Ittawamba County Grooms


EARLEY, J C BROWN, Billie 1887-Jan-13
EARLEY, Wm. G BAKER, Emelinaa 1855-Jan-25
EARLEY, Wm. G BAKER, Emeline 1855-Jan-25
EARLY, John HORTON, Lillie 1893-Jun-10
EASLEY, J C BROWN, Bettie 1887-Jan-12
EASLEY, J C FROST, Margina A 1861-Mar-19
EASLEY, Wm. MAY, Nancy N 1837-Aug-03
EAST, Austin GORDON, Mattie 1895-Nov-20
EAVANS, J L ROGERS, S E Miss 1889-Jan-07
EAVANS, J T ROGERS, S E Miss 1889-Jan-07
EAVES, M J ERVIN, H O 1865-Jan-11
ECFORD, Francis N ROSS, Sarah A 1845-Dec-16
ECKFORD, T M ROS, W C 1861-Jul-04
EDGE, Asia BILL, Rose W 1854-Sep-07
EDGE, David M JOHNSON, Martha 1853-Sep-01
EDGE, Elijah HODGES, Susan 1849-Dec-20
EDWARDS, Benjiman EDWARDS, Martha 1851-Jun-19
EDWARDS, G W CALDWELL, Nancy J 1867-Feb-17
EDWARDS, G W CASON, Nareisa 1865-Dec-20
EDWARDS, G W DUVALL, Lela 1883-Dec-06
EDWARDS, J C MCMILLEN, S E Miss 1890-Mar-16
EDWARDS, Jack TOCKETT, Leather 1899-Jan-26
EDWARDS, James BRYANT, M E 1866-Nov-18
EDWARDS, Joel WILLIAMS, Martha A 1858-Oct-08
EDWARDS, Joes GEORGE, Eliza 1861-Sep-15
EDWARDS, John GORDON, Srah 1850-Dec-19
EDWARDS, John RYANS, Sarah 1865-Dec-07
EDWARDS, Thomas HALLOWAY, L H Miss 1876-Apr-09
EDWARDS, Thomas J CHEEK, Frances 1858-Nov-04
EDWARDS, W J LITTLETON, S E Miss 1881-Jan-29
EDWARDS, W M ELDRIDGE, R E Miss 1889-Apr-07
EDWARDS, W R DENNIS, Jessie 1888-Feb-28
EDWARDS, W R DENNIS, Josie 1888-Feb-28
EDWARDS, W W ELDRIDGE, R E Miss 1889-Apr-07
EILDMAN, George W MCDANIEL, Cibby 1860-Aug-19
ELDRIDGE, J P BAXTER, Sallie 1896-Aug-25
ELDRIDGE, J W BOLEN, R E Miss 1875-Dec-24
ELGAN, Lewis L BENSON, Elizabeth 1855-Feb-26
ELGAN, Philander GILMON, Nancy Ann 1852-Mar-31
ELGAN, Philander MITCHELL, Jane 1850-Jul-03
ELGAN, Richard L C PRICE, Harriet 1854-Jun-14
ELIOTT, Wm. P STREETMAN, Eady 1848-Nov-09
ELISON, A NORWOOD, Elizabeth 1852-Dec-20
ELLIOTT, Allen HARMON, M L Miss 1884-Mar-19
ELLIOTT, Allen HARMON, M L Miss 1884-Mar-20
ELLIOTT, Douglas STEGALL, Jennett 1879-Mar-29
ELLIOTT, Henry STEGALL, Anna 1872-Dec-19
ELLIOTT, J N STOVALL, Mayr N 1861-Jul-05
ELLIOTT, J N UNDERWOOD, Sarah 1878-Apr-02
ELLIOTT, Jacob ASHLY, Lydia 1856-Apr-02
ELLIOTT, John BOURLAND, Mary C 1850-Oct-24
ELLIOTT, John G THOMAS, Eliza A 1890-Nov-03
ELLIOTT, Sam JOHNSON, Kissie 1881-Mar-01
ELLIOTT, W C CRANE, E C Miss 1879-Oct-06
ELLIOTT, Woodson MEADOWS, Gertrude 1900-Dec-27
ELLIS, G W DAVISON, Mary Ann 1850-Dec-08
ELLIS, Henderson WEEKS, Sallie J 1860-Sep-26
ELLIS, Isaac R KIRBY, Virginia 1878-May-29
ELLIS, John D BUYTLER, Mary Jane 1859-Dec-22
ELLIS, Reuben BETTS, Elizabeth 1849-May-08
ELLIS, Wm P KINARD, Eliza 1867-Jan-02
ELLISON, Elliot HOBBS, Charles 1855-Oct-19
ELLOTT, Andrew WILLIAMS, Nancy E 1860-   -27
ELMORE, Elijah BECK, Margaret 1861-Oct-31
ELMORE, Jacob PATE, Frances C 1848-Jul-28
ELMORE, J M KENNEDY, S A Miss 1898-Mar-04
EMMERSON, G R WIGINTON, Martha 1898-Feb-27
EMMERSON, Pinkney WYGLE, W E 1864-Nov-10
EMMERSON, T ADKIN, L Miss 1880-Dec-21
EMMERSON, W H BURDINE, R H Miss 1868-Sep-01
ENGLISH, John DOSS, Amanda 1857-Mar-25
EPPERSON, J W SMOTHERS, Lucinda 1874-Jan-07
EPPS, Ely WILEY, Sarah 1844-Aug-06
EPPS, W F BOSTIC, Dollie 1898-Oct-30
ERNEST, L T GENTRY, M A Miss 1893-Dec-27
ERNEST, William FIKES, M C Miss 1891-Mar-22
ERVIN, Benj F EASLEY, Francis E 1865-Dec-20
ERVIN, George BROWN, Rosetta 1858-Dec-22
ERVIN, H O EAVES, M J 1865-Jan-11
ERVIN, Wm. COBURN, Tabitha Ann 1860-Dec-02
ERWIN, J L JAMISON, M E Miss 1891-Nov-14
ERWIN, Tim WALLACE, R A Miss 1893-Sep-26
ERWIN, W F GRIMES, A H Miss 1888-Nov-25
ERWIN, W F GRIMES, O A Miss 1888-Nov-25
ESKIN, J S FRANKS, M H Miss 1883-Nov-02
ESTER, B YOUNG, W J Miss 1875-Nov-01
ESTER, Will ORR, Josie 1897-May-08
ESTERS, G W HOLLAND, M C Miss 1886-Oct-19
ESTERS, J P SIMPSON, Martha 1893-Mar-03
ESTES, A J PALMER, Martha E 1852-Nov-04
ESTES, Amos A THORN, Mary E 1856-Jan-19
ESTES, Atkinson GILLENTIN, Martha S 1851-Nov-21
ESTES, G W HOLLAND, M C Miss 1886-Oct-19
ESTES, J F MCCARTY, Margaret 1851-Feb-23
ESTES, J K BOSTON, Samantha 1860-Apr-25
ESTES, John C EVINS, Nancy 1852-May-30
ESTES, Joseph COLLINS, Maranda 1850-Nov-19
ESTES, Mirah CONNOR, Catherine 1867-Dec-26
ESTES, Robert A RUFF, Mary Jane 1858-Sep-23
ESTES, Sylvares GREGORY, Martilda 1859-Aug-06
EUBANK, A M LIVINGSTON, S E Miss 1885-Feb-21
EUBANK, G M BRYANT, S A Miss 1873-Dec-10
EUBANK, W D BOURLAND, V A Miss 1893-Dec-07
EUMPRESS, S E MOORE, M L Miss 1887-Dec-25
EVANS, A WIMMS, Lizzie 1864-Mar-31
EVANS, Abel L HARDER, Mary Ann 1844-Dec-16
EVANS, Andrew J LESSEL, Frances 1855-Dec-19
EVANS, B E BOURLAND, Bessie 1896-Dec-20
EUBANKS, Martin GOODSON, Martha 1855-Oct-05
EVANS, David HARDEN, Elizabeth 1843-Feb-13
EVANS, George W INGRAM, Nancy 1854-Nov-03
EVANS, J D FORD, L E Miss 1899-Jul-25
EVANS, John L BOOKER, Susan 1853-Oct-24
EVANS, Joseph GRISSOM, Sarah 1858-Sep-14
EVANS, Lemon HARRISON, Eliza J 1852-Oct-28
EVANS, Thomas L MCVAY, Lucinda L 1858-Jan-03
EVANS, W H DUNCAN, Julie 1888-Aug-26
EVANS, W H WILLIAMS, M A Miss 1881-Feb-21
EVANS, William SMITHERS, S J Miss 1880-Oct-13
EVANS, Wm. M BOX, Mary Ann 1863-Sep-17
EVINS, L C JAMERSON, W M 1867-Jan-22
EWING, Gilbert MCBROWN, Elisabeth 1866-Mar-26
EWING, John E ADAIR, Nancy 1843-Jul-13
EWING, Moses K RAY, Delila F 1858-Jan-05



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