Jackson County Grooms


ABLE, Joseph LADNIER, Ella M 1892-Mar-23
ABRAMS, Benjamin H MORRICE, 1882-Nov-29
ADAMS, Charles HAVARD, Mary 1882-Mar-20
ADAMS, Charles HAVARD, Mary 1882-Mar-22
ADAMS, James SWINSON, Belle 1877-Jul-23
ADAMS, John H RABBY, Josephine V 1889-Mar-08
ADAMS, Sam JOHNSON, Lillian 1900-Dec-22
ADAMSON, L RUBLES, Louisa C 1876-Apr-03
AKINS, John KIRKWOOD, Celeste 1880-May-27
ALBERT, Prince FAIRLEY, Annie Mrs 1878-May-11
ALEDOR, L C BENEY, Alice A 1894-Dec-31
ALEXANDER, Langston WALKER, Matilda 1886-Aug-05
ALEXANDER, S H STEGALL, Lizzie 1884-Feb-17
ALEXANDER, Thomas CHAMBERS, Victoria 1888-Dec-13
ALEXANDER, Thomas GOFF, Louiza 1892-Mar-04
ALFORD, James P SWENSON, Nancy Elizabeth 1888-May-17
ALGES, James MCINNIS, Bessie 1890-Apr-23
ALLEMAN, Frank PARKER, Nancy 1881-Feb-10
ALLEN, Caleb DAVIS, Alice 1891-Dec-01
ALLEN, Joe TURNER, Harriet 1894-Oct-18
ALLEN, John JOHNSON, Sophia Mrs 1880-Sep-04
ALLEN, Joseph HOTEN, Adeline 1889-Dec-25
ALLEN, Norwood W PELHAM, Leona T 1899-Dec-13
ALLEN, Peter Willis BOLDEN, Isabella 1887-Jun-20
ALLEN, Thomas ROGERS, Idella 1889-Dec-23
ALLEN, William EVERETT, Angeline 1888-Mar-03
ALLEY, Robert B SEYMOUR, Laura A 1894-Jul-19
AMAS, L W LADNIER, Lillie 1897-Feb-12
ANDERSON, Anders CROMER, Dora 1889-Jan-21
ANDERSON, Aron LAWSON, Mary G 1882-Oct-26
ANDERSON, Carl Victor LENNEP, Berta 1889-Oct-15
ANDERSON, Daniel CRAWFORD, Kate 1879-Jan-09
ANDERSON, Deaton C MCCLURE, Nannie 1897-Jun-22
ANDERSON, Elton GREEN, Mary 1895-Mar-30
ANDERSON, Frederich M MORK, Annie Marie 1879-Oct-14
ANDERSON, George COOK, Fanny 1891-Feb-05
ANDERSON, George FERRILL, Mary 1900-Jan-23
ANDERSON, George NOBLES, Hannah 1895-Jul-30
ANDERSON, Gustav J SCHULTZ, Doris J 1878-Dec-05
ANDERSON, Isaac BRADLEY, Mary 1881-Oct-07
ANDERSON, John FERRILL, Everline 1887-Feb-14
ANDERSON, Joseph A NELSON, Catherine A 1884-Apr-22
ANDERSON, Louis BANG, Martha E 1892-May-02
ANDERSON, Wm M CARTER, Easter Ann 1893-Jun-09
ANDREW, G C FERRILL, I G 1884-May-03
ANDREW, John H TAYLOR, Lenet 1883-Dec-22
ANDREWS, Henry WARREN, Charlotte 1880-Jun-08
ANDREWS, Henry C ANDREWS, Ellen 1885-May-21
ANDREWS, Oliver HAUSEN, Hilda 1884-Dec-06
ANGLADO, William BOSARGE, Laura 1892-Feb-15
ANKERSON, Lawrence LAMEY, Eliza Jane 1887-Jun-08
APPERSON, Francis M FRAZELLE, Julia A F 1892-Oct-05
APPERSON, Francis M ROYALS, Mary Lucritia 1886-Feb-01
ARGUELLES, Joseph BELLMAN, Louisa 1891-Feb-04
ARMSTRONG, Anthony PINKSTON, Caroline 1888-Apr-14
ARMSTRONG, Henry L EGLIN, Eugenia 1900-Sep-18
ARMSTRONG, John THOMAS, Ellen 1879-May-14
ARMSTRONG, L W DAVIS, Nancy J 1878-Jan-01
ARNOLD, John ROUSE, Ansabelle 1888-Dec-20
ASHCROFT, M BARROW, Jane 1891-Jun-25
ASHLEY, John O FERLEY, Sabrah 1879-Aug-29
ASHLEY, W S MCDONALD, Lula 1895-Aug-10
AVERY, L K PARSLEY, Alice 1895-Jan-24



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