Ittawamba County Brides


KEETON, Carradie BOSTICK, Robert 1896-Sep-20
KEETON, Emma TORRENCE, J D 1898-Dec-25
KEETON, M A Miss WILSON, T J 1897-Aug-07
KELLUM, Marry GREEN, William H 1892-Oct-24
KELLUM, Mary Mrs GREEN, Wm H 1892-Oct-24
KELLY, Brigete MCCARTY, Patrick 1864-Sep-13
KELLY, California MOORE, John B 1871-Dec-24
KELLY, Emiline FILES, M D 1866-May-08
KELSO, Mattie BENNETT, F M 1887-Nov-13
KEMP, Martha HARTSELL, Jacob 1896-Sep-08
KENADY, Elizabeth WHITE, Norman 1858-Aug-29
KENEDY, A S Miss SILAS, L S 1891-Mar-12
KENEDY, C A B Miss KENEDY, R A J 1887-Sep-22
KENEDY, Eliza MORRIS, Allen 1865-Jun-08
KENEDY, Jane MOSLEY, E H 1896-Feb-07
KENEDY, L Miss RICHARDSON, Jack 1891-Dec-19
KENEDY, M E Miss KENNEDY, W H 1886-Jan-17
KENEDY, Margaret REDFORD, Lemuel 1843-Jan-16
KENEDY, Mary SILAS, Elias D 1855-Oct-07
KENEDY, Mary STAFFORD, H W 1875-Aug-19
KENEDY, N C Miss BELL, J D 1893-Jan-10
KENEDY, Nancy R BROOKS, James C 1844-Dec-25
KENEDY, Orphey L STATON, James 1875-May-20
KENEDY, T E Miss HIDEN, G D 1895-Jan-08
KENEDY, V L Miss PLUNKETT, W M 1884-Oct-02
KENEDY, V L Miss PLUNKIT, W M 1884-Dec-05
KENGSLEY, Eliza GRAY, Wm. 1861-Aug-04
KENNEDY, A M V Miss WILLIAMS, J N 1892-Aug-25
KENNEDY, C Miss GILMORE, M E 1879-May-22
KENNEDY, Dosie SULLIVAN, J J 1892-Aug-14
KENNEDY, E L Miss SPEARMAN, John 1870-Dec-20
KENNEDY, E Miss ROBERTS, C H 1896-Nov-01
KENNEDY, Emily DUNN, H H 1875-Oct-03
KENNEDY, H B Miss WILSON, N E 1882-Sep-03
KENNEDY, Lillian GRADY, W J 1895-Dec-21
KENNEDY, Lucy A SULLIVAN, J W 1871-Jan-03
KENNEDY, Lula OWEN, Will 1900-May-14
KENNEDY, M E Miss KENNEDY, W 1886-Jan-17
KENNEDY, Martha TAYLOR, John 1893-Jul-12
KENNEDY, Mary BILLEN, Thomas 1838-Mar-01
KENNEDY, Nannie STEVENS, H I 1895-Sep-05
KENNEDY, S A Miss ELMORE, J M 1898-Mar-04
KENNEDY, S T Miss SUGGS, J M 1882-Jan-14
KENNEDY, Sarah BROOKS, Thoams 1841-Sep-18
KENT, B A Miss MORSE, C L 1894-Dec-02
KENT, E T Miss MAYHALL, J S 1890-Jan-06
KENT, Elisabeth CHILDERS, J C 1865-Jul-04
KENT, Ettie BALLARD, Robert 1891-Sep-22
KENT, M A Miss MAYHALL, John 1890-Apr-01
KENT, R J Miss MITCHELL, J M 1880-Oct-31
KENT, W B Miss UNDERWOOD, B L 1883-Nov-08
KEYS, D A M BUCHANAN, R M 1859-Oct-12
KEYS, Margaret T WREN, Thomas E 1847-Jan-08
KEYS, Martha A WHITESIDES, Thomas 1849-Jan-10
KEYS, Sarah E WHITESIDES, James S 1869-Jan-16
KILES, M D Miss BROWN, J R 1880-Feb-17
KILLINGSWORTH, S Miss FRIDAY, Albert 1878-Feb-20
KILSE, M L Miss CAROTHERS, D W 1880-Jun-25
KILSO, Hettie BENNETT, F M 1887-Nov-13
KINARD, Eliza ELLIS, Wm P 1867-Jan-02
KINARD, Georgia A MCWHORTER, J F 1862-May-18
KINARD, Lillie JONES, Toney 1893-Jul-12
KINARD, M B Miss YAGER, W M 1886-Dec-05
KINARD, M E Miss PALMER, R S 1891-Dec-03
KINDALL, J M Miss RADEN, W E 1878-Apr-25
KING, Allice H FORD, Emmit 1889-Jan-24
KING, Alma WHEELER, L G 1896-Jan-22
KING, Ann DOWNS, Eli C 1857-Jan-06
KING, D A Miss TILLISON, H F 1883-Aug-30
KING, Eliza RANDOLPH, Henry 1865-Aug-31
KING, Elizabeth RAY, Wm G 1856-Nov-20
KING, Ellen WALLACE, N 1876-Apr-09
KING, Georgia Ann MARTIN, John Thomas 1884-Sep-20
KING, Isabella MCCLELLON, Miles W 1858-Jan-09
KING, Jane JONES, Bluford 1865-May-02
KING, Liddy JOHNSON, John 1857-Mar-12
KING, Louisa BRYANT, N B 1856-Nov-20
KING, Louisa SAWYER, B J 1877-Sep-02
KING, Mary DYKES, Daniel 1867-Mar-21
KING, Mary L MANSEL, William 1870-Nov-16
KING, Mattie JONES, P E 1877-Sep-10
KING, Nora Lee PARK, W H 1890-Oct-11
KING, Rebecka J DAVIS, B F 1866-Feb-05
KING, Sarah F SCOTT, W C 1869-Oct-29
KINGSLEY, B J Miss MALONE, J D 1873-Dec-18
KINGSLEY, E Miss BEAVER, J M 1871-Dec-29
KINGSLEY, J H Miss HARMON, C W 1893-Aug-10
KINGSLEY, Nancy MCMILLON, James 1851-Nov-09
KINGSLEY, Sarah BOUNDS, George C 1850-Sep-01
KINSEY, Amanda PARKER, Andrew 1853-Apr-12
KINSLEY, Sallie CHRISTIAN, J L 1885-Oct-22
KINSLY, Sallie CHRISTIAN, J L 1885-Oct-21
KIRBY, Virginia ELLIS, Isaac R 1878-May-29
KIRK, Idellah WILLIS, George 1877-Dec-15
KIRK, M J Miss ORR, Adolphus 1893-Oct-03
KIRKLEY, M C Miss RATLIFF, R L 1889-Sep-29
KIRKSEY, Camelia HOLBERT, C W 1850-Feb-10
KIRKSEY, Dorcus L WILSON, Henderson 1845-Nov-22
KIRKSEY, Helen M SHEPPARD, Thomas 1849-May-30
KIRKSEY, Mollie PEARCE, J B 1883-Dec-19
KITCHEN, Adelia MORGAN, James H 1883-Sep-12
KITCHENS, Mattie J BRAZIL, P B 1880-Feb-29
KITCHENS, S C Miss RUSSELL, Z B 1898-Mar-24
KNIGHT, Flroence RIDING, James 1873-Feb-20
KNIGHT, J Miss ROLLINS, T J 1879-Mar-05
KNIGHT, Janie CROCKER, James 1897-Apr-28
KNIGHT, M F Miss BURDINE, W B 1897-Oct-07
KNIGHT, Nancy Adaline COGGIN, James M 1862-Jan-16
KNIGHT, R Miss BROWN, D N 1875-Nov-07
KNIGHT, S A Miss ROLLINS, W J 1878-Jan-19
KSYE, Louisa Jane TAYLOR, Clark W 1842-Feb-09
KYILE, Emma SHUFFIELD, W E 1888-Jul-29
KYLE, Annie WEST, Wiley B 1844-Nov-10
KYLE, M E Miss BROOKS, A C 1874-Sep-29
KYLE, M J Miss GRADY, N A 1888-Jun-05
KYLE, Mary E STRAIN, M H 1851-Dec-22
KYLE, Ollie SPRADLIN, J M 1887-Oct-06
KYLE, Ollie SPRADLING, J M 1887-Oct-06
KYLE, Rebecca H LONG, Thomas P A 1848-Oct-10
KYLE, Sallie CLAYTON, J R 1884-Jan-14
KYNDALL, Josie HARMON, J T 1896-Oct-29



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