Ittawamba County Grooms


ILL, A M MCGILL, Nancy M 1861-Nov-10
IWREN, J H STEPHENS, Nancy 0113-Dec-26
K.WAID, Banister S THOAMS, Mary C 1853-Dec-02
ABBOT, Thomas C FILE, Martha Ann 1847-Dec-21
ABEL, Jesse M PATE, Margaret 1849-Jan-04
ABEL, Wm. REESE, Mary Ann 1838-Mar-15
ABELS, Hizekiah FARRE.AR, Elizabeth 1849-Mar-29
ABIT, J W STEVENS, Jane 1892-May-06
ABLES, Wem. F MATHEWS, Nancy 1862-Feb-13
ABNEY, William BROOKS, Ella 1874-Nov-29
ACRES, Creed W SMITH, Delphia A 1858-Jun-02
ACRES, Creed W STEPHENSON, Rebecca 1865-Dec-31
ADAM, Dempsey WARREN, Nancy 1842-Jul-04
ADAMS, Benjiman WOODALL, Lucinda H 1858-Sep-30
ADAMS, G W MILLER, Revie 1900-May-24
ADAMS, Isaac CLAYTON, R E Miss 1869-Feb-26
ADAMS, Jett HOLLEY, Alice 1891-Sep-23
ADAMS, John JOHNSON, Carrie 1900-Nov-18
ADAMS, John D JOHNSON, Tabitha 1856-Jan-22
ADAMS, K L COWLEY, Mary L 1896-Mar-22
ADAMS, N B JOHNSON, Ida 1899-Apr-02
ADAMS, Stephen GILMORE, C S Miss 1896-Apr-22
ADAMS, Terry COWLEY, Mary 1893-Jan-20
ADAMS, Wm. C MEANS, Zammelat 1854-Sep-29
ADDERHOLD, John W LAWSON, Louiza 1877-Jun-07
ADEHOLE, John L COOK, Susannah E 1855-Sep-11
ADKINS, Albert CRAYTON, Elcy 1891-Feb-15
ADKINS, Richard P MCRAE, Barbara I 1845-Sep-07
AGNEW, E SADDLER, Amanda 1892-Sep-29
AGNEW, R T CUMMINGS, S A Miss 1894-Nov-14
AGNEW, Samuel SADLER, Lucendia 1885-Oct-05
AGNEW, Zachariah BEAN, Elizabeth 1885-Dec-17
AGNEW, Zachariah BEAN, Elizabeth 1885-Dec-23
AHLBERT, W S LINDSEY, Jennette 1862-Sep-16
AKIN, J C SANDERS, Gertrude 1889-Nov-24
AKIN, Wm. FILES, Rhody M 1858-Apr-29
AKIN, Wm. A GREEN SARAH A, 1853-Sep-29
ALDRIDGE, A J ROGERS, Millie 1894-Jun-11
ALDRIDGE, Charles STRICKLIN, Rachel 1894-Jan-17
ALDRIDGE, I P BIGGERS, Mary E 1879-Dec-23
ALDRIDGE, Samuel WOOLRIDGE, Sarah C 1873-Jun-29
ALEXANDER, David WILLIAMS, Persilla 1840-Sep-21
ALEXANDER, John BAKER, Mary J 1852-Jul-29
ALEXANDER, John WHETTEY, Frances N 1864-Aug-04
ALEXANDER, Joseph REENE, Mary R 1851-Jul-16
ALEXANDER, L M PEPPIN, Sarah 1882-Oct-31
ALEXANDER, Samuel L MILLS, Angelina 1841-Oct-21
ALEXNADER, James BUCHANAN, Lucinda 1853-Sep-16
ALLEN, A O SHARP, Josie 1897-Aug-27
ALLEN, Basker W GAINES, Mary Ann 1855-Nov-28
ALLEN, Columbus M DUKE, Rachel 1866-Nov-08
ALLEN, David MICHELL, Becky P 1865-Dec-30
ALLEN, J H MILLER, Sallie 1881-Dec-01
ALLEN, James H WILLIAMS, Malinda 1889-Jan-03
ALLEN, James H WILLIAMS, Malinda 1889-Feb-03
ALLEN, James L COLLIER, Jemema C 1842-Mar-16
ALLEN, John FRAMES, Cintha 1845-Oct-20
ALLEN, Lee COOK, Nancy 1883-Jan-14
ALLEN, Middleton M SAWYER, Ann 1859-   -06
ALLEN, Nathan N G HORN, Susan E 1847-Jan-18
ALLEN, O B HOOD, E H Miss 1869-Feb-03
ALLEN, R T HOOD, Mary B 1859-Oct-05
ALLEN, W G PEARCE, S E Miss 1893-Oct-02
ALLEN, W J COOK, Catherine 1860-Jan-11
ALLEN, W P BENNETT, C Miss 1874-Feb-28
ALLEN, William Y HARRIS, M A Miss 1900-Nov-07
ALLEN, Wm. L MCDONALD, Malinda 1847-Dec-08
ALLOWAY, J W HARRIS, E J Miss 1889-Jan-04
ALLREAD, Thomas MAYO, Laura 1886-Feb-16
ALLRED, A M TERRY, Maud 1896-Feb-11
ALLRED, Jimmy MAYO, Robert 1885-Jul-06
ALLRED, Thomas V MAYO, Laura Mrs 1886-Feb-16
ALREAD, Newton FENDLEY, June 1896-Mar-28
ALREAD, R B STITEM, M L Miss 1893-Sep-06
ALREAD, R B STITUM, M L Miss 1893-Sep-06
ALVERSON, J A WRIGHT, Martha 1895-Nov-17
ALVERSON, R L WRIGHT, Laura 1896-Mar-09
ALWOOD, Agustus C CURE, Catherine 1857-May-21
ANDERSON, A M COCHRAN, Rebecca A 1863-Feb-10
ANDERSON, A M COCHRAN, Rebecca A 1861-Sep-01
ANDERSON, A T ALEXANDER, Caroline L 1858-Dec-16
ANDERSON, F M BROWN, Loucinda 1871-Jan-11
ANDERSON, F T WELLONE, Mary F 1849-May-20
ANDERSON, G W RYAN, Fannie 1873-Aug-31
ANDERSON, J A WHITAKER, Sarah 1863-Jan-15
ANDERSON, J H WALLIS, Gena 1899-Feb-05
ANDERSON, J W GRISSOM, Mollie 1883-Jan-11
ANDERSON, James BLACKARD, Martha 1852-Nov-25
ANDERSON, P W ROBUCK, Nancy 1863-Mar-05
ANDERSON, Patton M HARRIS, Mary D 1857-Jul-30
ANDERSON, Samuel B DAVIS, Malinda C 1852-Dec-16
ANDERSON, W A HILL, Ellen 1859-Nov-03
ANDERSON, Wm. COBB, Louisa Ann 1863-Nov-11
ANDREWS, J Saugne HARTSFIELD, Mary Ann 1861-Jan-17
ANNS, Trell MCWILLIAMS, Harriet 1873-Aug-28
ANTHONY, B F CLAYTON, Sula B 1899-Feb-26
ANTHONY, G W CLAYTON, Allice 1893-Jan-18
ANTHONY, G W CLAYTON, Allice G 1893-Jan-15
ANTHONY, J E LUNSFORD, Roberta 1898-Mar-06
ANTHONY, Robert V RIGGAN, M J Miss 1878-Dec-24
ANTHONY, T L WILLIS, Margaret E 1857-Nov-25
APPERSON, D W HUBERT, M A Miss 1892-Aug-01
APPERSON, D W HUBERT, Mary A Mrs 1892-Aug-01
APPERSON, D W JACKSON, L M Miss 1882-Dec-21
APPERSON, Daniel W REALHUN, Isabella 1868-Apr-19
ARCHER, Alexander OLIVER, Rutha A 1855-Dec-20
ARCHER, G W WILCH, Sarah Jane 1860-Jul-28
ARCHEY, Benjiman H OLIVER, Prudence 1858-Dec-20
ARCHIBLE, S S BERRY, M A 1862-Feb-27
ARMSTRONG, B A ENGLISH, Mary Ann H 1846-Dec-04
ARMSTRONG, C C BEACHUM, M J Miss 1887-Oct-19
ARMSTRONG, David MYER, Mary A E 1864-Aug-03
ARMSTRONG, J B HOLLAND, Elizabeth 1861-Jan-29
ARMSTRONG, J P GREEN, V J Miss 1891-Jan-01
ARMSTRONG, James M ARNOLD, Mary A 1844-Sep-16
ARMSTRONG, James W RILEY, R P 1860-Dec-12
ARMSTRONG, K A ROGERS, Hannah M 1851-Sep-08
ARMSTRONG, K L MATHIS, George A Miss 1873-May-08
ARMSTRONG, Mal BISHOP, Adaline 1888-Sep-15
ARMSTRONG, R A CLIFTON, Bettie 1896-Aug-12
ARMSTRONG, W BEAN, S B Miss 1897-Dec-09
ARMSTRONG, William PARKER, S C Miss 1875-Dec-08
ARNOLD, A G GREEN, Ellen 1891-Apr-06
ARNOLD, Littleton JONES, Nancy 1845-Sep-16
ARRS, Charles CRATON, Sumantha 1886-Aug-12
ARRS, Charles CRAYTON, Sumantha 1886-Aug-12
ARSTON, S R YEARGER, Mattie 1892-Oct-18
ASHFORD, James C WOMACK, Jane 1847-Dec-22
ASHLEY, D E WADDLE, M J Miss 1890-Dec-03
ASHLEY, G W DUNN, Mary J 1879-Jul-24
ASHLEY, G W OWENS, Josephine 1895-Aug-22
ASHLEY, Jackson MCCULLER, Harriet 1866-Jun-21
ASHLEY, W H WILSON, Cordelia 1900-Aug-30
ASHLEY, Wiley BEAM, J Miss 1890-Feb-27
ASHMORE, W M ROBERTS, C L Miss 1899-Sep-30
ASKEW, D W MULLINS, F D Miss 1880-Jan-11
ASLEY, S P JOHNSON, Jane 1896-Mar-19
ASSHLEY, Wm. CROMEANS, Mary H 1860-Jan-31
ASTON, S R YEAGER, Mattie 1892-Oct-18
ATKINS, B T EMMERSON, Melissia 1864-Dec-10
ATKINS, John D CONWELL, Leodecia L 1854-Dec-21
ATTAWAY, J T HARRIS, M Q Miss 1897-Jun-06
ATTAWAY, J W HARRIS, E J Miss 1889-Jan-04
ATWOOD, Toliver W BILLINGSLEY, Tabitha R 1865-Oct-29
AUGUST, J W RADIN, A R Miss 1879-Dec-11
AULDRIDGE, Josiah STEELMAN, M J Miss 1874-Oct-22
AUSBORN, Jimmie MCDARRELL, P W 1884-Jan-29
AUSBORN, W R DUNCAN, Margaret 1899-Nov-19
AUSBURN, J N SKINNER, Almer E 1887-Dec-08
AUSTIN, Ames G BEENE, Martha A 1857-Dec-31
AUSTIN, Gideon BENNETT, Mary 1843-Jan-16
AUSTIN, J W GREEN, J F Miss 1885-Dec-07
AUSTIN, J W GREEN, J F Miss 1885-Dec-09
AUSTIN, Jack MARKHAM, Allice 1895-Jun-03
AUSTIN, James G BENNE, Martha A 1857-Dec-31
AUSTIN, M T RATLIFF, Hassie 1888-Jan-18
AUSTIN, Walter P WARREN, Annie 1892-Dec-02
AUSTIN, Willis WHITESIDES, Jane 1860-Sep-12
AYERS, Wm. NICHOLS, Jane 1861-Jun-17
AYERS, Wm. A PATTON, Nancy 1843-Jan-29



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