Jackson County Brides


TABB, Norma D GILES, Alexander 1900-Nov-13
TABBS, Sallie EDWARDS, Alonzo 1892-May-20
TACHE, Laura TILLMAN, Gideon 1894-May-03
TANNER, Amanda C C JAMERSON, Edward 1883-Oct-13
TANNER, Anabelle HOWELL, T J 1896-Jun-10
TANNER, Annie REED, William 1897-Apr-15
TANNER, Annie A LUNDY, James A 1896-Mar-04
TANNER, Bettie WILLIAMS, James 1890-May-23
TANNER, Catherine MOFFATT, Clark 1877-Jan-24
TANNER, Clarissa SMITH, William 1888-Dec-20
TANNER, Clarissa WALTERS, Jefferson 1882-Jul-18
TANNER, Derothu FINCH, Sampson 1875-May-12
TANNER, Elizabeth HOWARD, Jessie 1880-Oct-07
TANNER, Ella O PIERCE, Louis Y 1891-Jan-19
TANNER, Emily PIERCE, Wallie 1891-Jun-22
TANNER, Fanny TANNER, L A 1896-Jan-17
TANNER, Janey WILLIAMS, James 1892-Dec-29
TANNER, Lefornia HINTON, Lany 1881-Oct-13
TANNER, Lulu TAYLOR, Robert 1892-Feb-16
TANNER, Margaret A HINTON, Hughey 1880-Aug-10
TANNER, Martha LAWRENCE, Frances 1892-Jul-28
TANNER, Martha MASON, Thomas 1881-Mar-01
TANNER, Mary BARBER, Moses D 1876-Apr-15
TANNER, Mary BARBER, Moses D 1876-Apr-16
TANNER, Mary E ROUSE, Andrew 1887-May-04
TANNER, Nancy MCCALEB, Silas 1899-Jan-02
TANNER, Poline GRIFFIN, Walter 1900-Mar-08
TANNER, Sarah MURPHY, Alvin 1895-Aug-28
TARVER, Charlotte M FARLEY, Jesse S 1882-Dec-14
TATE, Adline BELL, George H 1891-Oct-02
TATE, Eldora LAKE, W W 1885-Oct-30
TATUM, Laura COLEMAN, James G 1898-Sep-08
TATUM, Millie DENNIS, Richard 1897-Jul-15
TAYLOR, Bessie Jane TAYLOR, Henry 1893-Dec-21
TAYLOR, Caroline RICHARDSON, George 1879-Mar-22
TAYLOR, Catherine POWERS, Israel 1892-Feb-09
TAYLOR, Cindy BOSTICK, Eugene 1898-Sep-28
TAYLOR, Deliah CHATMAN, Walter 1900-May-21
TAYLOR, Elisha GRANT, Martha 1899-Dec-23
TAYLOR, Eliza Ann PHILLIPS, Ransom 1895-Jul-04
TAYLOR, Ella LEWIS, John V 1896-Oct-01
TAYLOR, Emma HUNT, Thomas W 1881-Feb-10
TAYLOR, Frances TANNER, John 1891-Jan-28
TAYLOR, Lavinia COOPER, Geo W 1895-Jan-22
TAYLOR, Lenet ANDREW, John H 1883-Dec-22
TAYLOR, Maria SMITH, Vince 1882-Jul-18
TAYLOR, Martha E BERRY, German 1875-May-15
TAYLOR, Martha E BERRY, Jerman 1875-May-15
TAYLOR, Mary (Martha) E BERRY, German (Jerman) 1875-May-15
TAYLOR, Mary Jane DOWNING, Raif 1881-Oct-06
TAYLOR, Mary L WEST, Gabriel 1882-Apr-12
TAYLOR, Mollie B SANDIFER, G W 1883-Nov-14
TERVIN, Virginia MOORE, Charles 1882-May-26
THAMRIEL, Claricy PRYOR, Howard 1882-Feb-11
THOMAS, Annie EGLIN, Albert 1894-Jan-30
THOMAS, Ellen ARMSTRONG, John 1879-May-14
THOMAS, Emma RUFFIANS, Tim 1888-Mar-17
THOMAS, Eugenia BRADFORD, L N 1875-Dec-13
THOMAS, Eugenia BRADFORD, L N 1875-Dec-16
THOMAS, Francis FAIRLEY, Randall 1896-Apr-19
THOMAS, Harriet TILLMAN, Caesar 1899-Oct-18
THOMAS, Hattie CHADICK, C M 1882-Jun-11
THOMAS, Lizzie JOHNSON, John 1891-Mar-23
THOMAS, Lou E MCKAY, F J 1896-Jun-18
THOMAS, Lucy TAYLOR, Henry 1894-Sep-29
THOMAS, Mamie BROWN, Wash 1889-May-16
THOMAS, Mamie MOTT, Joseph 1890-Oct-16
THOMAS, Mary Mrs JACKSON, Joseph 1887-Mar-10
THOMAS, Rose DRAYTON, Wm 1890-Aug-09
THOMAS, Virginia THMPSON, Sidney 1884-Apr-01
THOMPSON, Annie CANFIELD, George 1892-May-11
THOMPSON, Charity COLEMAN, Sandy 1881-Jul-14
THOMPSON, Edna MURPHY, J L 1900-Jan-06
THOMPSON, Ellen DECOURSEY, A D 1888-Mar-16
THOMPSON, Emiline HINTON, William 1884-Jul-05
THOMPSON, Laura DUDLEY, George 1899-Apr-01
THOMPSON, Lavinia BELL, Horace 1875-Jun-08
THOMPSON, Lorena DORR, Harry A 1891-Apr-30
THOMPSON, Lorena DWYER, James 1895-Jun-04
THOMPSON, Lucinda JOSEPH, Jake 1877-Jun-11
THOMPSON, Nannie SHIELDS, John H 1894-Jan-15
THOMPSON, Ollie FLANDERS, Eddie 1898-Feb-18
THOMPSON, Ruta SMITH, B 1898-Jun-14
THORNTON, Sally WILLIAMS, Jeff 1886-Oct-21
TIBBIE, Victoria RYAN, Hyppolite 1885-Nov-20
TIBLIER, Louise Alice FOUNTAIN, Francis 1890-Jul-07
TIBLIER, Olivia RYAN, Delmas 1897-Jan-04
TIBLIER, Pauline FOUNTAIN, Moiese 1891-Jun-23
TILLEY, Sarah HINTON, Thomas 1895-Dec-31
TILLMAN, Carrie SPEARS, William 1889-Aug-01
TILLMAN, Clara BROADERS, H M 1885-Oct-22
TILLMAN, Cora ELY, Andrew 1888-Jun-26
TILLMAN, Lillie JOHNSON, Aristide 1891-Dec-31
TILLMAN, Lizzy BROOKS, Silas 1892-Nov-04
TILLMAN, Rosalind BOLTON, Ivy 1898-Apr-28
TIPPIN, Carrie A BLALOCK, John S 1881-Aug-25
TOLEMAS, Della LANCASTER, Wm 1894-Sep-11
TOLER, Alberta C STEEDE, C G 1892-Apr-25
TOOTLE, Laura BERRY, Watson 1900-Aug-02
TOOTLE, Luvenia WILKERSON, B F 1893-May-31
TOOTLE, Mary D FLETCHER, Henry 1892-May-27
TOOTLE, Viola FLURRY, Albert 1899-Sep-21
TOUSELL, Laura SEYMOUR, Robert 1895-Dec-03
TOWN, Maria KILES, Dennis 1882-May-08
TREHERN, Emma TILLERY, Earl 1900-Jul-16
TREHERN, Mary E CLAYTON, Charles 1896-Jun-24
TUCKER, Isabella WILLIAMS, James 1898-Apr-14
TUCKER, Laura Bella PEARSON, Geo. Washington 1877-Mar-20
TURNER, Ann OLIVER, Willis 1888-Mar-27
TURNER, Frances THOMPSON, Odin 1889-Oct-17
TURNER, Harriet ALLEN, Joe 1894-Oct-18
TURNER, Josephine WHITE, Isaac 1886-Mar-06
TURNER, Mary JOHNSON, Ephraim 1883-Sep-25
TURNER, Mary JOHNSON, Joseph 1878-Nov-04
TURNER, Missouri WIMBLEY, Alonzo 1894-Oct-10
TURNER, Ninna MURRAY, Thomas 1889-Sep-02



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