Ittawamba County Brides


EALEY, Catharine WARREN, G W 1889-Nov-07
EARLEY, Setty FROST, Stephen 1859-Apr-14
EARNEST, Donna PRESTAGE, J H 1898-Mar-03
EARNEST, Sina SHAW, M C 1889-Apr-14
EASLEY, Frances PRICE, John 1858-Dec-02
EASLEY, Francis E ERVIN, Benj F 1865-Dec-20
EASLEY, Mary M PARKER, Tally F 1858-Nov-04
EASLEY, Sarah E SIMMONS, J T 1869-Sep-02
EASLEY, Susan FLOYD, W D 1860-Jul-22
EAST, S V Miss BEAN, J 1885-Dec-14
EAST, S V Miss BEAN, J T 1885-Dec-16
EAVANS, Alice STONE, W D 1893-Dec-24
EAVANS, L H Miss WRIGHT, W J 1883-Dec-20
EAVANS, Millie SWINDLE, W P 1884-Jan-04
EAVES, Louisa KDAVISON, Ellery N 0184-Mar-23
ECKELS, Mary E SIMMONS, J R 1884-May-17
EDGAR, Martha HALE, W 1868-Apr-22
EDGE, Elizabeth LEITH, N M 1865-Oct-10
EDGE, Mary Ann BELL, Cornelius C 1848-Mar-14
EDGE, Melly Elizabeth JOHNSON, Hiram 1853-   -25
EDWARDS, Alice SEALS, A J 1866-Apr-15
EDWARDS, Ann MORGAN, Elias 1851-Aug-26
EDWARDS, Ekith C GROP, G W 1861-Jul-04
EDWARDS, Eliza HIPPS, Andrew 1867-Jan-12
EDWARDS, Harriet L BRAZAL, David R M 1851-Mar-20
EDWARDS, Lou Ollie JOHNSON, Ephraim 1894-Apr-18
EDWARDS, M S J Miss RIDINGS, A G 1881-Jan-13
EDWARDS, Margaret E KIRKSEY, Daniel E 1859-Mar-16
EDWARDS, Martha EDWARDS, Benjiman 1851-Jun-19
EDWARDS, Mittie FRANKLIN, John 1898-Sep-24
EDWARDS, R E Miss JACKSON, Andrew L 1894-Jul-24
EDWARDS, Rebecca RASS, Dorice 1855-Aug-21
EDWARDS, S E Miss BAILEY, H 1883-Oct-08
EDWARDS, S J Miss SHEFFIELD, G D 1894-Dec-27
EDWARDS, Viola DUVALL, J M 1900-Dec-26
EDWWRDS, Sarah VARNER, J W 1859-Feb-03
EFFS, Celia WHITE, A J 1866-Jul-25
EFNER, Sarah A C SWINDLE, D J 1860-Oct-18
EGGER, F E HOLMES, W C 1866-Mar-14
EGGER, Sarah HODGES, C H 1871-Sep-27
ELATT, M P Miss BRASFIELD, B W 1893-Jan-08
ELDRIDGE, Elizabeth WOOLDRIDGE, Thomas 1879-Sep-24
ELDRIDGE, R E Miss EDWARDS, W M 1889-Apr-07
ELDRIDGE, R E Miss EDWARDS, W W 1889-Apr-07
ELGAR, Amanda SMITH, Urias (Rias) 1858-Dec-12
ELGAR, Mary Jane BENSON, Thoams I 1859-Dec-29
ELGEN, Elizabeth B WHITE, Thomas B 1863-Aug-31
ELIOTT, M P Miss BRASFIELD, B W 1893-Jan-08
ELLIFF, Cora HILL, Luther 1899-Nov-12
ELLIOTT, Anna MEADOR, J M 1866-Sep-02
ELLIOTT, C R Miss WILLIAMS, J W 1881-Mar-08
ELLIOTT, Eliza P ROGERS, Will T 1895-Oct-15
ELLIOTT, Elizabeth GREEN, Eithan 1840-Aug-12
ELLIOTT, M C Miss LAWSON, A M 1879-Dec-25
ELLIOTT, Margaret HORTON, James 1844-Jun-04
ELLIOTT, Nora SPURRIELL, B S 1899-Nov-09
ELLIOTT, Pamela COWLEY, D B F 1882-Jan-14
ELLIOTT, Sis STONE, Pearl 1897-Apr-01
ELLIOTT, Susannah J MEDDOW, Merdith 1855-   -07
ELLIS, Livina HUNT, John T 1866-Dec-02
ELLISON, Isabella PATTERSON, James W 1861-May-14
ELMORE, Eliza C BARRET, Samuel W 1852-Sep-14
ELMORE, Lucy GATHER, Elkin 1864-Dec-29
ELMORE, Teresa J WALDEN, J J 1861-Sep-26
ELMOSE, M E Miss BARNES, W M 1872-Feb-18
EMMERSON, Eliza LASSEL, John M 1856-Oct-23
EMMERSON, Harriett CUMMINGS, Henderson 1877-Nov-22
EMMERSON, Melissia ATKINS, B T 1864-Dec-10
EMMERSON, O Miss NIX, J E 1876-Dec-25
EMMERSON, Polly A MCGAUGHEY, James 1875-Feb-11
EMMERSON, Sophrona GREEN, Needam A 1855-Nov-11
ENGLISH, A A Miss BOOZER, Daniel E 1871-Dec-07
ENGLISH, E T Miss THOMPSON, G W 1876-Feb-02
ENGLISH, Elizabeth N SANDERS, John A 1855-Dec-18
ENGLISH, Martha GOLLYLEN, John S 1857-Nov-10
ENGLISH, Mary Ann H ARMSTRONG, B A 1846-Dec-04
ENGLISH, Sophia P DOWNS, D L 1857-Sep-24
ENIS, Sarah Ann WILBURN, C B 1860-Nov-15
EPPS, Margaret HALE, Nepthali D 1859-Nov-30
EPPS, Margaret E TIFFIN, Claiborn 1859-Sep-04
EPPS, Martha MARTIN, Wm. J 1855-Aug-02
ERVIN, Caroline KING, Jeptha A 1858-Aug-24
ERVIN, Martha FORD, J A 1873-Dec-01
ERVIN, Mary E RHYNE, F M 1861-Jan-31
ERVIN, Mary S KINGSLOW, T W 1867-Jan-20
ERVIN, N E Miss GILLENTINE, C A 1894-Oct-18
ERVIN, Sarah BROOKS, Joseph 1863-Sep-16
ERVINGS, Vina LITTLETON, Henry 1878-Feb-22
ERWIN, Callie MCNAIR, E L 1894-Feb-10
ERWIN, G A Miss THORN, W T 1887-Dec-07
ERWIN, Magarett GRISSOM, H B 1884-Sep-02
ERWIN, Margaret GRISSOM, H B 1884-Sep-07
ESTERS, Ida DAVIS, M C 1896-Jun-27
ESTES, A T RUFF, L S 1865-Oct-05
ESTES, A V Miss PAYNE, B F 1870-Jan-10
ESTES, Caroline GILLENTINE, John A 1852-Dec-01
ESTES, Ellen PAYNE, J C 1869-Nov-07
ESTES, Hannah MILLER, A D 1893-Feb-13
ESTES, Jane BASDINE, H B 1872-Aug-31
ESTES, Jane JENKINS, John S 1849-Mar-08
ESTES, Lula PARKER, W C 1892-Oct-06
ESTES, Margrett MILES, T W 1880-Dec-06
ESTES, Martha A MCCARTY, Wm. D 1851-Jan-07
ESTES, Mary Ann MANN, Alexander 1860-Aug-24
ESTES, S Miss WATSON, O 1877-Mar-25
ESTES, Sarah A ODOM, George 1864-Feb-03
EUBANKS, M S Miss BRYANT, W E 1880-Nov-18
EVANS, C Miss CHRISTIAN, D E 1878-Feb-21
EVANS, Darthula GRAHAM, Wesley Jr 1881-Jan-23
EVANS, Dora STONE, James B 1874-Nov-27
EVANS, E Miss HARBER, James 1878-Oct-03
EVANS, Elizabeth BALUS, Samuel 1857-May-26
EVANS, Emma C GRIFFIN, James M 1875-Oct-02
EVANS, Jane C RILMORE, Rober W 1853-Nov-23
EVANS, Jane M BOOKER, Isaac W 1853-Nov-24
EVANS, Lucinda PEARCE, Hollet 1845-Feb-20
EVANS, M A Miss HARBER, T 1876-Feb-06
EVANS, M E Miss CLIFTON, W O 1878-Feb-06
EVANS, M J Miss GENTRY, D H 1871-May-18
EVANS, M J Miss HUDSON, D P 1880-Dec-23
EVANS, M R Miss STONE, W G 1897-Dec-12
EVANS, Maggie PIPKINS, James 1896-Dec-13
EVANS, Mary LANGLEY, J T 1895-Jul-05
EVANS, Mary A MAY, Wm. 1857-   -23
EVANS, Mary Ann CHEEK, Randolph 1845-Jun-20
EVANS, Mary Ann CLIFTON, A E 1860-Dec-13
EVANS, Mary Ann HERNDON, Dillard 1843-Jan-03
EVANS, Mary S RYAN, Isaac 1857-Dec-22
EVANS, N M Miss TANKERSBY, B W 1868-Nov-05
EVANS, Sarah E GRIFFIN, James C 1853-Dec-29
EVANS, Sarah E HUGHES, John 1849-Oct-04
EVANS, Susan E BENNE, Rupel O 1854-Dec-19
EVANS, Theresa ROBINSON, G C 1894-Nov-25
EVINS, Addie BEENE, Wm P 1866-Dec-23
EVINS, E J Miss RUSAN, T 1885-Oct-16
EVINS, E J Miss RUSAN, T 1885-Oct-18
EVINS, Mekie A HANCOCK, T L 1866-Nov-14
EVINS, Nancy ESTES, John C 1852-May-30
EVINS, Rachel C HOLMES, Issac R 1866-Dec-18
EWIN, Bettie JONES, W 1883-Jun-28
EWING, M C Miss JONES, C 1892-Dec-28
EWING, M E Miss JONES, C 1892-Dec-28
EWING, M J Miss NELSON, J M 1890-Jan-14
EWING, Rebecca DULANEY, Gilbert 1838-Nov-13



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