Ittawamba County Brides

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NABERS, Alice KIRK, R D 1891-May-06
NABERS, Bettie COCKRELL, J T 1896-Jan-08
NABERS, Edna MORRIS, W A 1893-Dec-24
NABERS, Jessie B BOREN, W Albert 1886-Dec-23
NABERS, Jessie B BOSEN, W H 1886-Dec-23
NABERS, Johnny CAIN, Isom 1896-Jul-25
NABERS, M E Miss HUNT, W L 1887-Feb-01
NABERS, M E Miss STEWART, G W 1882-Jul-27
NABERS, Mary C GATES, C V 1883-Sep-13
NABERS, Maud FERGUSON, P M 1899-Aug-13
NABERS, Minnie BOREN, D C 1893-Dec-28
NABERS, Nancy M MELTON, W J 1866-Jun-12
NABORS, A V Miss PATTERSON, R F 1869-Feb-14
NANCE, Harriet J JOHNSON, Wm. W 1853-May-29
NANCY, Amanda CHRISTIAN, D M 1875-Dec-02
NANNCY, Tabetha J SHELTON, M 1856-Dec-28
NANNEY, C A Miss COOPER, H T 1893-Jul-16
NANNEY, Della RUSHING, J T 1900-Jan-14
NANNEY, Fannie HOWELL, E 1893-Sep-18
NANNEY, Fannie MOORE, Charley 1876-Jan-04
NANNEY, H E Miss STOVALL, W H 1880-Jan-06
NANNEY, Josaphine KINARD, J L 1874-Feb-11
NANNEY, M E Miss BEASLEY, A B 1885-May-30
NANNEY, M F Miss GRISSOM, R A 1888-Sep-02
NANNEY, M F Miss LUCAS, L P 1891-Sep-12
NANNEY, Minnie GREER, G W 1896-Aug-05
NANNEY, S N Miss WITT, James 1894-Apr-11
NANNEY, Sallie HOLCOMB, S T 1893-Dec-28
NANNEY, V Miss GARDNER, W M 1881-Mar-31
NANNY, M E Miss BEASLEY, A B 1885-May-31
NANNY, M F Miss GRISSOM, R A 1888-Sep-02
NANNY, Mary A HODGES, Wm. A 1843-Jan-24
NANNY, Mary E KELLIUM, George 1873-Oct-09
NANNY, S C Miss SPIGNER, G C 1879-Dec-19
NANNY, Sarah COBURN, Shelby P 1846-Jan-29
NANNY, Tabetha J SHELTON, M 1856-Dec-28
NANNY, Z BARNARD, Joshua L 1838-Jul-11
NASH, Dora SHIELDS, H L 1894-Feb-07
NASH, Itha GRISSOM, Ann E 1868-May-10
NEAL, E J Miss CONWILL, A M 1886-Nov-24
NEAL, E J Miss CONWILL, H M 1886-Nov-24
NEAL, R E Miss CONWELL, J T 1885-Nov-30
NEAL, R E Miss CONWELL, J T 1885-Dec-02
NEAL, Roberta KIRKLEY, J T 1894-Sep-15
NEALY, Elvia RODGERS, Josiah 1842-Feb-02
NELSON, Alice HALL, C 1884-Nov-29
NELSON, Allice HALL, C 1884-Dec-06
NELSON, Cinthia Carolin CARVANS, John 1839-Jul-16
NELSON, Ednie WEEKS, J M 1888-Dec-27
NELSON, Elizabeth CLARK, Plasent 1851-Jan-14
NELSON, G E Miss JOHNSON, M C 1899-Jun-13
NELSON, Ida WOOLDRIDGE, Thomas 1899-Mar-12
NELSON, Jane PEARCE, Aaron 1847-Dec-23
NELSON, L M Miss BEAM, L B 1895-Feb-15
NELSON, Lee FOWLER, Sidney 1892-Mar-13
NELSON, M A Miss BOLEN, W M 1894-May-15
NELSON, M I Miss CONWELL, W H 1883-Jan-28
NELSON, Mary BELK, Frank 1885-Aug-07
NELSON, Mary BELK, Frank 1885-Aug-09
NELSON, Mattie MITCHELL, Mitta 1895-Dec-15
NELSON, Rebecca TYRE, Josiah 1843-Nov-15
NELSON, Rebecca TYRE, Josiah 1844-Nov-15
NELSON, Sarah PORDE (?), Robert B 1840-Feb-20
NELSON, Serency BLAKE, Bowling G 1850-Apr-26
NESSER, Georgia Ann FRANKLIN, David 1895-Nov-11
NEWBERRY, Ann L B PRICE, John B 1854-Dec-23
NEWBERRY, Sarah H WILLIAMS, Thomas L 1858-Jul-15
NEWBOLD, Alice RANDALL, W D 1896-Nov-04
NEWBOLD, Emma MAYFIELD, Allen 1900-Jan-03
NEWMAN, A B Miss PATTERSON, H A 1879-Dec-28
NEWMAN, Ellen BOSTICK, R B 1892-Nov-13
NEWMAN, L J Miss JOHNSON, R H 1883-Aug-04
NEWTON, Mary Jane PENNELL, Robert 1850-Oct-28
NICHLS, L O Miss UNDERWOOD, O L 1887-Jul-24
NICHOLES, Jennie COPELAND, Willie 1893-Dec-03
NICHOLS, Ada HANCOCK, D J 1894-Oct-28
NICHOLS, C J Miss SANDERSON, A W 1874-Dec-21
NICHOLS, Catherine NAILS, Wesley 1860-Dec-19
NICHOLS, Dora YOUNG, James 1895-Apr-07
NICHOLS, Elizabeth GREEN, Hugh A 1856-Mar-23
NICHOLS, Emmer WILLIAMS, Greene 1884-Sep-06
NICHOLS, Euphenia MOORE, T R 1881-Jul-03
NICHOLS, Fannie COCKRELL, D 1878-Mar-02
NICHOLS, Jane AYERS, Wm. 1861-Jun-17
NICHOLS, L A Miss UNDERWOOD, O L 1887-Jul-24
NICHOLS, Leanna PALMER, P D 1881-May-03
NICHOLS, Lelia CAMERON, J Will 1900-Mar-28
NICHOLS, Louisa GREEN, A J 1866-Jan-11
NICHOLS, Lucinda JOHNSON, Wm 1865-Dec-14
NICHOLS, M SPERGIN, Wm. 1839-Jan-11
NICHOLS, Malissa GAREN, L J 1869-Aug-18
NICHOLS, Martha CONWELL, John 1852-Jul-26
NICHOLS, Mary CLIFTON, M L 1885-Nov-23
NICHOLS, Mary CLIFTON, M L 1885-Nov-25
NICHOLS, Moses LONG, Tinnie 1879-May-11
NICHOLS, N H E Miss JOINER, H H 1872-Oct-13
NICHOLS, Susan E SHUMPERT, Henry 1844-Dec-05
NICHOLSON, Ellen PARTIAN, Henry T 1860-Mar-22
NICHOLSON, Mary BLALOCK, R P 1866-Sep-09
NICKS, Louisa M BROWN, J T L 1869-Jan-14
NIX, Norrie WARNER, A J 1878-Mar-10
NORCHINGTON, Caroline LAWHORN, W 1879-Sep-04
NORKET, Catherine TURNER, Green B 1853-Feb-13
NORKET, Mary E JOHNSON, Woodard 1852-Oct-28
NORMAN, M A Miss PATTERSON, H W 1869-Jan-13
NORMAN, M C Miss HODGES, J M 1880-Nov-11
NORRIS, Eliza SARTER, Hugh 1859-Nov-08
NORTHAM, Lucinda HEFLIN, T J 1892-Oct-15
NORWOOD, Elizabeth ELISON, A 1852-Dec-20
NORWOOD, Mary Ann BELL, Richard G 1847-Dec-12
NORWOOD, Mary Ann CUNNINGHAM, Wm. 1843-Nov-14
NORWOOD, Sarah F YEAGER, S L 1852-Jul-07
O'NEAL, Margaret INGLE, Miles 1852-Dec-09
ODEN, Milly WISE, Wm. 1867-Dec-25
OLEIS, Annie MORGAN, Joseph 1871-Jan-15
OLIVER, Kate ST CLAIR, Clifton 1865-Jun-14
OLIVER, Louisa MCMILLON, I R 1865-Oct-01
OLIVER, Martha J LYNN, John W 1856-Jan-10
OLIVER, Mary T WALKER, Moses Lee 1859-Nov-17
OLIVER, Pauline ROGERS, W J 1865-Jan-19
OLIVER, Prudence ARCHEY, Benjiman H 1858-Dec-20
OLIVER, Rutha A ARCHER, Alexander 1855-Dec-20
ONEAL, Elizabeth H BOURLAND, Robert H 1853-Dec-12
OREER, Cindie TAYLOR, E V 1893-Apr-02
OREO, Lizzie STUCKEY, J T 1894-Nov-27
ORR, Florence SARGENT, John 1894-Dec-24
ORR, Josie ESTER, Will 1897-May-08
ORRACKS, Annie HARMON, H M 1897-Jan-17
OSBURN, Elvira GILMORE, James 1866-May-06
OSBURN, Mary J STAFFORD, Aneziah 1849-Aug-23
OSWALT, Jamima E JANUARY, Edmond 1861-Mar-24
OSWALT, Mary J SMITH, J C 1877-Dec-18
OSWALT, Nancy FOSTER, Wm. 1855-Jan-23
OSWALT, Odaline HAMPTON, John M 1853-Jul-21
OUTLAND, Jane FINLEY, James 1894-Nov-25
OWEN, Elizabeth PARKS, G T 1865-Mar-26
OWEN, Pauline M CHERRY, Newel C 1862-Feb-25
OWENS, Josephine ASHLEY, G W 1895-Aug-22
OWENS, Mary THORNLEY, W A 1891-Aug-02
OWINGS, Ida BARBUR, S J 1888-Dec-20



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