Ittawamba County Grooms

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NABERS, B F BOREN, V V Miss 1886-Dec-21
NABERS, B F BOSEN, V V Miss 1886-Dec-21
NABERS, George GRAHAM, Mollie 1893-Jul-11
NABERS, J M CUMMINGS, Bettie 1883-Dec-20
NABERS, W A BOREN, M E Miss 1878-Sep-15
NABORS, A C RATLIFF, Mattie 1880-Feb-15
NABORS, J M GRISSOM, Amanda 1880-Dec-23
NABORS, W A HYDRICKS, M L Miss 1873-Nov-22
NABORS, W F GATES, M C Miss 1877-Feb-01
NABORS, W H GATES, C Willie 1878-Apr-29
NAILS, Wesley NICHOLS, Catherine 1860-Dec-19
NANNEY, J F BENIFIELD, M F Miss 1887-Dec-08
NANNEY, J F BENNIFIELD, M F Miss 1887-Dec-08
NANNEY, J F PARKER, L Miss 1869-Feb-28
NANNEY, M H BLALOCK, M E Miss 1882-Jan-12
NANNEY, R J MELTON, Mary 1887-Aug-31
NANNEY, S M JONES, N A Miss 1888-Dec-30
NANNEY, W M GRISSOM, Lorener 1886-Jan-14
NANNEY, W M GRISSOM, Losener 1886-Jan-20
NANNEY, W S PEARCE, Mandy 1879-Jan-09
NANNY, J H JACKSON, Elector 1882-Oct-05
NANNY, J T RATLIFF, Sarah E 1871-Dec-21
NANNY, Jackson SPIGNER, Mollie 1878-Mar-07
NANNY, Jessie STOVALL, M E Miss 1881-Dec-27
NANNY, John H JACKSON, Elizabeth 1844-Sep-19
NANNY, S M BOOTH, M C Miss 1881-Dec-15
NANNY, Uriah P WILLIS, Eliza F 1856-Oct-23
NANNY, Wiley H CUNNINGHAM, Nancy E 1856-Oct-23
NARTHAM, W B HOLLEY, M A Miss 1893-Oct-03
NASH, J W BOURLAND, L D Miss 1893-Aug-15
NEAL, Charles B COOPER, Mary C 1861-Apr-14
NEAL, J H WITT, Nanny 1889-Oct-10
NEAL, J P AUSTIN, B L Miss 1892-Dec-22
NEAL, James AGNEW, Martha 1896-Jan-07
NEAL, John TAYLOR, H D Miss 1896-May-12
NEAL, W S LANEY, Etta 1895-Sep-01
NEAL, W T SHUMPERT, Ada 1899-Dec-26
NELSON, Charles R TAYLOR, Martha S 1865-Sep-12
NELSON, D P BLAKE, Sarah Ann 1850-Apr-26
NELSON, George BREWER, Patsy 1869-Mar-14
NELSON, George SULLIVAN, Susannah 1839-Feb-24
NELSON, Henry C COLLINS, Mary A 1866-Oct-10
NELSON, J M EWING, M J Miss 1890-Jan-14
NELSON, Jesse H BARKLEY, Sarah C 1866-Feb-05
NELSON, Silas E CASON, Amelia 1854-Dec-06
NELSON, Thomas A MOSHBY, Miriam W 1839-Sep-04
NELSON, S M BLACK, Mollie 1894-Apr-03
NEWBERRY, John B REEVES, Martha E 1865-Jan-12
NEWEL, Wesley INGRAM, N L Miss 1877-May-03
NEWMAN, A M CLAMPET, M N 1864-Apr-10
NEWMAN, R G D WOODWARD, Caroline 1850-Oct-03
NEWTON, A B HARRISON, Minnie 1887-Aug-13
NEWTON, J B BURDINE, S M Miss 1884-Dec-20
NEWTON, J R BURDINE, S M Miss 1884-Dec-03
NEWTON, John B GARDNER, Caroline T 1863-Sep-15
NICHOLS, Alver LYLES, Cora 1895-Dec-30
NICHOLS, J A MORSE, Mollie 1881-Feb-16
NICHOLS, J B MAYHALL, Nancy J 1850-Sep-30
NICHOLS, John W JONES, Lucinda A 1864-Sep-29
NICHOLS, Marion ROBERTS, Margaret 1898-May-05
NICHOLS, Stephen GREENWOOD, Sarah 1861-Sep-11
NICHOLS, Stephen H GATLIN, Martha -   -
NICHOLS, W L REA, Nora 1900-Nov-25
NICHOLSON, Henry C BURDINE, Susannah 1858-Aug-18
NICKELSON, John HAMPTON, T Miss 1879-Jan-27
NICKLES, Plummer MCDUFFIE, Clara 1877-Mar-01
NICKOLS, Albin SHUMPERT, Jennie 1893-Dec-14
NICKOLS, William GILLENTINE, Nancy 1868-Oct-14
NICKOLSON, Thomas BENNETT, Amanda 1875-Feb-09
NICKS, Uriah SPANN, Delina 1852-Nov-04
NICKS, W F YOUNG, Mollie G 1899-Mar-21
NIECE, Martha Ann STONE, L F 1874-Dec-03
NIX, J E EMMERSON, O Miss 1876-Dec-25
NIX, L F STED, Lecter 1899-Aug-10
NIX, M B FORD, T T Miss 1896-Dec-03
NIXON, Isaac WRYSSOR, Sally 1847-Jan-11
NIXON, James CRAWFORD, N C Miss 1873-Feb-27
NIXON, Thomas F BECK, Elizabeth 1855-Aug-07
NOLEN, Charles M FROST, Elizabeth W 1841-Dec-16
NORCHINGTON, A J STONE, M E Miss 1879-Mar-19
NORMAN, J W TATUM, Phebe A 1859-Jan-13
NORRIS, Bob CALVIN, Bell 1884-Oct-02
NORRIS, Bob COLLUM, Belle 1884-Oct-02
NORRIS, Bob SHUMPERT, S Miss 1876-Nov-07
NORRIS, G T ROBINSON, Harriet 1874-Feb-22
NORRIS, Young STEPHENS, Winnie 1878-May-19
NORTHAM, B B HEFLIN, Chese 1886-Dec-18
NORTHCUT, Benjiman F MCMILLON, Harriet 1843-Nov-14
NORTHING, R H RODEN, L B Miss 1894-Jan-07
NORTHINGTON, W J LYLE, Annie 1895-Sep-20
NOVELL, Hardy W MCANCE, Amelia 1841-Jun-02
NUTT, J M DAVIS, M E Miss 1883-Jan-07
OATON, Wm. CLARK, Martha 1838-Nov-07
ODOM, George ESTES, Sarah A 1864-Feb-03
OLIVE, T J WOODARD, N B Miss 1872-Nov-06
OLIVER, F M ROBERTS, Elizabeth J 1859-Aug-09
ONEAL, A N WHITEHEAD, M Miss 1883-May-17
ONEAL, A W WORKS, N P Miss 1885-Jul-08
ONEAL, A W WORKS, N T Miss 1885-Jul-08
ONEAL, L BURCH, E Miss 1868-Sep-10
ONEAL, Purlistley Jack RUTLEDGE, Nancy Ann 1864-Oct-09
ONEAL, Simon S MOORE, Sarah A 1857-May-05
ONLEY, Meradith MAYNARD, Frances 1865-Jul-26
OREAR, John TAYLOR, Julia 1895-Jun-23
ORR, Adolphus KIRK, M J Miss 1893-Oct-03
OSBORN, William R THOMAS, Jan 1866-Dec-06
OSBURN, Julius BENNETT, Lanisa 1859-Aug-02
OSWALT, C W ROBERSON, M F Miss 1882-Sep-27
OSWALT, D F PRESTRIDGE, S A Miss 1878-Jan-16
OSWALT, J J DICKERSON, Louisa 1871-Nov-09
OSWALT, J J GAN, M J Miss 1872-Apr-25
OSWALT, J M SHERRIE, Sarah 1871-Oct-08
OSWALT, J Y KILGO, Willie 1894-Feb-28
OSWAR.LT, Wm. L PAYNE, Isabella 1857-Nov-19
OUTLAW, C E DISON, C A N Miss 1889-Dec-11
OUTLAW, N BICK, M A Miss 1880-Sep-09
OUTLAW, Nanoah GILLENTINE, Margaret 1846-Oct-29
OWEN, Benjiman L CLIFTON, Arbella J 1856-Dec-16
OWEN, Lucien S CLIFTON, Desdamonia 1866-Jul-03
OWEN, W E PARKS, Emma 1863-Aug-29
OWEN, Will KENNEDY, Lula 1900-May-14
OWINGS, J S CUMMINGS, M E Miss 1868-Oct-29
OWINGS, Joe WEEKS, Mollie 1894-Apr-11



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