Issaquena County Grooms

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UPSHAW, Miles BUTLER, Mary 1886-Feb-12
URNNES, Sheperd PETERSON, Sallie 1881-Feb-05
UTLEY, Ben STRAWS, Virginia 1879-Apr-04
VAN ROSS, James SHEPHERD, Nancy 1890-Jan-23
VANDERWAY, Rochus WINTERS, Annie L 1897-May-25
VAUGHN, James A BUTLER, Sallie 1880-Jul-29
VAUGHN, Lorenzo ANDERSON, Mattie 1894-Feb-20
VERNER, James DUNN, Matilda 1882-Nov-11
VERNON, Bargain LIVINGSTON, Evaline 1887-Nov-10
VERTISON, Isaac CASNETT, Cora 1895-Dec-13
VICK, Charlie LEONARD, Katie 1888-Aug-01
VICK, Ned WINFEILD, Nancy 1874-Dec-10
VICKMAN, Essex SCOTT, Charlotte 1873-Dec-17
VICKS, William SCOTT, Mittie 1887-Oct-03
VINCENT, Ed FORREST, Martha 1898-Jan-21
VINCENT, George WILLIS, Hester Ann 1879-May-24
VINCENT, J A CLARK, Lottie 1879-Mar-08
VINCENT, Stephen PETERSON, Pattie 1879-Dec-16
VINCIENT, Duncan ALLEN, Phoebe 1890-Oct-30
VINSON, Robert WEST, Susan 1881-Nov-10
VIRDEN, Venus JOHNSON, Charley 1898-Jan-27
VORTON, Simon REYNOLDS, Lucy 1891-May-03
VOSS, Andrew J SANDERS, Josephine 1880-Feb-12
VOSS, George MIDDLETON, Peggie Ann 1881-Jan-22
VOSS, Silas JOHNSON, Catherine 1890-Feb-02
VOSS, William EVINS, Mariah 1881-Jun-28



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