Jackson County Grooms


EALEM, John SEANNS, Dul 1891-Nov-24
EARLE, Chas T POITEVENT, Cora M 1890-Oct-30
EARLE, Franklin Summer SKEHAN, Esther Jane 1896-Aug-12
EASTLY, Brantly HAVER, Mary Louise 1881-Dec-01
ECKHOFF, John ROGERS, 1877-Jun-12
ECKHOFF, John ROGERS, Alcey 1875-Jul-20
ECKHOFF, John ROGERS, Alcey 1875-Jul-22
ECKLIS, Jesse COMPTON, Mary 1891-Mar-12
ECKSTEIN, Rudolph Conrad BRASSETT, Clara M 1888-Jan-17
EDWARDS, Alonzo TABBS, Sallie 1892-May-20
EDWARDS, George W CHANDLER, Kate Mrs 1882-Aug-03
EDWARDS, Henry BLACKMAN, Harriet 1877-Sep-12
EDWARDS, Henry MCINYON, Fannie 1891-Dec-02
EDWIN, Frederick STATEN, Carrie 1878-Mar-12
EGLIN, Albert THOMAS, Annie 1894-Jan-30
EHLEIS, H REUS, Lenora 1883-Aug-20
EHLERS, Charles J Jr SHIELDS, Lela 1891-Nov-05
EHLERS, F J CUNNINGHAM, Ollie 1889-Oct-31
EHLERS, Henry MILLER, Minerva 1875-Dec-15
EHLERS, Henry MILLER, Minerva 1875-Dec-16
ELDER, Fred GRIERSON, Mamie 1898-Mar-29
ELDER, George B MCDONALD, Mary E 1885-Dec-20
ELDER, Jas J MYERS, Hattie I 1896-Dec-23
ELDER, Rad WATERS, Sarah 1892-Jan-21
ELDER, Rod MCLEMORE, Caroline 1879-Sep-18
ELDER, S T GOULD, E A 1900-Feb-22
ELEY, Joseph LOPER, Dicy 1876-Jul-05
ELEY, Joseph LOPER, Dicy 1876-Jul-06
ELLIS, Daniel MCNAIR, Rhoda 1876-Apr-11
ELLIS, Daniel MCNAIR, Rhoda 1876-   -15
ELLIS, Gabriel R HAVENS, Cornelia 1882-Jan-26
ELLIS, Jackson STARKS, Annie 1894-Sep-26
ELLIS, James JUAN, Josephine 1899-Feb-21
ELLIS, John C ELLIS, Josephine 1886-Dec-22
ELLIS, W L JOYNER, Rosa A 1897-Feb-17
ELLIS, Wm MCFAIL, Lottie 1898-Nov-16
ELLY, Harry HOUGH, Addie O 1900-Aug-22
ELSTROM, Peter ANDERSON, Josephine 1890-Sep-30
ELY, Andrew TILLMAN, Cora 1888-Jun-26
ELY, Dave BASTER, Ollie 1898-Apr-05
ELY, Ellis ENTRICKEN, Martha 1887-Dec-04
ELY, J C Jr STEEDE, Olivia 1889-Feb-25
ELY, Joseph BOBINGER, Catherine O 1885-Jun-28
ELY, Tony GARLIC, Elizabeth 1891-Jun-20
ELY, William DOBSON, Eliza 1891-Jul-31
ELYE, Ida CLARK, Perry 1880-Sep-04
EMANUEL, Jesse COLEMAN, Rose 1891-Sep-09
EMERSON, Charley DUDLEY, Laura 1892-Feb-06
EMERY, Charles F CASE, Mamie J 1878-Jul-24
EMMETT, E H JOHNSON, William 1884-Apr-12
EMUY, Agnes FARR, Horace 1891-Jan-27
ENDT, Antonio WINDEL, Johanna 1896-Oct-29
ENGLADE, James MARIE, Gertrude 1881-Jan-15
ENTREKIN, Jesse D HOLLAND, Sarah Ann 1891-Aug-30
ENTREKIN, John B FLETCHER, Susan 1890-Jul-03
ENTRICKAN, M J HADEN, John H 1886-Jan-31
ENTRIKEN, David L PIERPONT, Frances A E Mrs 1882-Jan-01
ERICKSON, E H OTT, Adelaide 1892-Aug-14
EUREN, Charles J SCHULTZ, Martha Christina 1892-Feb-08
EVANS, Benjamin CARTER, Susan 1877-May-23
EVANS, Sie WASHINGTON, Sarah 1891-Mar-19
EVANS, W J HOWELL, Mary C 1893-Jan-05
EVEREDGE, Allen ROBINS, Eddie 1886-Mar-25
EVERETT, Washington DUFFY, Sally 1882-Oct-30



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