Jackson County Brides

P - Q

PAGE, Cornelia MILLER, J M 1900-Dec-20
PAGE, R JACKSON, Willis 1888-Mar-29
PAGE, Sarah FITCHER, Charles V 1878-Mar-30
PALMER, Julia TUCKER, Jerome 1896-Dec-23
PANKEY, Katie E CREEL, M L 1881-May-25
PANKEY, Mary E MONAGHAN, Thomas S 1897-Dec-25
PANYAN, Olive TERRY, W A 1896-Jan-22
PARDUE, Sarah HASKINS, Ambrose 1875-Nov-18
PARISH, Belle M HARRENGTON, George F 1892-Aug-09
PARKER, Alice ROUSE, Sam 1879-Jul-13
PARKER, Amanda MARTIN, Hiram 1882-Jun-21
PARKER, Arrelor MCCAN, Wm 1897-Feb-13
PARKER, Buricy CUMBEST, John H 1882-Dec-31
PARKER, Cora WILLIAMS, W C 1885-Oct-15
PARKER, D Elizabeth LEE, Rankin 1885-Apr-02
PARKER, Elizabeth BRYANT, Thomas M 1877-May-01
PARKER, Elizabeth KING, B F 1892-Dec-08
PARKER, Ella BYRD, Simeon 1892-Jan-28
PARKER, Ella COWART, Aaron 1900-Sep-27
PARKER, Emily PEARCE, Neal 1899-Apr-22
PARKER, Emily Jane REEVES, John 1890-May-31
PARKER, Emma SEYMOUR, John 1900-Jun-20
PARKER, Janie Mrs CARTER, Print 1899-Mar-22
PARKER, Julia BERSBY, Henry 1890-Feb-27
PARKER, L CARTER, Charlie 1892-Dec-08
PARKER, Lidia FRANKLIN, William 1884-Feb-13
PARKER, Lou A TAYLOR, Henry B 1896-Jan-01
PARKER, Louisa TANNER, Alfred 1885-Jan-08
PARKER, Marandy PIERCE, Charley 1883-Mar-07
PARKER, Margaret GOFF, Wesley 1885-Oct-01
PARKER, Marsalee CUMBEST, Lyman R 1883-Aug-05
PARKER, Martha Masura RANEGAN, William 1883-Jan-20
PARKER, Mary CUNNINGHAM, Andrew M 1877-May-01
PARKER, Mary TANNER, Calvin 1885-Jan-09
PARKER, Mary L FERBY, Thos 1897-Apr-10
PARKER, Nancy ALLEMAN, Frank 1881-Feb-10
PARKER, Purley E STRINGFIELD, Elijah 1898-Jun-29
PARKER, Rosa LEE, Willis 1883-Oct-03
PARKER, S Azaline GOFF, Willis 1894-Oct-10
PARKER, S E BAILEY, J W 1894-Nov-22
PARKER, Safrona FAIRLEY, Willis 1882-Jul-27
PARKER, Sally HERLIHY, John 1879-Sep-25
PARKER, Sarah JONES, T M 1885-Aug-27
PARKER, Sarah D JONES, John Lyman 1887-Dec-21
PARKER, Sheny CARTER, Dan 1885-Sep-28
PARKER, Susan E GOFF, Garland G 1878-Feb-20
PARSLEY, Alice AVERY, L K 1895-Jan-24
PARSONS, Annie Josephine STANARD, Beverly Chandler 1892-Nov-10
PASSO, Sallie L COULSON, H D 1898-Jun-08
PASSOW, Mary FITZNER, P J C 1876-May-03
PASSOW, Mary FITZNER, P J C 1876-May-04
PATRICK, Francis WHITFIELD, James 1898-Apr-16
PATRICK, Jeanette DONALDS, Charles 1888-May-05
PATRICK, Selina SAUNDERS, Washington 1883-Jun-13
PATTERSON, Ella HARRIS, Frank 1895-Mar-12
PAUL, Elvina POLLARD, Samuel 1875-Sep-27
PAW, Almedia TREHERN, Dallas Hartwood 1893-May-03
PAYNE, Lucy WILLIAMS, James 1876-Sep-07
PAYNE, Lucy WILLIAMS, James 1876-Sep-08
PEAVY, Nancy V GOFF, John M 1893-Apr-30
PELHAM, Leona T ALLEN, Norwood W 1899-Dec-13
PELL, Milly BROOKS, Dudley 1882-Jun-18
PERIN, Virginia MARTIN, M D L 1880-Feb-09
PERKINS, Addie GLASPER, James 1899-Sep-13
PERKINS, Eliza MOFFATT, Clark 1875-Dec-25
PERKINS, Emma CRUTCHFIELD, Henry 1875-Jun-16
PERKINS, Emma DAVIS, Moses 1879-Feb-01
PERKINS, Jane ROBINSON, Duncan 1875-Feb-05
PERKINS, Martha WINHAM, M A 1895-Sep-22
PERKINS, Mary MOSSEY, Wm W 1881-Mar-03
PERRES, Victoria RUSSO, Rheadore 1877-Feb-24
PERRES, Victoria RUSSO, Theodore 1877-Feb-24
PERRY, Alice VICE, Lecel L 1891-Nov-21
PERRY, Dora JAMES, Peter 1889-Apr-26
PERRY, Josephine PATTENGILL, Geo F 1900-Mar-26
PERRY, Susan E CARLICLE, Edward H 1879-Jun-26
PETERSON, Mary E NELSON, John C 1900-Apr-18
PETIT, Augustine LAMB, Jno E 1891-Jul-27
PETIT, Elizabeth PIERRE, Frank 1891-Nov-11
PETIT, Isabella CARTER, John 1889-Feb-02
PETIT, Leontine GRANT, Thomas 1885-Jun-27
PETITE, Eloise MARTIN, Frank 1894-Nov-29
PETTEWAY, Jennie LADNIER, Clem 1900-Oct-04
PEYER, Sarah Ann FERLEY, Wm 1882-Apr-24
PHELPS, Cecilia WHEELER, A A 1884-Apr-14
PHELPS, Parthina QUAVE, Martin 1885-Feb-26
PHELPS, Sarah TANNER, John 1896-Sep-29
PHELPS, Sarah WOODOCK, F M 1886-May-12
PHELPS, Sarah Ann MCCORMICK, William 1885-Mar-25
PHILLIPE, Lucy M CHILES, Geo W 1897-Sep-02
PICKETT, Elizabeth FERRER, Charles N 1898-Jul-27
PICKETT, Marguerite Louise FEORE, Michael George 1899-Jan-04
PIERCE, Annie M HOWELL, F N 1890-Mar-06
PIERCE, Ella MOFFETT, Andrew J 1892-Aug-04
PIERCE, Florence DYKES, Euge 1895-Feb-28
PIERCE, Harriet E MILLER, Lewis R 1882-May-25
PIERCE, Hattie E HOWELL, Peter M 1900-Jan-21
PIERCE, Lien PIERCE, William 1892-May-30
PIERCE, Mahala TANNER, Charles 1900-Mar-01
PIERCE, Mahala Elizabeth MURPHY, Thomas D D 1897-Mar-31
PIERCE, Mamie SPOONER, W A 1893-Feb-23
PIERPONT, Frances A E Mrs ENTRIKEN, David L 1882-Jan-01
PIERRE, Mary Magdelain HAIR, William Benjamin 1876-Jul-08
PIERRE, Mary Magdelair HAIR, William Benjamin 1876-Jul-25
PIERSON, Francis CODY, Frank 1888-Apr-21
PIERSON, Judith MYERS, Louis 1884-Mar-22
PIN, Mary JONES, Ephraim 1875-May-05
PIN, Mary JONES, Ephriam 1875-May-05
PIN, Mary JONES, Sphraim 1875-May-05
PINKNEY, Edna HARRIS, James 1887-Feb-10
PINKNEY, Serena HARRIS, Robert 1890-Aug-24
PINKSTON, Caroline ARMSTRONG, Anthony 1888-Apr-14
PIPKIN, Annabella COCHRAN, A F 1891-Jul-15
PIPKIN, Martha HANSEN, Charles 1886-Dec-09
PLATO, Mariah L BRAZLEY, Edward 1894-Sep-12
PLENNY, Eliza HARRIS, A B 1899-Oct-19
PLENNY, Minnie THOMAS, John 1892-Oct-08
PLENNY, Sarah BARDWELL, B E 1885-Jun-28
PLENTY, Christina DENISON, Napoleon 1896-Mar-22
PLUMMER, Kate WILSON, Chas H 1896-May-13
POE, Annie ROSS, Vincent 1880-Jan-14
POE, Eliza WILLIAMS, John D 1883-Dec-13
POE, Ezell PARKER, Ben 1894-Nov-08
POE, Hariet YOUNG, John 1880-Mar-17
POE, Laura A REED, James W 1887-Nov-04
POE, Mamie A GRAYSON, George W 1896-Jun-21
POE, Mary GRANISON, Isaiah 1887-Oct-20
POE, Missouri CARTER, J A 1898-Mar-16
POIT, Ida M MCDONALD, E E 1900-Dec-19
POITEVENT, Cora M EARLE, Chas T 1890-Oct-30
POITEVIN, Bertha H DELMAS, Irving P 1879-Jan-21
POITVIN, Hellen S KREBS, Adrean A 1880-Apr-08
POKE, Alice FAIRLEY, Sam 1897-Oct-15
POL, Isabella A HUGGINS, George H 1884-May-28
POL, Maggie MORGAN, John Y 1880-Dec-08
POL, Miguella NEILSEN, C 1892-May-08
POL, Rose SANTA CRUZ, George J 1891-Oct-29
POLK, Ada SAUNDERS, Anthony 1886-Jul-02
POLK, Becky JONES, Simon 1891-Dec-17
POLK, Bessie JACKSON, Andrew 1897-Apr-13
POLK, Erun MCGRUE, Alfred 1878-Jun-18
POLK, Laura MOFFETT, James 1891-Jun-29
POLK, Mary SMITH, Peter 1878-Dec-31
POLLY, Henrietta RODEY, John 1887-Aug-17
PONS, Alice HELDIN, John 1892-May-03
PONS, Alice Lena WALKER, Willie Gordon 1886-May-15
PONS, Josephine RYAN, James A 1898-Nov-23
PONS, Madeline VANCOURT, John Norman 1883-May-31
POOL, Matilda STAKES, John H 1881-Nov-01
POPE, Alice WILLIAMS, Jim 1895-May-22
POPE, Sarah WELLS, John L 1896-Dec-11
PORTER, Annie MIZELLE, Ruben 1898-May-14
PORTER, Delie RICE, R L 1898-May-11
PORTER, Ellen C SCOTT, Fred M 1900-Dec-22
PORTER, Mary PRICE, Lawrence 1893-Jun-06
PORTIS, Annie GORDON, Robert 1892-Dec-19
POSEY, Dora MCLEOD, Calvin 1895-Sep-03
POUNDS, Katie POUNDS, Joseph D 1899-Jun-13
POUNDS, M A BROWIN, B A 1888-Jan-08
POWELL, Amelia INGRAM, Archie 1898-Oct-29
POWELL, Gertrude VANOSDAL, Charles H 1898-Jul-14
POWELL, Philense WEBB, John 1890-Aug-11
PRESTON, Georgeana BARCUS, Damon 1900-May-05
PRETTYMAN, Anna J HOWLAND, Walter M 1893-Apr-11
PREWITT, Elizabeth STRINGFIELD, E D 1899-Dec-08
PRIER, Julia ROBERTS, James 1886-Jan-31
PRIER, Julice ROBERTS, James 1886-Jan-30
PRIOR, Classie WILSON, Samuel 1886-Jun-11
PRITCHARD, Caroline QUAVE, William 1878-May-18
PRITCHETT, Rose Ann MCELVAIN, Thomas 1882-Jul-29
PURNELL, Mary OLIVER, Myers 1886-May-04
QUAVE, Caroline WEBB, John 1875-Jul-06
QUAVE, Caroline WEBB, John 1873-Jul-07
QUAVE, Clasia WEBB, Walter 1899-Oct-26
QUAVE, Edna Ann GARLOTT, Benjamin 1895-Jun-29
QUAVE, Emily SMITH, Franklin 1881-Jan-20
QUAVE, Henrietta CARROWAY, Monroe 1889-Aug-10
QUAVE, Isabella GARLOTT, Thomas 1877-Sep-04
QUAVE, Isabella OVERSTREET, Ellis 1885-Nov-26
QUAVE, Josephine BYRD, Frank 1888-Dec-13
QUAVE, Rose MAJOR, Nathaniel 1892-Aug-20
QUAVE, Sally JAMES, Jonas 1883-Oct-30
QUAVE, Virginia FLOWERS, John W 1876-Feb-26
QUINNS, Katie A L HILLS, Dennis P 1894-May-22



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