Ittawamba County Brides

Y - Z

YAGER, Linda CLIFTON, Reubin 1893-Mar-29
YANN, M E Miss DORSEY, H R 1883-Oct-26
YARBER, Annie CAMPBELL, R E O 1898-Dec-18
YARBER, Callie HOLLEY, T L 1899-Jan-15
YARBROUGH, L J Miss MORRIS, C W 1894-Jun-03
YARBRY, Nancy A DODD, W R 1868-Jul-07
YARBURG, M E Miss GAMBREL, J P 1888-Dec-13
YARBURY, M E Miss GAMBRELL, J P 1888-Dec-13
YARN, J A Miss STACY, E 1883-Jan-23
YEAGER, Ann E PARKER, A J 1877-Jan-12
YEAGER, E A Miss PRICE, J S 1876-Jan-12
YEAGER, Laura MAXWELL, C J 1899-Nov-12
YEAGER, Martha M WARREN, R F 1870-Oct-20
YEAGER, Mattie ASTON, S R 1892-Oct-18
YEAGER, N D Miss CARNES, T H 1880-Aug-25
YEALDING, N A Miss HOLLEY, J J 1891-May-06
YEARGER, Anna PEARCE, Theopelus 1870-May-24
YEARGER, Mattie ARSTON, S R 1892-Oct-18
YEARGER, Pernelia HANCOCK, J J 1865-Jan-04
YEILDEN, M A Miss HUDSON, James E 1872-Nov-03
YEILDING, Z Miss GOODIN, J L 1878-Jan-27
YELDING, M E Miss PUGH, John 1893-Jun-25
YOCHER, Lena FRANCIS, J H 1886-Dec-23
YOKUM, Elizabeth Ann UNDERWOOD, Severt 1859-Mar-20
YOOGE, Sallie PIERCE, P 1884-Dec-23
YORK, R E Miss ISBELL, Bob 1900-Jan-07
YOUNG, Amanda SUMMERFORD, Josiah 1875-Oct-29
YOUNG, Carrie HARRISON, J L 1897-Nov-10
YOUNG, Della CROUCH, W G 1897-Jan-03
YOUNG, Emily GATHER, Elkin 1861-Aug-20
YOUNG, L Miss SWINDLE, Jessie 1894-Sep-20
YOUNG, M A Miss CLAY, J R 1896-Jan-05
YOUNG, Martha ROUSE, Sam 1893-Jan-30
YOUNG, Mary A SILAS, Wm. 1855-Jun-17
YOUNG, Mary E BRYSON, L T 1860-Jan-04
YOUNG, Mollie G NICKS, W F 1899-Mar-21
YOUNG, N J Miss BOYD, J M 1872-Jan-02
YOUNG, Sarah CODY, E B 1872-Mar-05
YOUNG, W J Miss ESTER, B 1875-Nov-01
YOUNGBLOOD, Dollie MCCOLLUM, J T 1884-Mar-03
YOUNGBLOOD, Martha CLEMMENT, James 1885-Nov-07
YOUNGBLOOD, Martha CLEMMENT, James 1885-Nov-16
YOUNGBLOOD, Sallie MCCOLLUM, J T 1884-Mar-03
YOUNGE, Jane WILLIAMS, W G 1865-Dec-05
YOUNGER, Moniah M BARTON, W S 1861-Apr-15



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