Ittawamba County Grooms


KBUCHANAN, Wm. LONG, Serena 1185-Aug-11
KDAVISON, Ellery N EAVES, Louisa 0184-Mar-23
KELL, J D TARVER, Ann 1873-Feb-26
KELLER, Frank SHAPET, Mattie 1900-Dec-22
KELLIUM, George NANNY, Mary E 1873-Oct-09
KELLUM, J A DURRANT, Germean 1898-Oct-23
KELLUM, W L GRISSON, Ellen 1899-Jan-12
KELLY, Edward WEBB, Milly 1851-Oct-30
KELLY, Jesse S BARNES, Nancy E 1859-Dec-04
KELLY, Jesse S WINNERS, Margaret 1848-Jul-27
KELSEY, Isaac PIERCE, Caroline 1841-Mar-11
KELSO, D W BAILEY, S J Miss 1884-Mar-15
KELSO, Isaac MAXEY, Jane 1844-Jun-18
KELTON, L D HINES, Nancy J 1856-Sep-06
KEMP, Benjiman TONKERSBY, Mary 1837-Aug-11
KEMP, Wm. P FILES, Mary D 1855-Jan-02
KENDRICK, J G CROUCH, Dora 1896-Jan-01
KENDRICK, W P MCFEE, M J Miss 1891-Dec-07
KENEDY, B R FARRAR, T C Miss 1893-Aug-03
KENEDY, Bill SPENCE, I P Miss 1897-Jan-10
KENEDY, E P ALDRIDGE, Mary 1884-Nov-08
KENEDY, E P ALDRIDGE, Mary 1884-Nov-09
KENEDY, Edward D WEEKS, Sarah Ann 1858-Oct-24
KENEDY, G M MILLER, Mamie 1893-Nov-23
KENEDY, J L DUKE, Anna 1865-Dec-20
KENEDY, Jack BROWN, Jane 1896-Feb-03
KENEDY, John COX, Elizabeth 1852-Apr-21
KENEDY, O A GRADY, Kate 1895-Feb-03
KENEDY, R A J KENEDY, C A B Miss 1887-Sep-22
KENEDY, Sam SULLIVAN, Amanda M 1866-Jun-03
KENEDY, W M DYER, S C Miss 1884-Jan-16
KENIDY, Joshua BETTS, Eliza 1841-May-28
KENNEDY, B L COOK, Effie B 1898-Feb-17
KENNEDY, C H STEPHENS, Vina 1899-Dec-26
KENNEDY, E M SUGGS, Drucilla 1864-Jan-26
KENNEDY, H G BROUGHMAN, Maggie 1890-Dec-14
KENNEDY, H L PLUNKET, E A Miss 1881-Dec-08
KENNEDY, J M SCOTT, H A Miss 1894-Aug-23
KENNEDY, J R HADOCK, C H Miss 1872-Nov-05
KENNEDY, J T ALLREAD, Sarah 1892-Nov-28
KENNEDY, J W LOW, M A Miss 1868-Nov-05
KENNEDY, Marion E R SALLIS, Elizabeth 1861-Jul-07
KENNEDY, R L COOK, Josie 1896-Jun-19
KENNEDY, Thos ALLRED, Sarah 1892-Nov-28
KENNEDY, W KENNEDY, M E Miss 1886-Jan-17
KENNEDY, W H KENEDY, M E Miss 1886-Jan-17
KENNEDY, W M JONES, A Eolier 1889-Aug-20
KENNEDY, W M JONES, Ealie 1889-Aug-20
KENNEDY, Wm. CODY, M D 1864-Aug-21
KENNEDY, Wm. C MELTON, Elizabeth 1858-Aug-19
KENT, E D BUTLER, Georgia 1900-Nov-21
KENT, E F HIGGINS, R C Miss 1894-Nov-22
KENT, E L MAYHALL, Sallie 1894-Oct-10
KENT, J C HARBER, Nannie 1895-Jan-17
KENT, J H BUTLER, M A Miss 1899-Nov-18
KENT, M VINES, Parable 1895-Jun-07
KENT, T J WILLIAMSON, Cardelia 1890-Nov-13
KERR, J Y PEARCE, Lou Ella 1897-Oct-25
KESLER, Joseph S LONG, Ressi J 1865-Aug-03
KEY, Jolly WALLS, Roena 1900-Sep-24
KEYES, William ASHLEY, Milly 1869-Dec-27
KEYS, Wm. H TURNER, Anna A 1854-Dec-26
KILDARE, A M BENNETT, Alla 1897-Feb-19
KILGO, A W BOWLS, Adaline 1841-Dec-30
KILGO, Jack CHISEN, L J Miss 1879-Feb-26
KILGO, Willie OSWALT, J Y 1894-Feb-28
KILLGO, W S MASSEY, Sarah E 1866-Nov-27
KILLINGSWORTH, J J LEE, S Miss 1877-Aug-23
KILSO, D W BAILEY, S F Miss 1884-Mar-16
KIMMONS, J A Rev JONES, Martha A 1865-Sep-13
KINARD, B S LIVINGSTON, Mary H 1886-Dec-05
KINARD, J L NANNEY, Josaphine 1874-Feb-11
KINARD, J M THORNBERRY, L J Miss 1887-Sep-18
KINARD, J M THORNELEY, L J Miss 1887-Sep-18
KINARD, W C SCHOOLER, M E Miss 1883-Mar-28
KINARD, W J SPRIGNER, S A Miss 1878-Oct-31
KINARD, Wesley DEVALL, Sisaly 1885-Jul-18
KINARD, Wesley DUVALL, Sisalay 1885-Jul-27
KING, A J BLUNT, Susan C 1858-Dec-13
KING, A J SMITH, P C Miss 1872-Jan-03
KING, Alexander WEATHERBY, Callie 1895-May-10
KING, Charles CHRISTIAN, Ruth 1893-Feb-24
KING, D G SMITH, N A Miss 1882-Sep-14
KING, Henry GARRETT, Katie 1896-Mar-30
KING, I J HOBBS, Catherine 1861-May-21
KING, J M BUSE, S E 1864-May-04
KING, J M DULANY, M P Miss 1871-Jul-18
KING, J M LAWSON, Mary J 1877-Aug-24
KING, Jeptha WILLIAMS, Matilda M 1855-Mar-10
KING, Jeptha A ERVIN, Caroline 1858-Aug-24
KING, L T JONES, Jessie 1894-May-09
KING, Micajah HARRIS, Jane 1857-Mar-24
KING, N L WALKER, Missouri 1893-Feb-28
KING, P M STONE, L A Miss 1893-Jul-23
KING, Sam MCDANIEL, M E Miss 1894-Dec-08
KING, W H LANDRUM, N M Miss 1878-Apr-28
KINGER, S K HEMING, M P Miss 1876-Jan-13
KINGSLEY, Hardiman BROWN, Lucy 1853-Jan-20
KINGSLEY, Jesse COOK, Sarah J 1872-Jan-02
KINGSLEY, Jesse WOODS, Mary A 1849-Oct-21
KINGSLEY, T GRAHAM, Martha 1881-Apr-10
KINGSLEY, W L WILSON, Nellie 1895-Jun-04
KINGSLOW, T W ERVIN, Mary S 1867-Jan-20
KINSEY, Wm. W FRANCIS, Eliza 1853-Mar-30
KIRK, R D NABERS, Alice 1891-May-06
KIRKLEY, J T NEAL, Roberta 1894-Sep-15
KIRKSEY, A S BENNETT, Mollie 1898-Feb-10
KIRKSEY, Daniel E EDWARDS, Margaret E 1859-Mar-16
KIRKSEY, J R DEVAUGH, L I Miss 1886-Jan-08
KIRKSEY, J R DEVAUGHN, L F Miss 1886-Jan-14
KIRKSEY, John R STEPHENS, Cornelia A 1865-May-25
KIRKSEY, R STEPHENS, James 1842-Jan-31
KISTLER, W S ADAMS, M C 1865-Sep-28
KITCHEN, D B GEORGE, Georgia Ann 1882-Nov-24
KITCHENS, J U WEBB, Sarah 1879-Nov-24
KITCHENS, Joe CARDIEN, Sibbia 1888-Dec-14
KITCHENS, Joe CARDINE, Sibbia 1888-Dec-14
KITCHENS, L B BOWEN, L D Miss 1882-Oct-15
KITCHENS, M C AUSBORN, Nancy 1893-Oct-20
KIZER, B J GAINES, Martha F 1863-Sep-10
KIZER, J S BAXTER, Nannie 1899-Jun-27
KIZER, T R WALLACE, Linda 1899-Dec-14
KNIGHT, C MCDONNEL, Alice 1894-Sep-09
KNIGHT, Charles HESTER, Caroline 1855-Nov-22
KNIGHT, Charner A BLALBOCK, Catherine 1855-Jan-08
KNIGHT, James FLIN, Susan 1850-Feb-14
KNIGHT, Joseph GRAY, Elizabeth 1857-May-07
KNIGHT, W H MCDANIEL, L V Miss 1900-Jan-04
KNOTT, James S BRISTOW, Sarah J 1866-Apr-24
KNOWLEE, T H MONDS, F J Miss 1873-Jan-19
KROWN, D L TYNES, Helen C 1880-Jul-11
KUYKENDALL, M T GILMORE, Bell Zora 1898-Apr-21
KYILE, Emmett HARGROVE, M F Miss 1894-Jan-08
KYLE, Henry O ROBINSON, Anna 1866-Sep-13
KYLE, James L STOCKTON, Susan 1843-Dec-26
KYLE, Jesse H SCRAGGS, Emila 1846-Jun-09
KYLE, Robert B ROBINSON, Eliza 1854-Jul-30
KYLE, S D ROBINSON, M E 1865-Oct-17
KYLE, Wiley HARE, Ola 1899-Feb-15
KYLES, James DUNN, Martha J 1896-Dec-11
KYNDALL, J H REED, Alice 1895-Feb-28



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