Jackson County Brides

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NANCE, Laura BELL, George 1881-Nov-01
NANCE, Sallie BELTON, Isaac 1895-Aug-07
NARCISSE, Louisa JOHNSON, Joseph 1898-Jun-28
NARCISSE, Mary Jane GLAUD, Fostang 1884-Jan-11
NATHANIEL, Mariah HOWZE, Allison 1881-Sep-20
NELSON, Amanda WILLIAMS, Antoine 1882-Sep-28
NELSON, Catherine WILLIAMS, Sam 1895-May-08
NELSON, Catherine A ANDERSON, Joseph A 1884-Apr-22
NELSON, Drusilla M FERRILL, A B 1883-Dec-26
NELSON, Ella LEVIEN, Fred 1890-Dec-03
NELSON, Hannah KING, Jessie H 1895-Apr-07
NELSON, Isabella WOODCOCK, C N 1886-Jun-20
NELSON, Johanna MCREYNOLDS, L 1893-Aug-24
NELSON, Lula LIVAUDAIS, Leo 1894-May-23
NELSON, Lulu DICKSON, T J 1891-Dec-24
NELSON, Martha Ann JOHNSON, John 1881-Oct-20
NELSON, Mary BUTLER, G O 1894-Dec-06
NELSON, Sophia PARKER, Henry 1896-Dec-30
NEWEL, Fannie NEESE, James 1893-Dec-04
NEWEL, Lucinda WHITE, W H 1892-Feb-03
NEWMAN, Cora SHOWERS, Aleck 1883-Mar-22
NEWMAN, Sandy HOLLAMAN, Mary 1882-Jun-08
NEWTON, Carrie A HALL, J D 1892-Dec-04
NICHOLAS, Angello HENRY, Alfred 1875-Mar-27
NICHOLAS, Mary WALKER, Robert 1878-Oct-12
NICHOLS, Adele LADNIER, Ben 1888-Jun-02
NICHOLS, Sarah THOMPSON, Frank 1884-Oct-06
NICHOLSON, Malinda JONES, Summers 1893-May-21
NICKECALL, Rose TAR, John 1889-May-10
NICKERSON, Jane LEWIS, Dune 1897-Jan-19
NIX, Mary B URIE, Henry C 1889-Sep-20
NOBLE, Amanda SEYMOUR, Peter 1892-Nov-17
NOBLE, Annie GULLOTTE, Louis 1889-Jun-05
NOBLE, Corine SEYMOR, Leon 1898-Dec-09
NOBLE, Elizabeth BROWN, Joseph 1882-Jan-15
NOBLES, Hannah ANDERSON, George 1895-Jul-30
NOBLES, Isabell BARNES, David 1885-Apr-16
NOBLES, Isabelle GULOTT, Armand C 1894-Apr-05
NOBLES, Martha E TAYLOR, Calvin W 1875-Jun-19
NOBLES, Martha E TAYLOR, Calvin W 1875-Jun-21
NOBLES, Mary MARTIN, Napoeleon 1890-Apr-10
NOBLES, Odelia BULLOCK, Emmerson 1898-Jul-04
NOBLES, Sarah LANDRUM, William 1891-Mar-03
NOID, Matilda SIAS, Tobe 1891-Sep-04
NOLAN, Annie BOSARGE, Thomas L 1892-Sep-30
NORTH, Julia C KOTZUM, A P 1895-Oct-15
NORTON, Florence A CABLER, J F 1895-Feb-21
NORVAL, Sarah FRANKLIN, Stephen 1876-Apr-14
NORVELL, Henrietta WILLIAMS, James 1875-Apr-15
NORVELL, Henrietta WILLIAMS, James 1876-Jan-05
NORVELL, Lizzie COOK, Moses 1876-Sep-18
NORVELL, Lizzie COOK, Moses 1876-Sep-20
NORVELL, Sarah FRANKLIN, Stephen 1876-Apr-14
OBARROW, Alice WHATLEY, Wyche 1895-May-08
OEAR, Opia INGERSOLL, F L 1880-May-06
OGWYNN, D GRIFFIN, M V 1893-Dec-14
OLDS, Mathilda WALKER, Frederick 1890-Dec-23
OLIVER, Mary E CUNNINGHAM, Nicholas E 1876-Aug-05
OLIVER, Mary E CUNNINGHMA, Nicholas E 1876-Aug-08
OLIVER, Sabra WILSON, Archie 1896-Jan-03
OLIVER, Susan BAILIS, Joseph 1891-Mar-02
ONEAL, Almeda E BREELAND, Daniel A 1884-Oct-30
ONEAL, Candis WALKER, W H 1897-May-18
ONEAL, Eliza CARTER, Prentiss B 1887-Oct-06
ONEAL, Elizabeth BANG, E 1894-Jan-20
ONEAL, Eugenia S HATEN, William L 1881-Oct-12
ONEAL, Fannie SEYMOUR, Benjamin 1877-Oct-26
ONEAL, Mary RILEY, John 1894-Jul-04
ONEAL, Nancy GILL, J A 1887-May-28
ONEAL, Rebecca J TANNER, Wiley 1900-Dec-27
ONEILL, Delila DUBOSE, Daniel R 1879-Jul-20
ORRELL, Leslie C WILLIAMS, Rufus G 1896-Jun-28
ORTEGAS, Katie L HENNINGMANN, Charles 1894-Dec-06
OSTROM, Lydia MURPHY, Thomas E 1892-Jun-03
OTT, Adelaide ERICKSON, E H 1892-Aug-14
OTTS, Rebecca Malissa MCDOWELL, Simon 1875-Dec-11
OTTS, Rebecca Malissa MCDOWELL, Simon 1875-Dec-19
OVERSTREET, Cora PARKER, Alvin 1900-Feb-08
OVERSTREET, Martha QUAVE, Christopher 1882-Aug-06
OVERSTREET, Savillia T QUAVE, Clement 1891-Nov-15
OVERSTREET, Soledin DEBOSE, Burrell 1878-Apr-18
OVERTON, Lizzie SMYLIE, Frank 1881-Oct-03
OWEN, Sarah NIELSEN, Olaf 1890-Jun-05
OWENS, Alice GRIFFIN, Robert 1900-Dec-21
OWENS, Mary Ann PORTER, Reuben 1878-Apr-10



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