Jackson County Brides

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IKERD, Georgie A JONES, Henry A 1889-Oct-17
IKERD, Ida A DAVIS, Wm W 1887-Apr-21
IKERD, Maggie A GRIERSON, Walter H 1894-Jul-10
IKERD, Mary L JONES, Wm G 1882-Jun-08
IKERD, Susan E DAVIS, Philip M 1892-Jun-04
IRVING, Catherine MARTINEZ, Wm F 1899-Nov-22
IRVING, Madge WEGMAN, Englebut L 1898-Aug-15
ISRAEL, Sarah WILLIAMS, James 1896-May-12
IVORY, Sarah Jane SHOWS, Jerry 1876-Jun-08
IVORY, Sarah June SHOWS, Jerry 1876-Jun-08
IVY, Elizabeth GRIFFIN, William E 1876-Sep-05
IVY, Elizabeth GRIFFIN, William E 1876-Sep-10
IVY, Lula M MERRILL, James M 1881-Sep-20
IVY, M J HOLLAND, J M 1893-Mar-02
JACK, Lizzie WESLEY, James 1875-Apr-05
JACKSON, Annie JOHNSON, Alex 1896-Mar-11
JACKSON, Bella JAMES, John 1892-Dec-26
JACKSON, Callie KENNEDY, John 1897-May-01
JACKSON, Emma BURNEY, Homer 1875-Jun-16
JACKSON, Emma HOLLOMAN, Coen 1893-Sep-04
JACKSON, Frances Jane WILLIAMS, Wesley 1895-Jul-08
JACKSON, Hannah HOLLOMAN, Emanuel 1895-Mar-12
JACKSON, Lenora THOMPSON, John 1888-Apr-28
JACKSON, Lizzie SEYMOUR, Henry 1892-Oct-31
JACKSON, Louisa BROWN, Brownie 1896-May-01
JACKSON, Mary JAMES, Jonas 1898-Feb-02
JACKSON, Mary WHITE, Willie 1900-Sep-20
JACKSON, Melissa RIGGS, Robert 1897-Jan-12
JACKSON, Sarah MCRAE, Wm 1900-Jun-02
JAMES, Elcey MANUEL, Jessie 1878-Dec-19
JAMES, Emma KNIGHT, J H 1898-Jan-17
JAMES, Lizzie LAWRENCE, Samuel 1878-Mar-29
JAMES, Louisa JOHNSON, Manuel 1884-Jun-21
JAMES, Sallie STEWART, Jim 1892-May-15
JAMES, Sarah HOUGH, Smith 1877-Nov-30
JAMES, Sarah SPENCER, R E 1888-Aug-13
JAMES, Sarah WILLIAMS, James 1875-Feb-06
JAMES, Sarah WILLIAMS, James 1875-Feb-10
JANE, Mercee GAUTIER, Adam 1897-Jun-01
JEFFERSON, Ella WEAD, Seymour 1896-Jun-04
JENKINS, Belle MCINNIS, Kin 1894-Dec-28
JENKINS, Emma P CASTRIX, Robert 1757-May-11
JENKINS, Emma P CASTRIX, Robert R 1875-May-11
JENKINS, Jane ROBINSON, Duncan 1874-Dec-19
JENKINS, Matilda JOHNSON, Stephen 1890-Jun-25
JENSEN, Harriet Elizabeth LEWIS, Daniel 1892-Oct-05
JOHNS, Alice BEAUDRY, J A 1885-Sep-29
JOHNSON, Allena BELL, Milton S 1886-Jun-07
JOHNSON, Anna JACKSON, Benjamin F 1883-Apr-17
JOHNSON, Anna Belle MILLENER, Jake 1889-Jun-18
JOHNSON, Anna C BRASH, Chas 1900-Oct-17
JOHNSON, Carrie MOFFATT, Robt 1895-Mar-24
JOHNSON, Cella TURNER, John 1888-Apr-04
JOHNSON, Edith BROADOUS, James P 1891-Oct-29
JOHNSON, Elina SOUTHERMAN, Joseph 1893-Feb-24
JOHNSON, Ellen CROSS, Thomas 1888-May-20
JOHNSON, Ellen JOHNSON, Scott 1900-Aug-06
JOHNSON, Florence ROBERSON, Solomon 1898-Oct-15
JOHNSON, Frances Mrs FOSTER, George Lee 1881-Aug-30
JOHNSON, Jennie PORT, Jessie 1886-Dec-15
JOHNSON, Julia A LEWIS, A E 1884-Nov-26
JOHNSON, Lavonia ROBERTS, R A 1890-Mar-03
JOHNSON, Lena DEPONT, Alfred 1898-Jan-18
JOHNSON, Lillian ADAMS, Sam 1900-Dec-22
JOHNSON, Lillie BOA, Raymond 1897-Jun-03
JOHNSON, Lillie HAND, Jackson 1900-Apr-18
JOHNSON, Louisa MURRAY, George 1894-Jun-27
JOHNSON, Louvina MCINNIS, Willie 1900-Apr-09
JOHNSON, Lucy SIMPSON, Lee 1893-Jan-05
JOHNSON, Lula SMITH, Paul 1897-Jun-08
JOHNSON, Mahalia JOHNSON, Henry 1891-Aug-05
JOHNSON, Matilda WHISANBUNT, Theodore 1896-Aug-15
JOHNSON, Melvina RICHARDSON, Wm 1891-Nov-10
JOHNSON, Minnie S KIRKWOOD, Thomas J 1898-Jul-05
JOHNSON, Rosa BANGO, Willie 1899-Aug-08
JOHNSON, Rosa MONK, John 1890-Mar-12
JOHNSON, Sally RUFUS, Jerry 1887-Jun-21
JOHNSON, Sarah JOHNSON, Henry 1876-Sep-02
JOHNSON, Sarah MARTIN, James 1886-Dec-11
JOHNSON, Sophia Mrs ALLEN, John 1880-Sep-04
JOHNSON, Wanita SIMS, Dave 1894-Apr-19
JONES, Alice BRAGG, W T 1886-Mar-02
JONES, Alice RAY, Moses 1877-Mar-10
JONES, Ann M BAYLEY, John 1880-Jul-10
JONES, Annie GALLOWAY, George 1898-Feb-06
JONES, Annie Laurie FULTON, Warren 1898-Sep-07
JONES, Azaline GOFF, Henry 1899-May-13
JONES, Betsy MOORE, Hanibel 1893-Apr-08
JONES, Carolina NOWELL, Frank L 1895-Apr-17
JONES, Carrie BROWN, Gordon 1897-May-26
JONES, Catherine C RAPER, Benjamin F 1899-Sep-06
JONES, Della PARKER, James 1900-Mar-07
JONES, Emily FERRILL, Singleton 1893-Nov-11
JONES, Etta MIZELLE, W G 1898-Jun-15
JONES, Fanny ROBERTS, Van 1900-Nov-07
JONES, Francis THOMPSON, James 1897-May-05
JONES, Isabella CUNNINGHAM, Alonzo 1891-Mar-04
JONES, Isabelle GILL, John A 1900-Dec-04
JONES, Jane SMITH, Abram 1883-Feb-12
JONES, Jennie LOPEZ, Emanuel 1898-Aug-09
JONES, Jennie WILLS, E V 1900-Nov-21
JONES, Julia J GOFF, Matthew 1879-Feb-20
JONES, Laura WALKER, John 1894-Oct-25
JONES, Lillie POLK, Chas 1896-Jul-08
JONES, Lottie NOVEL, William 1891-Nov-21
JONES, Margaret Elizabeth GOFF, Wiley N 1879-Aug-14
JONES, Maria BARTLEY, Amos A 1884-May-07
JONES, Mariah FINKLER, Ed M 1895-Apr-11
JONES, Martha THOMAS, Wm 1892-Oct-29
JONES, Mary E POLK, Ira 1898-Aug-12
JONES, Mary Jane Mrs FRYE, Thomas 1891-Dec-14
JONES, Mollie E PENDARVIS, J J 1895-Jan-06
JONES, Octavia SMITH, Lorenzo 1897-Aug-04
JONES, Rebecca OLIVER, Lewis M 1895-Dec-25
JONES, Rebecca A WILKERSON, Joseph W 1890-Nov-24
JONES, Rosa ROBINSON, George 1900-Nov-21
JONES, Susan TAYLOR, Simon L 1892-Feb-11
JONES, Vina N CULVER, George 1899-Jun-06
JORDAN, Mary Sophia HENDRICKSON, Charles D 1875-Apr-17
JORDAN, Minnie ROBINS, Robt 1895-Mar-29
JORDAN, Nancy SEALS, Charles 1882-Dec-28
JOSEPH, Elizabeth Jane HARDY, Samuel 1878-Jan-05
JOSEPH, Hannah MCGILL, Peter 1891-Dec-25
JOSEPH, Lola COOK, S E 1891-Oct-10
JOSEPH, Lucy WHEELER, Aaron 1897-Mar-27
JOSEPH, Maria WILLIAMS, George W 1881-Dec-28
JOSEPH, Mary E LOPE, Manuel 1892-Feb-09
JOURDAN, Elizabeth GRANT, Henry 1899-Jun-29
JOYNER, Jane A BANKS, Geo F 1896-Dec-22
JOYNER, Julia E WARD, W M 1894-Oct-16
JOYNER, Rosa A ELLIS, W L 1897-Feb-17
JOYNER, Susie E DEAN, J W 1895-Oct-15
JUAN, Josephine ELLIS, James 1899-Feb-21



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