Ittawamba County Brides


ABLER, Mahaly MCKAY, Michael 1847-Mar-18
ABLES, Permelia C MCKAY, Samuel 1847-Jan-21
ACON, Francis DUVALL, James H 1865-Jun-22
ADAIR, Nancy EWING, John E 1843-Jul-13
ADAM, Elizabeth GIDEON, John A P 1865-Jun-13
ADAMS, Ida LONNEY, B M 1892-Nov-06
ADAMS, Ida LOWRY, B M 1892-Nov-06
ADAMS, Lula E WOODARD, Bryant W 1858-Jun-16
ADAMS, M A Miss MCCARTY, W H 1886-Mar-11
ADAMS, M A Mrs MCCARTHY, 1886-Mar-11
ADAMS, M C KISTLER, W S 1865-Sep-28
ADDAMS, M Miss SUGGS, A 1875-Jul-08
ADDINGTON, Alice HALL, R L 1896-Dec-27
ADESHOLD, M E Miss RILEY, J M 1878-Nov-26
ADKIN, L Miss EMMERSON, T 1880-Dec-21
AGNEW, Eliza WILSON, S W 1892-Nov-30
AGNEW, Martha NEAL, James 1896-Jan-07
AGNEW, Sallie BRADSHAW, Henry 1897-Oct-24
AIKIN, Susan LINTON, Calvin 1855-Dec-30
AKELL, Mary REYNOLDS, W A 1879-Sep-02
AKIN, Farlenia CALVIN, Luther G 1859-Sep-08
AKIN, Marinda SPENCER, John J 1856-Feb-14
AKIN, Mary G RAINS, George 1852-Jan-01
AKINS, Caroline BOREN, James 1880-Jul-26
ALDRIDGE, F D Miss COWLEY, D F 1888-Jul-19
ALDRIDGE, Mary KENEDY, E P 1884-Nov-08
ALDRIDGE, Mary KENEDY, E P 1884-Nov-09
ALEXANDER, Caroline L ANDERSON, A T 1858-Dec-16
ALEXANDER, Hanah PRINCE, Jason 1853-Oct-05
ALEXANDER, Henneritta Loui WILLIAMS, B H 1863-Aug-07
ALEXANDER, Jane MAXEY, John W G 1840-Aug-18
ALEXANDER, Sarah PARE, Arther 1839-Apr-08
ALLEN, Alice HALL, J H 1896-Jul-16
ALLEN, Bodicia SIMMONS, John J 1874-Dec-31
ALLEN, C E Miss LOWERY, L J 1882-Jan-25
ALLEN, Catherine MCNICE, Wm. 1849-Jan-18
ALLEN, Catherine RITCHIE, David 1846-Aug-06
ALLEN, D E Miss MILLNER, William 1879-Jan-03
ALLEN, E H Miss STOVALL, J M 1869-Jan-17
ALLEN, Eliza BLANTON, W N 1872-Jul-31
ALLEN, Eliza MARTIN, Middleton C 1855-Aug-09
ALLEN, Elizabeth P JACKSON, Aron C 1847-Sep-13
ALLEN, F F Miss HOOD, William 1869-Dec-23
ALLEN, Isabella BEACHAM, John A 1855-Dec-13
ALLEN, Malissa STOCKTON, John 1883-Sep-06
ALLEN, Martha LINDSEY, L C 1876-Dec-20
ALLEN, Martha A PRIDDY, Marcus L 1858-Sep-09
ALLEN, Martha N BELL, T W 1852-Dec-23
ALLEN, Mary WORKS, Eli M 1851-Oct-02
ALLEN, Mary E CASTLEBERRY, Richard 1857-Aug-26
ALLEN, Mary J HOLMES, Hugh W 1849-Dec-04
ALLEN, Nancy HOUGH, Sepphen 1842-Jul-05
ALLEN, Narcissa MEADOR, Wm. I 1845-Jan-16
ALLEN, P E Miss COX, R C 1872-Nov-21
ALLEN, Pernecy E CROW, Edwin 1851-Aug-21
ALLEN, Sallie SMITH, J R 1882-Nov-29
ALLEN, Samentha LONG, Tobias 1845-Dec-30
ALLEN, Sarah E RIDDLE, Charles M 1856-Oct-14
ALLEN, Taletha L MORROW, Em. M 1851-Jun-27
ALLREAD, Francis STRICKLIN, James 1891-Feb-13
ALLREAD, Jenney MAYO, Robert 1885-Jul-13
ALLREAD, Mattie LEIGH, L L 1892-Aug-14
ALLREAD, Minney POSEY, William 1886-May-05
ALLREAD, Minnia POSEY, William 1886-May-05
ALLREAD, Sarah KENNEDY, J T 1892-Nov-28
ALLRED, Sarah KENNEDY, Thos 1892-Nov-28
ALRED, Mattie LEIGH, L L 1892-Aug-14
ALVERSON, Ellen RICE, John 1895-Jan-29
AMBURY, Nancy BASE, David 1873-Jan-16
ANDERSON, M T Miss CONWELL, M C 1895-Jul-27
ANDERSON, Malinda CLAYTON, W C 1869-Feb-16
ANDERSON, Mary L DERRICK, Henry S 1865-Sep-24
ANDERSON, Mary T JOBE, J H 1866-Nov-08
ANDERSON, Sarah J PHIPPS, B T 1862-Apr-17
ANDREWS, L A Miss WOODRUFF, J C 1882-Nov-26
ANDREWS, Narcissa RIDINGS, James 1865-Jun-20
ANDREWS, Rebecca J GRIMES, Jasper 1859-Jan-13
ANTHONEY, Ella WHEELER, J W 1888-Aug-26
ANTHONY, Ella WHEELER, J W 1888-Aug-26
ARBOR, Martha LINDSEY, Lemuel H 1852-Dec-16
ARCHER, Fennie MCCALLUMS, H D 1861-Aug-01
ARMSTRONG, Dessie BEAN, Tandy 1899-Jan-11
ARMSTRONG, M Miss MILLER, Mose 1874-Dec-17
ARMSTRONG, Mary C MERIT, Wm. 1853-Oct-13
ARMSTRONG, Mary E FARRELL, Clement H 1848-Feb-21
ARMSTRONG, Matilda MAYHALL, Newbern 1845-Jun-25
ARMSTRONG, Nancy THRASHER, Joseph 1842-Apr-04
ARMSTRONG, Pauline GOODWIN, T M 1863-Sep-17
ARMSTRONG, Sarah E PORTER, H L 1847-Feb-18
ARMSTRONG, Sarah J MORGAN, John B 1864-Dec-20
ARNOLD, Mary A ARMSTRONG, James M 1844-Sep-16
ARTHER, Ann E CARLILE, Thoams P 1852-Mar-04
ARTHUR, Sarah E SEWELL (SNELL), J A 1849-Oct-11
ARTHUR, Sarah E SNELL (SEWELL), J A 1849-Oct-01
ARYBELL, M N Miss PARK, W R 1885-Aug-08
ASBURN, Cornelia PRIDDY, D 1866-Oct-09
ASHFORD, Margaret DOLLAR, Ivy 1841-   -30
ASHLEY, Alice BRUCE, W W 1894-Nov-04
ASHLEY, Amanda BUCHANON, James 1873-Jun-12
ASHLEY, Henrietta COOPER, Thomas 1868-Apr-14
ASHLEY, Martha A GANN, James 1869-Aug-29
ASHLEY, Mary A JONES, Sam 1895-Mar-01
ASHLEY, Milly KEYES, William 1869-Dec-27
ASHLEY, Racahel THOMPSON, Charles G 1862-Oct-11
ASHLEY, Rose CLEMENTS, C D 1895-Dec-29
ASHLEY, S B Miss ROGERS, D B 1880-Jan-20
ASHLEY, S J Miss JAMISON, R 1886-Mar-30
ASHLEY, Sarah HENSLY, John H 1859-May-10
ASHLEY, Victory MCKAY, A J 1877-Jul-24
ASHLY, Isabella TYRE, Joseph 1853-Aug-11
ASHLY, Jane RINGER, S F 1851-Oct-16
ASHLY, Lydia ELLIOTT, Jacob 1856-Apr-02
ATKINS, Ellen WATTS, James 1877-Feb-08
ATKINS, L B Miss BOURLAND, W H 1885-Jan-14
ATKINS, L B Miss BOURLAND, W W H 1885-Jan-12
ATKINS, N N Miss FRANCIS, B F 1880-Dec-02
ATTAWAY, Maggie BOUGHMAN, J T 1899-Jun-04
ATTHY, Mary Ann WILLIAMS, Wm. 1843-Apr-05
ATWOOD, Anna BURNS, J P 1884-Dec-16
ATWOOD, M F Miss SAMPLE, W C 1896-Oct-11
ATWOOD, Onna BURNS, J P 1884-Dec-18
AUSBON, M E Miss HARMON, M C 1882-Jan-14
AUSBORN, Nancy KITCHENS, M C 1893-Oct-20
AUSBURN, Jennie MCDANIEL, P W 1884-Jan-29
AUSBURN, Tennie MARTIN, J M 1892-Jul-04
AUSTIN, B L Miss NEAL, J P 1892-Dec-22
AUSTIN, C E Miss CARPENTER, A 1875-Dec-01
AUSTIN, Mollie POTTS, M F 1893-Nov-21
AUSTIN, P Miss CARPENTER, A J 1882-Dec-21
AVERY, S J Miss COLBURN, W T 1892-Jan-29
AYERS, Lorena G POUNDS, James R 1845-Nov-02
AYERS, Polly Ann POUNDS, Samuel 1842-Oct-20
AZBELL, M N Miss PARK, W R 1885-Aug-09



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