-Dec-28
FRANKLIN, Jessie DUBREY, Harriet 1889-Aug-03
FRANKLIN, Stephen NORVAL, Sarah 1876-Apr-14
FRANKLIN, Stephen NORVELL, Sarah 1876-Apr-14
FRANKLIN, W T CRONER, Martha E 1895-Aug-25
FRANKLIN, William PARKER, Lidia 1884-Feb-13
FRANSBERRY, William COOPER, Mary 1876-Oct-04
FREDERIC, Chas R DANLEY, L M 1895-Apr-18
FREELAND, S L DEEKLE, Frances C 1879-Jan-09
FREEMAN, Martin MCLANATHAN, Helen A 1900-Jan-09
FREEMAN, Peter WILLS, Hannah 1885-Sep-22
FRENCH, Frank B RICKEY, Jennie A 1885-Dec-24
FRENTZ, Charles LAMEY, Lena 1894-Jan-10
FRENTZ, Julius G CHARPIAUX, Marie Blanche 1892-Nov-16
FRIAR, Chas I HALL, Mary A 1899-May-19
FRIGHTMON, Charles ROYAL, Alice 1883-Nov-01
FRINTZ, Henry Herman CALLE, Witholmena 1898-Nov-30
FROUGORNES, Paul RYAN, Hortense 1884-Nov-27
FRY, Isaac CROWLEY, Elizabeth 1882-Sep-07
FRY, Isaac HAVARD, Elizabeth 1882-Jan-10
FRYE, Henry VICE, Eliza 1889-May-11
FRYE, Thomas JONES, Mary Jane Mrs 1891-Dec-14
FULLER, Alex LEWIS, Lottie 1897-Apr-27
FULTON, Warren JONES, Annie Laurie 1898-Sep-07
FUQUAY, John ROUSE, Ella 1900-Jul-23



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