Issaquena County Grooms


RAINEY, Richard BASS, Emma 1873-Sep-06
RAINEY, Richard CAGE, Elizabeth 1897-Jun-12
RAINY, William DAVIS, Georgia Ann 1873-May-12
RAMEY, David GORDON, Mary 1892-Dec-25
RANDALL, Isaac DAVIS, Sarah 1888-Feb-26
RANDANE, Robert MCRAE, Katy 1878-Dec-21
RANDLE, Ned MCCODE, Polly 1893-Aug-24
RANDOLPH, Jordan DAVIS, Julia Ann 1879-Jan-27
RANSSEAX, Alex HILL, Georgiana Mrs 1899-Nov-15
RAY, Moses FOSTER, Gilesta 1897-Oct-24
RAY, Moses OLIVER, Paralina 1891-Feb-13
RAYFORD, Green PEARSON, Edith 1890-Jun-01
RAYMOND, Dennis OTIS, Charlotte 1867-May-02
RAYMOND, William ADAMS, Carrie 1884-Sep-04
READE, Thomas STEWARD, Maria 1884-Oct-23
REDDER, Louis HOLMES, Virginia 1889-Dec-26
REDDICKS, Isaac MCCORD, Ellen 1874-Mar-12
REDDING, James PALMER, Mary 1885-Dec-17
REDMON, Van Dim DATES, Catherine 1886-Sep-03
REECE, M M LEE, Rosa 1898-Jan-12
REED, Albert SHEPHERD, Eliza 1897-Jan-28
REED, Alex PAULDO, Lit 1878-Feb-15
REED, Claiborne WALKER, Paralie 1877-Feb-08
REED, George GREEN, Henrietta 1881-Jul-02
REED, Gilford MASON, Ory 1875-Jul-01
REED, Henry DANIELS, Mary 1894-Aug-02
REED, Madison FOREMAN, Cornelia 1876-May-07
REED, Moses MITCHELL, Susan 1877-May-19
REED, Rex WILLIAMS, Annice 1880-May-29
REED, Robert YOUNG, Mary Sarah 1897-Dec-16
REED, Sam JONES, Polly 1900-Jan-04
REED, William WINN, Jane 1874-Jan-08
REES, Boston LOUIS, India 1880-Nov-25
REESE, M M MILLER, Nancy 1886-Jun-07
REESE, M M Rev STURDEVANT, Bettie 1895-May-06
REID, John BELL, Violet 1889-Nov-12
RENALDS, Thomas WEST, Mary Jane 1867-Jun-07
RENOLDS, Richard COOPER, Elaine 1869-Jul-02
REYNOLDS, Charles ARMSTEAD, Rhoda 1888-Feb-14
RICE, John T ROBENSON, Betsy 1897-Nov-03
RICE, Moses M NIRTH, Mattie Ann 1880-Nov-24
RICHARDS, John BARNES, Minerva 1899-Aug-03
RICHARDS, John WHITE, Amebia 1870-Feb-11
RICHARDSON, Anthony PHIPPS, Julia R 1876-Jun-14
RICHARDSON, Archie SMITH, Rosa 1898-Feb-10
RICHARDSON, Archie VINCENT, Charlotte 1890-Mar-20
RICHARDSON, Briston WELLS, Katie 1884-Dec-17
RICHARDSON, Carrie FORD, Charles 1899-Sep-26
RICHARDSON, Chester SAMPSON, Delia 1876-Dec-14
RICHARDSON, Dorsey BARBER, Matilda 1900-Aug-19
RICHARDSON, Frank LEE, Nellie 1897-Mar-09
RICHARDSON, Howard JOHNSON, Lou 1892-Dec-03
RICHARDSON, James BROWN, Lavinia 1878-May-21
RICHARDSON, Peyton BLAKELY, Rosa 1894-Jan-01
RICHARDSON, Samuel DAVIS, Lizzie 1885-Apr-24
RICHARDSON, Samuel JAMES, Ophelia 1896-Dec-15
RICHARDSON, Seaborn FERGUSON, Annie 1899-Sep-14
RICHARDSON, Steven ROPER, Maria 1897-Feb-06
RICHARDSON, Willaim SRIPWITH, Sarah 1868-Apr-08
RICHARDSON, William WILLIAMS, Susan 1880-Jun-19
RICHEY, John ABBO, Rachael 1896-Feb-06
RICHY, Adam JONES, Margaret 1884-Oct-15
RIGGOR, Thomas SINGLETON, Louisa 1896-May-07
RIGGS, Alex WATSON, Martha 1895-Oct-20
RILEY, Aaron NIXON, Easter 1899-Jan-02
RILEY, George HARDY, Susie 1898-Jun-02
RILEY, N JONES, Sarah 1869-Nov-29
RILEY, Nicholas HENRY, Precilla 1879-Nov-29
RILEY, Silas BUCKNER, Sarah 1892-Feb-04
RILEY, Spencer OSBORN, Frances 1895-Apr-07
RILEY, Thomas HALL, Lizzie 1894-Sep-01
RILEY, Tom SIMONDS, Alice 1887-Dec-24
RILEY, Willaim ARCHER, Minerva 1869-Nov-29
RINGGOLD, Isaac BROWN, Nanny 1898-Dec-26
RIPPEN, P J SMITH, Caroline 1889-Jul-28
RITTER, Willaim ANGER, Eva 1870-Dec-23
RIVERS, Alex TOY, Mahala 1886-Jan-11
RIVERS, Henry LAMB, Emma 1892-May-07
RIVERS, James HALL, Daphney 1900-Dec-01
RIVERS, James THOMAS, Cinderilla 1876-Apr-03
RIVERS, Joe NOLAND, Amanda 1896-Mar-12
RIVES, Emanuel JOHNSON, Lucinda 1882-Jan-02
ROACH, Griffin FERGUSON, Celia 1876-Apr-18
ROAN, Alex SNOW, Sarah 1884-Oct-14
ROBENSON, Betsy RICE, John T 1897-Nov-03
ROBERRY, Anna WOODLY, Hubbard 1887-Oct-02
ROBERSON, Abe TUCKER, Lula 1900-Dec-19
ROBERSON, Alec FINNERY, Emma 1871-Mar-14
ROBERSON, Asa CHEATHAM, Emma 1896-May-01
ROBERSON, Charles SMITH, Sarah Ann 1875-Feb-02
ROBERSON, Edward GLOVER, Amelia 1890-Jan-16
ROBERSON, Frank CLEMENTS, Ritta 1876-Feb-10
ROBERSON, George BROOKS, Lucy 1881-Jan-11
ROBERSON, George SNOWDEN, Millie Ann 1876-Sep-07
ROBERSON, Henry CARTER, Florence 1885-May-14
ROBERSON, Samuel DAVIS, Angeline 1874-Dec-28
ROBERSON, Sterling GLOVER, Lucy 1882-Jul-22
ROBERSON, William STEWART, Gracie 1892-Aug-31
ROBERT, Joseph C Dr HARRIS, Fanny 1879-Jan-27
ROBERTS, Dan AGNES, Sallie 1886-Apr-25
ROBERTS, Frank HARDEN, Celia 1880-Jul-27
ROBERTS, Thomas TRAVIS, Leanah 1886-Jan-14
ROBERTSON, Andrew WEAVER, Gatthie 1876-Jun-24
ROBINSON, Andrew MAYFIELD, Emma 1891-Oct-29
ROBINSON, Chapman STEWART, Milly 1878-Apr-04
ROBINSON, D E YOUNG, Harriett 1890-Dec-25
ROBINSON, D S MERRILL, Jane 1896-Oct-28
ROBINSON, Douglass ROSS, Miley A 1886-Apr-12
ROBINSON, Edmond TWAIN, Sarah Jane 1896-Jan-13
ROBINSON, Edmund WARD, Sarah 1889-Mar-21
ROBINSON, Frank TAYLOR, Amanda 1891-Dec-23
ROBINSON, George SPEARS, Imogen 1899-Sep-10
ROBINSON, George STEWART, Sarah Ann 1879-Sep-03
ROBINSON, Hap RICHARDSON, Sarah 1885-Nov-29
ROBINSON, Harry MILLER, Ella 1900-May-17
ROBINSON, Henry HANSBORO, Mit 1887-Nov-13
ROBINSON, Henry YOUNG, Ana 1869-Dec-05
ROBINSON, Horrace ROBINSON, Lizzie 1889-Feb-06
ROBINSON, Isham MENKER, Ellen 1876-Dec-23
ROBINSON, Isham PULLOM, Amelia 1887-Jan-29
ROBINSON, J P HIGHLAND, Mary N 1888-Jan-30
ROBINSON, Jake MURRAY, Minerva 1897-Feb-27
ROBINSON, James GREEN, Margaret 1887-Feb-06
ROBINSON, James POPE, Antholey 1895-Jan-10
ROBINSON, James TIVINE, Mary 1889-Dec-23
ROBINSON, Jeff SCOTT, Fannie 1884-Dec-26
ROBINSON, Joe BROWN, Emeline 1893-Sep-07
ROBINSON, Joe PATTERSON, Julia A 1891-Jan-10
ROBINSON, John HARRIS, Minerva 1892-Aug-05
ROBINSON, John PERKINS, Lucinda 1884-Dec-08
ROBINSON, John SNOWKIN, Julia 1887-Feb-17
ROBINSON, John WILLIAMS, Molly 1887-Sep-16
ROBINSON, John Henry DAY, Savannah 1888-Jul-05
ROBINSON, Joseph LUCKETT, Maria 1885-Feb-10
ROBINSON, Levi SPRIGNER, Diana 1872-Dec-28
ROBINSON, Milton J HURST, Ann 1894-Feb-23
ROBINSON, Morris MINACA, Letha 1880-Apr-29
ROBINSON, Peter MAYS, Eliza 1878-Nov-28
ROBINSON, Nancy DONELLY, Emsly 1884-Dec-02
ROBINSON, Nancy HIBBER, Ismon 1872-Jan-12
ROBINSON, Patsey LAWRENCE, Thomas 1885-Sep-07
ROBINSON, Rachel WILLAIMS, Geo 1870-Feb-03
ROBINSON, Robin SMITH, Mary 1869-Aug-14
ROBINSON, S G ROBINSON, Sarah 1897-Jan-20
ROBINSON, Sam JONES, Tena 1884-Jan-07
ROBINSON, Simon JAMES, Nancy 1881-Nov-08
ROBINSON, T L DEFRANCE, Rachel 1885-Nov-05
ROBINSON, W C VAMOY, Martha Ella 1880-Mar-21
ROBINSON, Washington HENDERSON, Maggie 1890-Oct-19
ROBINSON, William BAILEY, Josephine Mrs 1887-Mar-23
ROBINSON, William BROWN, Ida 1884-May-27
ROBINSON, William DAVENPORT, Millie 1882-Nov-10
ROBINSON, William JOHNSON, Sarah 1880-Apr-15
ROBINSON, William NEAL, Tempe 1895-Feb-27
ROBINSON, William OWENS, Lucy Ann 1894-Jan-18
ROBINSON, William TAYLOR, Josephine 1889-Jan-03
ROBSON, Leander FAIRFIELD, Mayer 1900-Feb-01
ROCHARY, Hearly CHANCY, March 1869-Dec-14
RODDY, Joh BERRY, Lena 1890-Aug-23
RODDY, Noah BRADLEY, Caroline 1887-May-05
RODGEN, Frank GALBERT, Kesiah 1871-Mar-04
RODGERS, Jim BOZIER, Caroline 1874-May-27
RODGERS, L W CHANCY, Mattie 1872-Nov-12
RODGERS, Richard GUEST, Mary Rita 1880-Jun-10
ROE, Henry BLUDSOE, Georgian 1878-Jan-09
ROE, Henry DORSEY, Kate 1882-Sep-24
ROE, Robert THOMPSON, Martha 1884-Nov-29
ROEBUCK, Anderson HORN, Cathrina 1874-Oct-26
ROGERS, Ananias CLEMENS, Dilla 1872-Feb-05
ROGERS, William JACKSON, Laura 1886-Jan-09
ROGUE, Minor BOYD, Mary 1893-Sep-28
ROLAND, Pierce MCCODE, Cornelius 1878-Oct-05
ROLLING, Edmund JOHNSON, Lizzie 1886-Apr-05
ROLLINS, Peter HARRIS, Maggie Mrs 1880-Jun-02
ROLLINS, Sam BAILY, Charity 1900-May-24
RONE, Robert BOOKER, Eliza 1873-Jun-07
RONN, Samuel HESON, Adeline 1897-Sep-20
ROSE, Limnel TURNER, Annie 1900-Dec-27
ROSE, M SMITH, Henrietta 1900-Dec-25
ROSE, William CLARK, Lizzie 1887-Nov-12
ROSE, William THORNTON, Laney 1880-Jan-01
ROSEBERRY, Cornelius SANFORD, Sarah 1899-Apr-23
ROSIER, Alex SMITH, Delphia 1894-Jun-16
ROSIN, Phillips PANTS, Julia 1867-Jan-22
ROSS, James WELLS, Malinda 1882-Jan-23
ROSS, Jerry R TAYLOR, Emeline 1890-Sep-25
ROSS, William HARRIS, Nancy 1886-Dec-08
ROUSE, George MOORE, Harriet 1892-Dec-08
ROUSEY, Randle TURNER, Sarah 1887-Mar-31
ROYCE, Owen KILLIAN, Margaret R 1882-Sep-14
ROYSTER, Powhattan JOHNSON, Martha 1897-Feb-19
ROZIER, Minor FITZHUGH, Lucilla 1881-Feb-24
ROZIER, Phillip NORRIS, Sophie 1897-Jan-30
RUBEN, Benjamon GREEN, Sarah Jane 1867-Dec-10
RUCKER, Amis PEYTON, Josephine 1874-Sep-12
RUCKER, Prior GREEN, Susan 1883-Feb-11
RUFFEN, Allis PATERSON, Emanuel 1881-Apr-09
RUFFIN, Manson HALL, Adeline 1881-Apr-14
RUFFIN, Richard JACKSON, Annie 1873-Aug-07
RUFFIN, William MOSES, Lafinia 1879-Apr-17
RUFHEAD, R T SHEPHERD, Emma 1880-Jan-17
RUNNELL, Robert PETERSON, Ella E 1894-Jul-07
RUSSELL, G W BARBOUR, Christina 1888-Dec-20
RUSSELL, Henry TAYLOR, Amy 1877-Feb-06
RUSSELL, Jim RUSSELL, Hattie 1893-Nov-06
RUSSELL, John TURNBALL, Julia 1881-Jan-28
RUSSELL, Robert JOHNSON, Lillie 1899-Mar-19
RUSSELL, Thomas BERRY, Dilsey 1887-Apr-06
RUSSIAN, Alex JENKINS, Ann 1885-Dec-24
RUTHERFORD, Columbus REED, Minerva 1883-Jul-24
RUTHERFORD, Dempsey FEARS, Jane 1885-Feb-14
RUTHERFORD, Robert DAVIS, Mary L 1891-Feb-12
RUTLEDGE, Henry THOMAS, Virginia 1876-Sep-07
RUTLEDGE, Thomas DAVIS, Rosa 1879-Mar-26



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