Jackson County Brides


ABLE, Antoinette MATHIEW, Homan 1887-Jun-28
ABLE, Theresa BOSARGE, William 1887-Jun-23
ADAMS, Delphine HENDRICKSON, H M 1900-Feb-21
ADAMS, Lula J RANEGAR, J W 1899-Sep-25
ADAMS, Malinda CAMPBELL, Anderson 1892-Sep-01
ADAMS, Margaret MOFFETT, Andrew J 1880-Jul-15
ADKINS, Laura MOFFETT, Warren 1883-Oct-17
AINSWORTH, Isabella WOODCOCK, Wm 1882-Jan-09
ALBERT, Fannie WARE, John 1894-Apr-30
ALEXANDER, Annie MATHEWS, Benjamin 1887-Jun-20
ALEXANDER, Emma LAFORCE, J M 1889-Jun-29
ALEXANDER, Lucretia MCKENZIE, James 1891-Mar-25
ALEXANDER, Mary Ann CANADY, Dock 1881-May-18
ALEXANDER, Mary Ann HERD, Gustave 1879-Jun-06
ALEXANDER, Phoebe JONES, Watson 1900-Jul-09
ALEXANDER, Stella E MARTIN, M M 1890-May-21
ALIE, Rose BOA, Paul 1888-Apr-24
ALLEN, Caroline WALFRED, Henry 1888-Apr-23
ALLEN, Charity MCGREW, Philip 1893-Apr-26
ALLEN, Clanah HENDERSON, William 1876-Jan-15
ALLEN, Clara CHIDSEY, C E 1894-Jan-08
ALLEN, Clarrah HENDERSON, William 1876-Jan-15
ALLEN, Delphine KIDD, Martin 1877-May-16
ALLEN, Jennie Belle LASTER, Chas 1894-Apr-14
ALLEN, Lizzie PARMER, London 1881-Sep-15
ALLEY, Charlotte Virginia GORDON, Alexander C 1882-Oct-21
ALLEY, Florine HERRING, Henry 1893-Nov-08
ALLEY, Hattie M COWAN, L A 1893-Sep-05
ALLEY, Myra G LABUZAN, Penbroke R 1900-Feb-26
ALLMAN, Florence A MARTIN, Thomas P 1900-Nov-07
ALLMAN, Mary A FAIRLEY, Ransom 1891-Dec-28
ALLMAN, Sarah G HAMILTON, William D 1895-Jul-10
ALSBROOK, Ola PETER, Theodore 1899-May-08
ALSBURY, Fannie LLADO, Joseph 1892-Sep-26
AMBEST, Luella HESTER, A A 1897-Dec-29
AMOS, Nancy Jane GREEN, Charles 1878-Nov-22
AMOS, Susan HUBBARD, Wm 1881-Oct-19
ANCRUM, Anna PETIT, Sylvester 1887-Jun-20
ANDERSON, Alice MCFAIL, D C 1899-Mar-14
ANDERSON, Bertha RANEGAR, J E 1899-Oct-04
ANDERSON, Ella CUTHIRDS, John 1897-Mar-04
ANDERSON, Josephine ELSTROM, Peter 1890-Sep-30
ANDERSON, Juliet A CHESTANG, Baptiste 1899-Feb-25
ANDERSON, Laura BROWN, Frank 1887-Aug-04
ANDERSON, Maggie C MURRAY, John B 1877-Jun-11
ANDERSON, Margaret KREBS, August 1890-Jan-20
ANDERSON, Mary MARTIN, Frank 1894-Oct-02
ANDERSON, Mary STANLEY, Salem 1891-Nov-12
ANDERSON, Mary Jane WILSON, Joseph 1889-May-11
ANDREWS, Annie HAWKINS, Frank 1894-Apr-05
ANDREWS, Bella JACOBS, Julius 1897-Feb-23
ANDREWS, Clara WHITE, Jacob 1896-Mar-14
ANDREWS, Ellen ANDREWS, Henry C 1885-May-21
ANDREWS, Hattie SWEETMAN, Robert H K 1900-Sep-19
ANDREWS, Lizzie GEIKOMSKI, Paul 1890-Nov-10
ANDREWS, Maggie COWAN, Albert 1898-May-05
ANGUSPAIR, SHEFFIELD, Newton 1879-Jun-21
APPERSON, Edna GADROSSICH, Paul 1895-Apr-07
APPERSON, Mary Elizabeth ROYALS, William 1886-Feb-01
ARMSTRONG, Isabella ROUSE, William 1879-Jan-24
ARMSTRONG, Julia LANDRUM, William 1888-Oct-10
ARMSTRONG, Leanna R ROUSE, John A J 1878-Sep-18
ASHBEE, Mary FAGAN, H P 1884-Apr-05
ASHLEY, Bethel BERTRAM, Louis J 1899-Jan-08
ASHLEY, Elsie TROXLER, Mack 1896-May-20
ASHLEY, Mahala HAYNES, Fred D 1899-Feb-13
ASKER, Miley CORBET, Willie 1897-May-13
AUSTIN, Hannah WILLIAMS, Isaac 1889-Feb-09



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