Jackson County Brides


RABBY, Josephine V ADAMS, John H 1889-Mar-08
RABY, Mary A LYND, Arsene F 1880-Jul-29
RADWICH, Stenphie DAILEY, Jesse R 1882-Dec-24
RAGISTE, Adrien MORRIS, William 1882-Nov-11
RALLEY, Zora MAREN, Johnnie 1893-Feb-23
RAMSAY, Alice May RUBLE, T C 1885-May-07
RAMSAY, Cassandra LOWD, B F 1887-Jun-11
RAMSAY, Harriet FAIRLEY, Arthur 1894-Feb-21
RAMSEY, Delia Ann TAYLOR, Westley 1885-Oct-25
RAMSEY, Ida ORELL, Albert D 1900-Sep-26
RAMSEY, Juna HAMBERT, Abe 1896-Jun-18
RAMSEY, Laura W MCLAUGHLIN, William 1880-May-24
RAMSEY, Lucenda HENSHAW, Samuel 1882-Mar-23
RAMSEY, Millie CHILDS, Isone 1895-Mar-16
RAMSEY, Nellie BATSON, Solomon 1881-Nov-03
RAMSEY, Nelly BATSON, Solomon 1882-Sep-02
RAMSEY, Susan E HOLDEN, Willis W 1878-Dec-04
RANAGER, Lilly LANGLEY, Everett 1900-Feb-24
RANDALL, Florence M BROWN, Hubert L 1898-Sep-21
RANDALL, Laura DEMPF, H G 1889-Apr-25
RANDALL, Mattie SHORT, Tom 1895-Jun-21
RANDOLPH, Georgiana ISABELL, Julius W 1896-Mar-23
RANDOLPH, Isabella TAYLOR, Frank 1888-Nov-27
RANEGAN, Louisa A FERRILL, John W 1876-Aug-18
RANEGAN, Louisia FERRILL, John W 1876-Aug-20
RANSOM, Mary Jane JONES, Harrison 1896-Aug-27
RAY, Alice TAYLOR, Albert 1893-Nov-01
RAY, Rosa HUBBARD, Henry 1891-Oct-22
REAR, Josephine PARKER, George 1882-Dec-31
REDLEY, Josephine BRUNSON, L T 1895-Nov-16
REED, Annie GALOWAY, Scipio 1885-Dec-21
REED, Carrie STOUGH, T J Dr 1893-Jun-07
REED, Harriet BURNEY, Julius 1891-Jul-03
REED, Martha LEWIS, Joseph 1885-Oct-17
REED, Vinie CHAMBERS, Albert 1893-Oct-07
REEDE, Maggie COOLEY, Leonidos 1881-Sep-29
REEVES, Burosy E REEVES, Columbus 1894-Jun-07
REEVES, Delphine E PARKER, Henry 1890-Nov-06
REEVES, Ellen MIXON, Mall 1877-Oct-03
REEVES, Elvera HOBBARD, James 1882-Dec-12
REEVES, Emily FERRILL, Singleton 1893-Nov-11
REEVES, Emily FERRILL, Singleton 1894-Nov-11
REEVES, Fannie MCSWAIN, Daniel 1879-Apr-13
REEVES, Frances WOOD, Warren 1893-Feb-05
REEVES, Josephine Mrs WILKERSON, William H 1884-Jan-20
REEVES, L E ROUSE, C R 1896-Dec-24
REEVES, Lydia Mrs REEVES, John Jr 1883-Oct-03
REEVES, Martha Jane HOWELL, Wm 1880-May-19
REEVES, Mary REEVES, Drew 1883-May-16
REEVES, Nancy DAVIS, Charley A 1885-Dec-24
REEVES, Nancy A REEVES, William Jr 1883-May-26
REEVES, Roxie BYRD, John R 1889-Sep-06
REID, Frozine DENNIS, Edward 1876-Jan-03
REID, Frozine DENNIS, Edward 1875-Jan-03
REID, Tillie CALVIN, Wm S 1898-Oct-15
REILLY, May LEMAITRE, Joseph 1899-Jun-28
REIS, Estelles DUDLEY, George 1882-Oct-07
REUS, Lenora EHLEIS, H 1883-Aug-20
REVS, Justena SCHAUMBURG, Hermand 1878-Sep-28
REYER, Dolly F DONLEY, James E 1891-Oct-03
RHODES, Fannie BOUTON, C S 1880-Apr-27
RICE, Marriller Ellen HOLDEN, Simone 1891-May-16
RICE, Nancy B ROGERS, Joseph 1897-Jun-17
RICE, Sallie YOUNG, Herman Edward 1898-Jun-12
RICHARD, Annie SCARBOROUGH, Will 1896-May-21
RICHARD, Susan SEAMAN, Pliny 1881-Oct-05
RICHARDS, Adele CLARK, O F 1897-Jan-28
RICHARDS, Charlotte CLARK, James L 1876-Jul-12
RICHARDS, Charlotte CLARK, James S 1876-Jul-11
RICHARDS, Emma E DAVIDSON, John C 1879-Jul-17
RICHARDS, Francis BELLAIS, A A 1896-Oct-07
RICHARDS, Margaret J CORLEY, John E 1878-Dec-11
RICHARDS, Mary E MATHIEU, George F 1892-Dec-08
RICHARDS, Minerva SEYMOUR, Delmas 1887-Apr-12
RICKEY, Ann Eliza WHITFIELD, A J Dr 1887-Apr-28
RICKEY, Jennie A FRENCH, Frank B 1885-Dec-24
RIGGINS, Agnes JONES, William 1877-Nov-01
RIGGS, Alma HOSLI, John 1900-Nov-14
RIGGS, Georgana WOODWARD, Noel 1899-Sep-09
RIGGS, Nora BOUGHIA, Catherine 1886-Jun-12
RIVERS, Ellen CLARK, Janus 1894-May-30
RIVERS, Ellen GORMAN, John 1876-Sep-30
RIVERS, Ellen GORMAN, John O 1876-Sep-30
RIVERS, Emma COURTNEY, Michael 1877-Mar-29
RIVERS, Emma COURTNEY, Michael 1877-Mar-27
RIVERS, Emma COURTNEY, Michael 1877-Mar-29
RIVERS, Mary WILLIAMS, Albert 1887-Apr-26
ROACH, Tobitha A LARSON, C A 1887-Dec-07
ROBBINS, Maggie GEORGE, Simeon 1890-Dec-06
ROBBINS, Minnie L CARLSON, Carlos 1895-Mar-04
ROBERSON, Anna NARCISSE, John B 1883-Nov-20
ROBERSON, Connie MCQUE, William 1900-May-05
ROBERSON, Francis GROVE, Isaac 1887-Dec-19
ROBERSON, Jane ROBERSON, Cornelius 1877-Feb-15
ROBERSON, Peggy BOULDING, Louis 1882-Sep-16
ROBERTS, Addie ROBERTS, Quincy 1897-Mar-30
ROBERTS, Annie CARTER, M S 1895-Apr-02
ROBERTS, Emma FLURRY, Joseph W 1884-Jun-01
ROBERTS, Evaline RUBLE, C H 1888-Jun-28
ROBERTS, Hattie CRANE, William 1884-Feb-19
ROBERTS, Laura Belle WARE, Julius P 1893-Sep-25
ROBERTS, Laura E WHITTINGTON, James W 1896-Oct-14
ROBERTS, Lillian NOBLES, John F 1897-Jan-08
ROBERTS, Lizzie CUNNINGHAM, A B 1886-May-13
ROBERTS, Lucilla MARTIN, George 1887-Dec-22
ROBERTS, Margaret A GRAVES, W W 1886-Apr-22
ROBERTS, Mary GVENOUGH, William 1887-Apr-12
ROBERTS, Mary Jane BYRD, Samuel R 1880-Dec-30
ROBERTS, Mary L WILKERSON, Joseph E 1889-Apr-11
ROBERTS, Mary Olive CARTER, Ellis E 1893-Nov-22
ROBERTS, Rossetta MCARAY, Barley 1878-Jul-25
ROBERTS, S A TAYLOR, W J 1890-Oct-22
ROBERTS, Temperance E DUBOSE, Jno B 1879-Dec-05
ROBINSON, Adela RIGHT, Eddie 1889-Oct-05
ROBINSON, Caroline PINKSTON, Sidney 1882-Apr-15
ROBINSON, Ella MORGAN, Sam 1896-Dec-29
ROBINSON, Josephine ROBINSON, Joshua 1893-Oct-03
ROBINSON, Maria MCINNIS, Dan 1884-Dec-10
ROBINSON, Nona WILLIAMS, Henry 1898-Jan-18
ROBINSON, Susan PRINCE, Jackson 1884-Dec-01
RODESLEY, Henrietta VAIDEN, Melville 1889-Nov-12
RODGERS, Margaret A COWART, H C 1882-Jun-13
RODRIGUEZ, Theresa RIGO, Francisco 1878-Apr-04
ROGER, Lou BAILEY, William 1888-Nov-08
ROGERS, ECKHOFF, John 1877-Jun-12
ROGERS, Alcey ECKHOFF, John 1875-Jul-20
ROGERS, Alcey ECKHOFF, John 1875-Jul-22
ROGERS, Almeda MIZELL, George 1882-Dec-28
ROGERS, Amelia E CRANE, Andrew J 1874-Dec-22
ROGERS, Amelia E CRANE, Andrew J 1874-Dec-24
ROGERS, Caldone FERBY, Samuel 1887-Jan-11
ROGERS, Elizabeth HAVARD, Jas 1885-Jan-18
ROGERS, Ellen GOFF, Joseph 1886-Sep-30
ROGERS, Idella ALLEN, Thomas 1889-Dec-23
ROGERS, Mary BYRD, Byard 1876-Mar-06
ROGERS, Mary BYRD, Byard 1876-Mar-09
ROGERS, Mary J JONES, Hammond I 1886-Jan-14
ROGERS, Mary Virginia BARROW, John Wesley 1876-May-14
ROGERS, Mary Virginia BORROW, John Wesley 1876-May-12
ROGERS, Nancy Almedia YOUNG, Benjamin F 1885-Nov-25
ROGERS, Nancy Aurelia VICE, Benjamin F 1885-Nov-25
ROLINSON, Mary LEE, A M 1895-Oct-02
ROLLS, Frances A FARRAGUT, Alfred J 1895-Oct-29
ROLLS, Ora P GRANT, Marion M 1895-Nov-07
ROMAN, Angeline Ryan LADNIER, Emile 1881-Aug-28
ROMITO, Mary A DELMAR, H E 1896-Jan-15
ROQUERBE, Rosaline E VAIL, William B 1894-Oct-03
ROSAMBEAU, August SOXIN, Mary Ann 1879-Aug-27
ROSE, Rosana PALMER, Wm F 1889-Mar-04
ROUSE, Ansabelle ARNOLD, John 1888-Dec-20
ROUSE, Betha BAUHAM, Jessey 1886-Feb-16
ROUSE, Betha BRANHAM, Jessey 1886-Feb-15
ROUSE, Carrie SELLERS, William L 1884-Jun-12
ROUSE, Catoronn REEVES, Burney 1877-Jun-20
ROUSE, Delphine HOWELL, James H 1893-Jul-13
ROUSE, Ella FUQUAY, John 1900-Jul-23
ROUSE, Emiline SMITH, J W 1893-Nov-29
ROUSE, Mary E CHILDRESS, Moses 1899-Mar-07
ROUSE, Mary J BYRD, Robert S 1882-Jan-26
ROUSE, Redea HARRELL, Frances 1880-Jul-29
ROUSE, Rosa BUTLER, Charles H 1897-Aug-17
ROUSE, Ruth MORRIS, Daniel 1900-Jan-06
ROYAL, Alice FRIGHTMON, Charles 1883-Nov-01
ROYAL, Elizabeth JOHNSON, Alec 1875-Jun-28
ROYAL, Elizabeth JOHNSON, Alec 1875-Jun-29
ROYAL, Elizabeth L BARNES, H P 1888-Sep-19
ROYAL, Hattie ROYAL, Wm 1896-Aug-12
ROYALS, Julia DANIELS, Ed 1896-Aug-20
ROYALS, Mary Lucritia APPERSON, Francis M 1886-Feb-01
RUBLA, Louiser C JOHNSON, Francis M 1877-Mar-12
RUBLE, Louiser C JOHNSON, Francis M 1877-Mar-14
RUBLES, Louisa C ADAMSON, L 1876-Apr-03
RUFFIAN, Josephine COOPER, Marshall 1885-Sep-03
RUFFIAN, Mary WEBB, Toney 1886-Apr-26
RUFFINS, Octavia WHITE, George 1892-May-05
RUMLEY, Lavinia DAVERSON, Andrew 1879-Feb-03
RUSSEL, Maddie REED, George 1882-Nov-25
RUSSELL, Tempey DAVIS, William 1900-Jul-10
RUTA, Dora HAMILTON, Percy L 1900-Apr-11
RUTA, Mary Junie FARRAGUT, Leonce 1898-Mar-09
RUTH, Mary A BOEHLER, Charles E 1893-Jul-10
RYAN, Amanda SEYMOUR, William A 1887-Mar-22
RYAN, Annie CATCHAT, Arnot 1890-Sep-19
RYAN, Caroline RUTTA, Rocco 1878-May-20
RYAN, Cecile DESPORTE, George 1875-Dec-13
RYAN, Clemontine CRUTHIRDS, Henry W 1896-Feb-06
RYAN, Delia CATCHOT, Antonio Jr 1892-Nov-01
RYAN, Dora J THOMAS, Frank 1894-Oct-04
RYAN, Elizabeth DICK, Frederick 1882-Apr-12
RYAN, Emma SEYMOUR, Lazarus Jr 1887-Jul-07
RYAN, Hortense FROUGORNES, Paul 1884-Nov-27
RYAN, Johanna TIBLIER, Albert 1897-Feb-25
RYAN, Laura FRANK, Gust 1889-Dec-28
RYAN, Lillie BOYES, Antony 1898-Dec-10
RYAN, Louisa SMITH, Thomas 1875-Jun-26
RYAN, Louise ST AMANT, Arthur 1899-Apr-26
RYAN, Marie NOEL, Benj 1896-Sep-30
RYAN, Mary Clara SEYMOUR, Peter Paul 1890-Oct-02
RYAN, Mary Jane PARKER, John 1882-Sep-21
RYAN, Pauline SEYMOUR, Alfred 1882-Oct-04
RYAN, Rachel COLEMAN, John B 1883-Nov-05
RYAN, Victoria SANCHEZ, Israel 1898-Dec-07
RYAN, Zulime SEYMOUR, Lawrence 1891-Sep-23
RYN, Cecilia DESPORTE, George 1875-Dec-15



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