Ittawamba County Brides


 BIRMINGHAM, Luincy W ROS, Green 1848-Jan-19
FAINY, Eliza MILNER, Robert F 1844-Feb-04
FALKNER, A A Miss THARP, James 1877-Jan-11
FARLEY, Agnes STEPHENS, Joshua 1861-Dec-18
FARLEY, Elizabeth HARRIS, H T 1857-Jan-20
FARLEY, Martha CHISOM, Richard C 1856-Aug-06
FARMER, Mary Ann BYFORD, Wm. 1844-Sep-30
FARMER, Pheby E CLARK, Wm. 1856-Feb-19
FARMER, S E Miss WILLIAMS, Charles 1876-Jan-17
FARRAR, Delia Oma BAILEY, Rufus K 1864-May-24
FARRAR, E T Miss GRAHAM, D W 1897-Feb-28
FARRAR, Elizabeth LYNN, Eddy 1863-Oct-04
FARRAR, L E Miss REED, M L 1873-Dec-13
FARRAR, Lucy A MATTOX, Thomas 1866-Dec-19
FARRAR, Lular HENDERSON, Pedro 1888-Dec-20
FARRAR, Lular HENDERSON, Pedro 1888-Dec-23
FARRAR, Martha L MCNEESE, James 1857-Jan-13
FARRAR, Nora PIPPIN, F G 1898-Jan-28
FARRAR, T C Miss KENEDY, B R 1893-Aug-03
FARRE.AR, Elizabeth ABELS, Hizekiah 1849-Mar-29
FARRIS, Katy HALL, C M 1895-Nov-26
FARRIS, Margaret C THOMAS, W F 1890-Aug-16
FASNE, Josie STEPHENS, J B 1883-Nov-29
FASON, F Miss FILES, R M 1883-Aug-15
FASTER, M L Miss SANDLIN, J T 1885-Dec-08
FENDLEY, June ALREAD, Newton 1896-Mar-28
FERGUSON, Jane HARDIN, Pete 1894-Aug-24
FERGUSON, L Miss DILL, Samuel J 1869-Mar-24
FERGUSON, Sinzala ROBINSON, I M 1859-Jul-17
FERGUSON, W G COBB, Allie 1895-Feb-13
FERGUSON, Zula WHEELER, W N 1897-Sep-31
FIBES, Ellen JUSTICE, W R 1891-Jan-25
FIKE, Ellen FULLER, Bartley 1879-Jul-01
FIKES, Allice REED, J T 1891-Dec-29
FIKES, M A Miss WASKS, J E 1885-Jul-25
FIKES, M A Miss WORKS, J E 1885-Jul-26
FIKES, M C Miss ERNEST, William 1891-Mar-22
FIKES, M S Miss BOWEN, H R 1890-Mar-09
FIKES, S M Miss SPENCER, H J 1890-Nov-27
FILE, E F Miss ROBERTS, A G 1868-Dec-16
FILE, Martha Ann ABBOT, Thomas C 1847-Dec-21
FILES, Cornelia LEWIS, James 1900-Dec-30
FILES, Jane SIMPSON, W F 1894-Sep-06
FILES, Lovie LITTLE, J M 1893-Sep-14
FILES, M A Miss WALTON, Thomas J 1882-Dec-19
FILES, M J Miss MASON, T F 1883-Jan-09
FILES, Mary D KEMP, Wm. P 1855-Jan-02
FILES, Susan GARDNER, W M 1891-Sep-24
FILES, U E Miss PATTON, I W 1898-Mar-26
FILGO, Harriet WHITE, Wm. F 1852-Aug-11
FILGO, Martha PHILLIPS, G M 1850-Nov-01
FINDLEY, Caroline STEPHENS, Z F 1851-Jan-20
FINDLEY, L V Miss SPRADLIN, W D 1887-Jan-19
FINDLY, Mary BREWER, Albert I 1847-Sep-16
FINLEY, L V Miss SPRADLING, W D 1887-Jan-19
FINLEY, S Z Miss VOYLES, J P 1889-Dec-23
FISHER, E Miss PHILLIP, Frank 1872-Dec-19
FLIN, Susan KNIGHT, James 1850-Feb-14
FLINN, Nancy PRICE, Stephen 1844-Nov-28
FLOYD, Elizabeth LONG, G W 1873-Mar-25
FLOYD, Elizabeth SPRADLING, Wm. B 1859-Mar-24
FLOYD, Mary Ann WATTS, Thomas 1863-Feb-01
FLOYD, Sarah E WATSON, Joseph 1855-Dec-28
FLURY, Selina Ann TARVER, Robert N 1860-Dec-18
FOOST, G L Miss RAY, J M 1889-Dec-08
FORBUS, Fannie RAPER, Ardel 1891-Nov-17
FORBUS, Martha Susannah LEE, Washington 1863-Dec-27
FORBUS, Ophelia BROOKS, John C 1893-Feb-28
FORBUS, Ophelia Mrs BROOKS, John C 1893-Feb-28
FORBUS, S J Miss STEPHENS, J R 1873-Dec-19
FORD, E A Miss BOOKER, J P 1876-Dec-16
FORD, E B Miss HARBOR, T R 1899-Jan-07
FORD, Evie HARBOUR, H T 1898-Jun-04
FORD, H G Miss HORN, A J 1886-Dec-27
FORD, L E Miss EVANS, J D 1899-Jul-25
FORD, Leona HAYS, Pinkney 1894-Apr-26
FORD, M A Miss REEVES, J W 1893-Mar-02
FORD, M L Miss UNDERWOOD, W H 1872-Sep-02
FORD, Mary C MORROW, John 1856-Aug-24
FORD, Mattie COLLINS, J W 1893-Apr-05
FORD, Mattie GUNN, M M 1894-May-28
FORD, Minty F STELL, John L 1850-Aug-08
FORD, N A Miss WEBB, D D 1873-Dec-28
FORD, N M Miss PARKER, J M 1877-Dec-11
FORD, Nancy J HOPPER, A J 1868-Dec-17
FORD, Ruth HEFLIN, W T 1896-Aug-10
FORD, S J Miss HEARN, S I 1886-Dec-27
FORD, S W Miss MCNICE, W T 1880-Dec-09
FORD, Sallie COCKRELL, M D 1897-Feb-25
FORD, T E Miss FARER, J L 1868-Dec-20
FORD, T T Miss NIX, M B 1896-Dec-03
FORD, Tabethia E MAXEY, Edward C 1852-Dec-16
FORESTER, Martha FORESTER, Robert 1857-Oct-27
FORRESTER, Jane BOTTS, Columbus 1855-Jul-24
FORRESTER, Mary Ann WALLACE, H B 1861-Jan-03
FORRESTER, Mary J GEORGE, Jesse A 1858-Nov-27
FORTREN, M M Miss THARP, John 1878-Mar-29
FOSTER, Alice HILL, W T 1884-Feb-18
FOSTER, Allice HILL, W T 1884-Feb-19
FOSTER, Annie ROLLINS, George 1894-Nov-27
FOSTER, E C Miss BASE, D L 1884-Mar-20
FOSTER, E C Miss BASE, F 1884-Mar-17
FOSTER, M E Miss BLACK, D W 1894-Mar-21
FOSTER, M L Miss SANDLIN, J T 1885-Dec-09
FOSTER, Maggie WEATHERSBY, J E 1883-Nov-14
FOSTER, Mary A M BAILY, Samuel 1855-Dec-23
FOSTER, Nancy Ann JOHNSON, James D 1864-Jun-07
FOSTER, S F Miss DEWATT, Z T 1876-May-07
FOUGHT, M J Miss JOHNSON, R T 1886-Jan-01
FOWLER, M A Miss CONWILL, J L 1885-Dec-29
FOWLER, M A Miss CONWILL, J L 1885-Dec-31
FOWLER, Nannie GRAHAM, W J 1887-Sep-18
FOWLER, R E Miss CONWILL, A N 1891-Jul-30
FOY, Martha C WESTMORLAND, H M 1865-Jul-21
FRAMES, Cintha ALLEN, John 1845-Oct-20
FRANCES, E J Miss RIGGS, J H 1888-Sep-18
FRANCES, W S Miss BALLARD, J W 1872-Sep-17
FRANCIS, Barby A COGGIN, Joshua D 1858-Mar-03
FRANCIS, E J Miss RIGGS, J H 1888-Sep-18
FRANCIS, Eliza KINSEY, Wm. W 1853-Mar-30
FRANCIS, Eula WOOD, J G 1895-Nov-07
FRANCIS, Eveline BALDWIN, A H 1860-Feb-01
FRANCIS, Jamimia G MONTS, Mark 1851-Feb-20
FRANCIS, L A Miss BALLARD, G W 1883-Nov-15
FRANCIS, Lucinda M TURNER, James 1856-Mar-06
FRANCIS, Lucy Ann MONTS, Isaac 1852-Oct-20
FRANCIS, M M Miss BALLARD, J A 1875-Sep-15
FRANCIS, Mary A GRIGGS, Peter B 1848-Oct-05
FRANCIS, Mary E BURDINE, James W 1861-Mar-06
FRANCIS, Mattie A SUMMERS, R E 1885-Dec-24
FRANCIS, P I Miss SCHUMPERT, William 1882-Apr-19
FRANCIS, S W Miss MURPHY, W T 1890-Mar-12
FRANCIS, Sarah BULLARD, J W 1875-Nov-01
FRANCIS, Sarah Ann BAILEY, Silas Y 1865-Dec-12
FRANCIS, Vergenca J SPURGER, John L 1857-Nov-17
FRANKLIN, Lucy A BARTOW, Newton A 1856-Feb-22
FRANKLIN, Mary A WHITE, Thomas O 1865-Oct-08
FRANKLIN, Mary E MCCAIN, J L 1875-Jan-07
FRANKLIN, Mattie WORKS, Andy 1895-Aug-01
FRANKLIN, Melerida WILLIAMS, G H 1859-Nov-07
FRANKLIN, N E Miss BONDS, William H 1874-Feb-22
FRANKLIN, Nancy Jane MURPHREE, William 1846-Dec-10
FRANKS, Annie WIGINGTON, Richard 1897-Aug-26
FRANKS, Care J GANN, Andrew 1855-Oct-21
FRANKS, Cilda WATTS, James L 1842-Dec-01
FRANKS, E J Miss WEBB, J N 1893-Apr-11
FRANKS, E J Miss WEBB, J N 1893-Apr-17
FRANKS, Elizabeth WHITE, Benjiman 1845-Jul-16
FRANKS, Hannah MARKHAM, Burton 1849-Jul-04
FRANKS, Jane GENRTRY, G B 1849-Mar-15
FRANKS, Jane GUESS, W R 1893-Nov-25
FRANKS, Jane SHOE, Wm 1866-Aug-03
FRANKS, Josie GANN, Albert 1898-Dec-28
FRANKS, Lidia WILLIAMS, James C 1842-May-04
FRANKS, Lydia GARNE, A J 1878-Jan-03
FRANKS, M D Miss HADDOCK, J T 1895-Jul-21
FRANKS, M H Miss ESKIN, J S 1883-Nov-02
FRANKS, M J Miss SULLIVAN, M E 1881-Oct-20
FRANKS, Martha JOHNSON, H H 1895-Mar-02
FRANKS, Mary GRAY, J A 1890-Feb-27
FRANKS, Mary A MITCHELL, William H 1895-Jul-31
FRANKS, Matilda WATTS, Lemuel 1865-Jun-18
FRANKS, Rachael E TURNER, F M 1852-Feb-12
FRANKS, Rebecca DAVISON, Martin 1894-Feb-11
FRANKS, S F Miss CATES, M C 1888-Dec-19
FRANKS, S J Miss PETTY, D F 1887-Dec-25
FRANKS, S J Miss PETTY, S F 1887-Dec-25
FRANKS, Sarah A MCDONALD, Peter 1863-Feb-08
FRANKS, Sarah A MCNICE, Wm. 1850-Mar-26
FRANKS, Sarah J THOMAS, Samuel 1852-Sep-24
FRANKS, V Miss CROCKER, James 1883-Dec-30
FRASITER, Bell BROWN, George 1898-Mar-30
FRENCHUM, Sarah RAMSEY, Tom 1875-Jan-20
FRIDAY, F L Miss PLUNKER, George 1873-Jul-16
FRIDAY, Mary E MILLER, Andrew 1875-Aug-26
FRIDAY, N J Miss WIGINTON, M D 1887-Feb-25
FRIDAY, Sarah Ann HARRIS, Wm. 1859-Dec-13
FRIDAY, Zella STREETMAN, F M 1892-Nov-24
FRIDAY, Zella STREETMON, F M 1892-Nov-20
FROS, Rachael TYSON, John R 1846-Sep-01
FROST, Alice HALL, G H 1898-Dec-22
FROST, Elizabeth I DIGBY, George W 1859-Sep-27
FROST, Elizabeth W NOLEN, Charles M 1841-Dec-16
FROST, Emily H WALTON, Kile O 1858-Sep-05
FROST, F J Miss GILLINTINE, George 1882-Aug-13
FROST, Julian H ROGERS, James Jacob 1839-Feb-26
FROST, Margina A EASLEY, J C 1861-Mar-19
FROST, Mary A MABRY, J M 1861-Jan-07
FROST, Tabbetha VANDISER, Lemuel 1840-Jan-31
FROST, Teletha C TABLER, Josiah F 1858-May-30
FRY, Ann E LAMAR (SAMAR), T C 1859-Jun-10
FRY, Ann E SAMAR (LAMAR), T C 1859-Jun-10
FRY, Fannie HARRIS, A P 1893-Nov-06
FULLER, George Ann HANKINS, T F 1887-Oct-27
FULLER, Sarh F SMITH, Henry H 1859-Oct-10
FULTON, Rhonda Ann PHILLIPS, G W 1865-Aug-22
FUNDERBURK, Laura ROGERS, J C 1888-Aug-23
FURGUSON, Maggie COOPER, D K 1884-Dec-20
FURGUSON, Maggie COOPER, D M 1884-Dec-25
FURGUSON, T G Miss ROBUCK, J T 1870-Feb-03



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