Jackson County Brides


FAGGARD, Martha FAIRLEY, Peter 1892-Jun-29
FAGGARD, Mollie WATSON, Henry 1891-Jun-29
FAGGARD, Nancy A DAVIS, James 1881-Sep-22
FAGGARD, Pearline E BUEHLER, Andrew 1894-Feb-22
FAIRBANKS, Cammie FAIRLEY, John W 1876-Mar-28
FAIRBANKS, Cammie FAIRLEY, John W 1876-Mar-30
FAIRLEY, Annie JOHNSON, W M 1900-May-22
FAIRLEY, Annie Mrs ALBERT, Prince 1878-May-11
FAIRLEY, Azaline GALLOWAY, Robert 1887-Dec-24
FAIRLEY, Caroline BROWN, Albert 1875-Aug-05
FAIRLEY, Caroline BROWN, Albert 1875-Jul-31
FAIRLEY, Dolly FAIRLEY, Bruce 1893-Oct-20
FAIRLEY, Edy DICKEY, William 1878-Jun-26
FAIRLEY, Effie Jane SMITH, G E 1875-Feb-25
FAIRLEY, Effie Jane SMITH, G J 1875-Feb-20
FAIRLEY, Ellon FLEMMING, G W 1887-Jan-05
FAIRLEY, Emma FAIRLEY, Elam W 1898-May-26
FAIRLEY, Evaline PRIOR, Calvin 1897-Jan-03
FAIRLEY, Fannie MONDAY, Prince 1879-Nov-09
FAIRLEY, Fannie REID, Anderson 1895-Nov-03
FAIRLEY, Frances BOWMAN, William 1879-Oct-04
FAIRLEY, Frances HAYSE, John 1879-Aug-24
FAIRLEY, Harriet RAMSAY, George 1877-Oct-13
FAIRLEY, Ida HALLMAN, Michael 1897-Mar-08
FAIRLEY, Julia FERRELL, Benjamin 1893-Jan-05
FAIRLEY, July Ann CANE, James R 1882-Jan-22
FAIRLEY, Lessie E OVERSTREET, Ellis G 1897-Feb-10
FAIRLEY, Lydia HARTFIELD, Gabriel 1893-Feb-04
FAIRLEY, Maggie DAVIS, Tom 1895-May-30
FAIRLEY, Maggie PATENT, Wiley 1890-May-04
FAIRLEY, Margaret IVANS, Robert 1882-Dec-21
FAIRLEY, Maria ROBERTS, Henry 1876-Feb-04
FAIRLEY, Mariah ROBERT, Henry 1876-Feb-06
FAIRLEY, Martha HARTFIELD, John 1898-Apr-24
FAIRLEY, Mary DONALD, Abram 1895-Aug-01
FAIRLEY, Mary GILLANS, Harry 1876-Jun-03
FAIRLEY, Mary Margaret ONEAL, E J 1879-Nov-19
FAIRLEY, Millie COTTON, Elijah 1900-May-24
FAIRLEY, Milly WEBB, Thomas 1883-Mar-01
FAIRLEY, Nepsy DICKEY, Calvin 1893-Dec-23
FAIRLEY, Nora WELLS, William 1896-Aug-01
FAIRLEY, Rosanna GIVVINS, Moses 1878-Apr-04
FAIRLEY, Sally RAMSEY, Warren 1882-Dec-31
FAIRLEY, Mary Emma WARD, Dan 1898-Sep-14
FARILES, Mary GILLANS, Harry 1876-Jun-04
FARMER, Catherine MOFFATT, Clark 1877-Jan-24
FARRAGUT, Permelie M RABY, Henry 1881-Mar-28
FARRALL, Elsey MCCANTS, Wm 1886-Dec-25
FARRELL, Mary Belle PHILLIPS, Charles 1900-Jun-18
FAULKNER, Maggie CUNNINGHAM, J J 1892-May-19
FAY, Adele DEMONY, Paul H 1880-Oct-13
FAYARD, Alphonine BONEY, Samuel 1899-Dec-20
FAYARD, Ida SMITH, George T 1900-Aug-09
FAYARD, Katie DUVERNAY, Jules 1894-Jul-24
FAYARD, Mollie HOLLEY, Willie 1893-Feb-07
FAYARD, Virgie CHAMPLIN, E K 1898-Feb-21
FELLOW, Myrtle Z COURTRIGHT, Austin J 1895-Jul-16
FELLOWS, May JONES, Allen 1896-Jun-24
FERBY, Victoria PARKER, Joel W 1886-Dec-01
FERLEY, Sabrah ASHLEY, John O 1879-Aug-29
FERRELL, Cora CARTER, Alfred 1891-Apr-23
FERRELL, Emma MOFFETT, Warren 1879-Apr-20
FERRELL, Margrit BANG, Edmore 1890-Nov-27
FERRELL, Mary E GOFF, Virgil A 1876-May-31
FERREN, Tabitha Ann HILL, Alfred 1886-Nov-18
FERRER, Maggie ORR, A D 1880-Oct-30
FERRIER, Etta MCCOY, Archie A 1900-Oct-25
FERRILL, Caroline MCDOWELL, John 1886-Jun-26
FERRILL, Caroline RILEY, George 1877-May-03
FERRILL, Cora BROOKS, Hampton 1895-Jan-24
FERRILL, Ellen B SMITH, Frank O 1893-Nov-16
FERRILL, Emma GRAHAM, Charles 1892-Mar-04
FERRILL, Emma MOTT, Samuel 1882-May-04
FERRILL, Emma ROFS, Thomas 1875-Feb-
FERRILL, Emma ROSS, Thomas 1875-Feb-01
FERRILL, Everline ANDERSON, John 1887-Feb-14
FERRILL, Julia STEWART, David 1877-Jul-03
FERRILL, Mary ANDERSON, George 1900-Jan-23
FERRILL, Mary E GOFF, Virgil A 1876-Jun-01
FERRILL, Minnie J JONES, William W 1899-Feb-08
FERRILL, Rosetta COOPER, William 1884-Aug-21
FERRILL, Sarah E BYRD, Joseph 1885-Mar-01
FERRIR, Cammie LAWRENCE, William 1895-May-22
FIELDS, Mariah BROOKS, Gaines 1887-May-12
FIELDS, Pauline LEVY, Sam 1899-Dec-04
FIFFER, Alice SHEPHERD, Nelson 1884-Dec-17
FINCH, Emma PARKER, J G 1897-Aug-12
FINCH, Jensie HINTON, Wiley 1900-Dec-23
FINCH, Mary C MALLETT, Charles 1890-Nov-03
FINCH, Masoura BUSBY, Sanford 1896-Jun-27
FINCH, Mattie E DICKIN, John R 1893-Mar-25
FINKLE, Marie TALLY, Jessie 1886-Dec-27
FINNEY, Mary STONE, Fred 1899-May-27
FINNEY, Stella SKINNER, Gabriel 1897-Apr-06
FISHER, Fannie DATHLOFF, Frank 1892-Sep-19
FISHER, Jennie FISHER, Charles 1896-May-20
FISHER, Jennie PETERSON, O A 1899-Oct-13
FLANAGAN, Henrietta BLANCHARD, Peter J 1892-Nov-08
FLECHAS, Condilana SEYMON, Norman H 1897-Apr-24
FLECHAS, Josephine KEE, Rufus A 1897-Feb-22
FLECHAS, Mary I POITEVIN, Paul 1885-Apr-29
FLETCHER, Jane SEYMOUR, Louis 1883-Dec-12
FLETCHER, Mary H MOORE, Rufus C 1884-Apr-06
FLETCHER, Sarah B CANE, William Yancey 1882-Jan-11
FLETCHER, Susan ENTREKIN, John B 1890-Jul-03
FLORE, Alice COLEMAN, T F 1891-Mar-05
FLORENCE, Elizabeth WADE, William B 1892-Jan-28
FLORENCE, Susie WADE, Wm B 1895-Aug-07
FLORET, Annie L SWAN, G J 1896-Apr-22
FLORET, Cecile DAILEY, Wm P 1887-Feb-10
FLOTTE, Olivia URSIN, Joseph 1876-Dec-10
FLOTTE, Olivia E RABY, Joseph U 1876-Dec-10
FLOTTE, Olivia E RABY, Joseph Ursin 1876-Dec-16
FLOWERS, Claricy CUNNINGHAM, Washington 1893-Dec-03
FLOWERS, Jennie PATEN, John A 1888-Mar-20
FLURRY, Ancibelle WALKER, Lemuel 1898-Aug-09
FLURRY, Isabelle REEVES, Gabriel 1887-Nov-03
FLURRY, Jane COX, Wesley 1888-Sep-10
FLURRY, Jane OVERSTREET, Ampudie 1900-Mar-08
FLURRY, John WILSON, Etta 1887-Nov-03
FLURRY, Mary Jane REEVES, John I 1887-Nov-03
FOARD, N M Mrs ROMINE, J S 1880-Mar-03
FOCHE, Elizabeth WOODCOCK, W J 1899-Dec-30
FORBES, Lizzie PARSLEY, Geo W 1893-Nov-08
FORD, Fannie V RUSSELL, S J Sr 1895-Jul-04
FOREST, Mary Mrs NEESE, Britain 1877-Apr-12
FORSTALL, Emily Mrs SEYMOUR, Delmas 1888-Sep-05
FORTNER, Caroline RODGERS, J W 1891-Mar-01
FOSTER, Ellen E SELVA, E L 1881-Aug-30
FOSTER, Emily MCCALL, Charles Roderick 1889-Nov-27
FOSTER, Gennette SIZEMORE, Thomas T 1895-Jul-18
FOSTER, Idella REID, Charles 1885-Feb-12
FOSTER, Isabelle NEESE, Henry 1889-Oct-29
FOSTER, Julia BEBTHEA, Robert 1885-Jan-13
FOSTER, Lillie O JOULLIAN, Edward C 1885-May-20
FOSTER, Louisa PICKENS, Henry 1893-Apr-17
FOSTER, Mamie E FORD, J I 1892-Dec-14
FOSTER, Sarah E TOBIAS, H P 1884-Jan-11
FOSTER, Susie TADE, J T 1898-Feb-24
FOSTER, Susie E HUGHES, William D 1900-Jan-31
FOUNTAIN, Aurelia BOSARGE, Octave C 1891-Jan-27
FOUNTAIN, Clementine FOURMIER, Raymond J 1896-May-20
FOUNTAIN, Emma SUAREZ, Leon 1900-Nov-28
FOUNTAIN, Isabella LADNIER, Celestin 1892-Dec-12
FOUNTAIN, Mary BULLOCK, Willy 1898-Dec-28
FOUNTAIN, Mary Louise RYAN, Calvin 1897-Jun-02
FOUNTAIN, Olivia BOSARGE, Julius 1896-Sep-17
FOUNTAIN, Ulalie TIBLIER, Lawrence Jr 1892-Dec-17
FOUNTAIN, Wilhelmina LADNIER, Delmas 1892-Mar-16
FOUNTAINE, Josephine LEPRE, Peter 1888-Nov-05
FOWLER, Beulah DEAS, Emanuel 1884-Nov-26
FRANCE, Charlotte COCHRAN, Thomas 1878-Jan-24
FRANCO, Joanna RUPPEL, George 1884-Sep-03
FRANCO, Lillie GIEGER, Peter 1887-Nov-10
FRANK, Artense PELL, Julius 1891-May-22
FRANK, Christina LEE, Andrew 1899-Jun-24
FRANK, Mary BECK, Phillip 1896-Sep-15
FRANK, Rose KING, Addison 1876-Jan-15
FRANKLIN, Agnes LEE, Lemuel 1898-Mar-30
FRANKLIN, Leddie HUTCHINSON, Dennis 1893-Nov-28
FRANKLIN, Mary Jane THOMAS, Tom 1883-Dec-13
FRANKLIN, Sarah JENNINGS, James H 1881-May-11
FRAZELLE, Julia A F APPERSON, Francis M 1892-Oct-05
FRAZER, Mary CHARLES, J B 1895-Sep-16
FRAZIER, Adele CARR, Henry 1896-May-13
FRAZIER, Adele CARR, Henry 1896-May-14
FRAZIER, Annie KREBS, Robert A 1896-Aug-20
FREE, Francis WILLIAMS, Henry 1883-Nov-01
FREEMAN, A K Natalia LEVIN, Leonard A 1881-Jul-15
FREEMAN, Helena Henrie tter  OLSEN, John Albert 1885-Jun-25
FREEMAN, Wilhelmena C LADNIER, George W 1889-Apr-04
FRENTZ, Anna Henrietta NOHRING, P 1892-Jun-01
FRIAR, Eugenia A WATSON, Claud Leb 1896-Jun-24
FRIAR, Louisa A DAVIS, E S 1891-Apr-06
FRIAR, Margaret Jennet MADISEN, H P 1876-Apr-10
FRIAR, Margaret Jennet t     MADISEN, H P 1876-Mar-27
FRY, Mary E DUVAL, Thomas Rhodes 1881-Jan-18
FRYE, S Ophelia SEELEY, Thomas E 1876-Dec-11
FRYE, S Ophelia SEELEY, Thomas E 1877-Dec-13



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