Jackson County Brides


EALY, Celstine BOA, Paul 1892-Aug-11
EARLE, Annie WASHINGTON, Clarence 1887-Jun-02
EARNEST, Nancy Caroline MCLAUGHLIN, James 1891-May-09
EASTERING, Alice A H HALBUTT, Theodore L 1882-Nov-08
EASTMAN, Jane DOUGLASS, R H 1884-Oct-14
EASTMAN, Jane DUGLAS, R H 1885-Jan-19
EDENS, Mary A E CARLISLE, John E 1888-Dec-08
EDWARDS, Corine WELLS, Jasper 1895-May-25
EDWARDS, Isabella JONES, King 1898-Apr-05
EGLIN, Eugenia ARMSTRONG, Henry L 1900-Sep-18
EHLER, Emma L LYND, A M 1895-Apr-08
EHLER, Louise CUNNINGHAM, Norman C 1900-May-06
EHLERS, Henrietta WOODHONE, R A 1894-Jan-25
EHLERS, Josephine M BROWN, Burlie J 1892-May-03
EHLERS, Laura FOUNTAIN, Ernest 1896-Feb-05
ELBERS, Mary S TORRES, Louis 1899-May-10
ELDER, Cora Lee FORETICH, George A 1885-Jun-17
ELDER, Gertrude LIVAUDAIS, J A 1893-May-01
ELDER, Louisa DODGE, Oius C 1879-Dec-24
ELDER, Virginia M WILCOX, William 1885-Dec-10
ELEY, Madlan BOFINGER, Alex 1876-Jan-21
ELEY, Madlan BOFINGER, Alex 1876-Jan-27
ELLIS, Anna A POWELL, E A 1878-Jul-11
ELLIS, Beulah RICHARDS, Reuben L 1890-Dec-26
ELLIS, Francina JONES, Frank 1896-Apr-15
ELLIS, Josephine ELLIS, John C 1886-Dec-22
ELMER, Mary MARTIN, James 1882-Nov-08
ELY, Deseria BANG, A B 1879-Apr-28
ELY, Eliza GOFF, Isaac 1890-May-30
ELY, Emma Balsora BARKMAN, Elisha 1896-Apr-25
ELY, Florence BROWN, Charles 1891-Nov-07
ELY, Jerusha J WARD, Cornelius F 1875-Apr-24
ELY, Jerusha J WARD, Cornelius F 1875-Apr-28
ELY, Justine BOUDREAUX, Adolph 1882-Oct-15
ELY, Lizzie DOBSON, John 1898-Jan-26
ELY, Margaret FARRIEL, Peter 1885-Oct-14
ELY, Mary DAVIS, James 1889-May-30
ELY, Mary Jane COOK, Moses Jr 1890-Nov-03
ELY, Mary Jane MILLER, Helaire 1876-Jul-25
ELY, Rena I WARD, J W 1889-Nov-06
ELY, S A GOFF, W D 1888-Sep-20
EMANUEL, Henrietta BROOKS, Heywood 1895-Dec-24
ENDT, Matilda WEIDER, Joseph 1900-Dec-17
ENDT, Rosa CATCHOT, Joseph 1896-Mar-19
ENTREKIN, Nancy QUAVE, Joseph 1878-Aug-27
ENTRICKEN, Martha ELY, Ellis 1887-Dec-04
ENTRIKER, Nancy QUAVE, Joseph 1880-Aug-27
ENTRIKIN, Mary M GILL, William L 1881-Jun-28
ENTRIKIN, Rachel A SUMRALL, Chas E 1881-Aug-13
EVANS, Annie YOUNG, Alman 1898-Mar-07
EVANS, Charlotte GILMER, Jonas 1889-Aug-20
EVANS, Sarah BENJAMIN, Robt 1885-May-30
EVANS, Zie TAYLOR, Ira 1891-May-30
EVERETT, Angeline ALLEN, William 1888-Mar-03
EVERETT, Sarah CLARK, W R 1897-Apr-15
EVERIDGE, Roseta GARDNER, Charles 1897-Sep-28



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