Issaquena County Grooms

P - Q

PACK, John HOPKINS, Mary 1898-Jan-20
PAGE, Andrew HARPER, Celia 1882-Feb-06
PAGE, Andrew HARPER, Celia 1882-Feb-08
PAGE, Loyd HAWKINS, Emma 1900-May-25
PAGE, Marcus BURTON, Adaline 1884-Nov-16
PAGE, Robert PETERS, Esther 1886-Jan-07
PAIN, Allen HIGGINS, Annie 1890-Jun-26
PALMER, Oscar WILLIAMS, Gracie 1888-Feb-14
PANE, Thomas JOHNSON, Adaline 1867-Dec-25
PANTS, Percy WEBBS, Nancy 1870-Sep-03
PARIS, Thos WILLAIMS, Anna 1869-Jun-26
PARKER, Alex ABERNATHY, Julia 1892-Mar-04
PARKER, Alonzo LAWRENCE, Annie 1890-Jul-26
PARKER, Andrew SCOTT, Lucy 1891-Jan-18
PARKER, Arah TORSMAN, Rebecca 1888-Feb-15
PARKER, Charles MATTHEWS, Julia 1889-Mar-28
PARKER, Daniel BROCKS, Matilda 1877-Nov-26
PARKER, Doe WALKER, Emily 1889-Dec-19
PARKER, Ed GUSTERS, Sarah 1898-Nov-24
PARKER, Ed MOSE, Millie Ann 1889-Feb-07
PARKER, George HOPKINS, Mary 1878-Feb-16
PARKER, George JOHNSON, Sue 1875-Mar-30
PARKER, Harry WHITE, Maria 1882-Mar-02
PARKER, John FOLEY, Sarah 1888-Mar-01
PARKER, Peter WILLIAMS, Winnie 1879-Jan-19
PARKER, Robert JAKE, Kitty 1890-Nov-15
PARKER, Thomas BERRY, Rachael 1895-Feb-14
PARKS, Edmund THOMAS, Eliza 1871-Dec-22
PARKS, J A WHITFEILD, Martha Luenda 1872-Feb-14
PARKS, James WILLIAMS, Cena 1896-Nov-07
PARSON, William MARSHALL, Lubelle 1884-Nov-26
PARSONS, Joe CATO, Louisa 1892-Jul-07
PARTLON, Anderson WILSON, Laura 1878-Jun-01
PARTLOW, Anderson MCCULLOUGH, Patsey 1885-Feb-07
PASTOR, Henry MCKENNEY, Henrietta 1877-Dec-02
PATERSON, Emanuel RUFFEN, Allis 1881-Apr-09
PATTERSON, Dover HOWARD, Missouri 1891-Jan-27
PATTERSON, Fletcher SMITH, Mary E 1880-Nov-11
PATTERSON, Frank ROBINSON, Elizabeth 1884-Nov-01
PATTERSON, Frank SWAINE, Francis 1884-Dec-08
PATTERSON, Samual MONLTREE, Elizabeth 1867-Jan-10
PATTERSON, Selvin PETERS, Mary 1878-Dec-20
PATTERSON, Washington NORWOOD, Ruth 1893-Mar-04
PATTISON, Brinnogo TANER, Sallie 1873-Dec-30
PAUL, David JACKSON, Phebe 1890-Dec-14
PAUL, Edmond RICHARDSON, Augusta Carrie 1896-Dec-09
PAUL, Nelson SCOTT, Mary Ann 1883-Dec-25
PAUL, Randall LACY, Sarah 1900-Dec-26
PAUL, Randall MOORE, Cynthia 1898-Mar-16
PAULDA, Robert DIGGS, Harriet Rebecca 1897-Dec-31
PAULDO, Robert BANKS, Lizzie 1874-Mar-13
PAULIGAN, Thomas MCFIELD, Allice 1881-May-10
PAULS, Robert PITTS, Reida Ann 1886-Mar-04
PAYNE, Morris CROSBY, Julia 1899-Oct-30
PAYNE, Morris THOMAS, Hettie 1891-May-27
PEACHY, John SHIELD, Milly 1890-May-24
PEELER, James E HODGES, Mattie 1874-Apr-01
PENNY, Joseph MACK, Eliza 1873-Dec-23
PEPPIN, H P ROSS, Polly Ann 1887-Aug-13
PERKINS, Daniel SMITH, Rosana 1888-Nov-24
PERKINS, Jake THOMAS, Daphne 1887-Aug-28
PERKINS, Ned WILLIAMS, Sophronia 1897-Jan-22
PERKINS, Steve LAMPKINS, Alberta 1896-Nov-10
PERKINS, Sunny WARMACK, Rebecca 1885-Feb-28
PERKINS, Willis WILLIAMS, Charlotte 1883-Jan-01
PERRY, Essie FREDERICKS, Cassie 1898-Oct-24
PERRY, Henry CHILDRESS, Mary Jane 1880-Oct-12
PERRY, Willie WIGFALL, Rachael 1895-May-05
PETERS, Ben WADE, Ruth 1886-Jun-12
PETERS, Joe JACKSON, Olie 1897-Dec-23
PETERS, Robert BRAZELL, Delia 1884-Oct-23
PETERS, S P NELSON, Dinah 1887-Dec-22
PETERS, S P SANXTON, Sophie 1891-Feb-11
PETERS, Sidney BAVINE, Polly 1878-Apr-01
PETERS, Thomas FOSTER, Rosa 1898-May-26
PETERSON, Albert JOHNSON, Mary 1896-Jul-11
PETERSON, Andrew YOUNG, Martha 1869-Dec-23
PETERSON, Charles SALES, Maggie 1897-Jul-22
PETERSON, Daniel MILLER, Lucinda 1874-Feb-12
PETERSON, Gilbert COOPER, Annie 1896-Jan-09
PETERSON, Hanabal GREEN, Viney 1889-Nov-20
PETERSON, Hanabel TAYLOR, Martha 1871-Dec-21
PETERSON, Hill SYMONS, Summer 1875-Mar-04
PETERSON, James LANE, Prescilla 1894-Jun-01
PETERSON, Joseph ROZIER, Leverta 1899-Jul-15
PETERSON, Lewis BROOKS, Harriett 1884-Apr-11
PETERSON, R L TAYLOR, Lavenia 1892-Jan-22
PETERSON, Samuel COOPER, Lettie 1896-Oct-17
PETERSON, Samuel WASHINGTON, Mary 1892-Mar-02
PETERSON, Stuart IRVE, Mary Jane 1887-Jan-27
PETERSON, William FERGUSON, Candice 1886-Mar-10
PETERSON, William FOLEY, Maria 1896-Jun-06
PETERSON, William Jr POWELL, Susie 1885-Jan-09
PETTER, Winston IMMY, Sophia 1873-Jun-19
PETTWAY, Simon NOLAND, Amanda 1886-Feb-13
PETWAY, Levi DIXON, Bettie 1886-Mar-06
PETWAY, Sim PETWAY, Sarah 1896-Apr-12
PEYTON, George JOHNSON, Violet 1900-Apr-14
PEYTON, Livingston SPIARO, Idella 1886-Feb-10
PHARR, Edward WILLIAMS, Lucy Mrs 1893-Aug-30
PHELPS, Squire MULLENS, Margaret 1890-Nov-30
PHILIPS, Alec HOLLINGTON, Ellen 1879-Jun-30
PHILIPS, Levi SOUTHERN, Josephine 1885-Oct-13
PHILLIP, Henry JOHNSON, Caroline 1884-Mar-09
PHILLIPS, Alexander BIAS, Lucy 1877-Sep-20
PHILLIPS, Gordon WOMACK, Robert 1893-Apr-06
PHILLIPS, James TAYLOR, Patsy 1900-Sep-14
PHILLIPS, Reallions WHEELER, Malinda 1891-Jan-22
PHILLIPS, Sandy SLATE, Susie 1896-Dec-20
PHIPPS, Steve JOHNSON, Nancy 1897-Mar-15
PICK, D F REYNOLDS, Susan 1885-May-05
PICKET, Andrew WALLACE, Phillis 1887-May-07
PICKETT, Joseph HENDERSON, Lizzie 1874-Dec-21
PICKNEY, Ned BLANN, Dicey 1876-Jul-29
PIERCE, F G ARNETTE, Annie O 1887-Oct-05
PIERCE, Frank BRADLEY, Ophelia 1877-Jul-04
PIERCE, William TURNER, Virginia 1885-May-05
PIERCESON, Tom BEAM, Rosie 1888-Mar-24
PIERSON, Mose REDMOND, Amelia 1879-Mar-20
PIERSON, Perry SMITH, Jennie 1888-Sep-11
PIERSON, Thomas WATSON, Julia 1891-Oct-28
PINKNEY, Ned WASHINGTON, Emily 1883-Jul-20
PINKNEY, Ned WASHINGTON, Rose 1891-Sep-17
PINKNEY, Samuel MUSTREY, Celia 1882-Dec-27
PINKNEY, William MATTHEWS, Rosa 1890-Jan-26
PINKSTON, Aaron ROBINSON, Gertrude 1885-Oct-15
PITTMAN, Hilary MARTIN, Mary 1899-Nov-22
PITTS, Daniel MOORE, Julia 1894-Jan-20
PITTS, Isom ROSS, Sallie 1874-Jul-03
PITTS, John BENTON, Emily 1899-May-27
PITTS, Richard HOLMES, Sophia 1888-Apr-09
PITTS, Westley FITZTINE, Hester 1884-Dec-18
PITTS, William LINDSEY, Mattie 1898-Oct-15
PITTS, William MARTIN, Mary 1895-Mar-19
PLEASANT, James WARD, Kate 1897-Oct-05
PLEASANT, Richmond BUCKNER, Eliza 1890-Nov-11
PLEASANT, Richmond SPANN, Lizzie 1889-Dec-17
PLEASANTS, J G SMITH, Sidney 1894-Oct-25
PLUMMER, Horace WARD, Mary 1900-Nov-08
POE, Ira MOULTRIE, Betsy 1884-Sep-07
POINDEXTER, Wesley HILL, Rosa Lee 1875-May-03
POOLFOT, Prince TAYLOR, Lizzie 1900-Nov-08
POPE, Antholey ROBINSON, James 1895-Jan-10
POPE, Archie WASHINGTON, Ann 1886-Jan-04
POPE, David BRAXTON, Norma 1875-Dec-23
PORTER, Benjamin DEVANCE, Nellie 1897-Oct-15
PORTER, French JACKSON, Lizzie 1883-Aug-22
PORTER, Henry P COOK, Anna 1889-Oct-10
PORTER, Nimrod BUNCH, Amelia 1899-Feb-18
PORTER, Percy WILLIS, Charity 1881-Nov-03
PORTER, William WALKER, Ella 1892-Feb-27
PORTER, Willie EVANS, Willie 1898-Mar-18
PORTER, Wilson JACKSON, Mary 1893-Jun-03
PORTLOCK, Abe STRAW, Emma 1890-Aug-25
POTTER, Seneea CLEMENT, Laura 1880-Jan-12
POTTS, M J DAVIS, Lillie A 1896-Sep-12
POWELL, Alexander MCCURRELL, Easter 1881-Jan-01
POWELL, Caleb MORTIN, Violet 1873-Nov-24
POWELL, Elijah FERGUSON, Christiana 1886-Dec-18
POWELL, James GREEN, Mary 1893-Jan-11
POWELL, John YOUNG, Anna 1887-Aug-27
POWELL, William MILLER, Bettie 1882-Jun-15
PRAXTON, James FLEMMING, Betsy 1892-Mar-17
PRAY, Moses COLEMAN, Millie 1893-Apr-17
PRESTON, Ben THOMPSON, Clara 1900-Jan-31
PRESTON, Elvinger SINGLETON, Matilda 1886-Jan-23
PRESTON, Harry THOMAS, Lee Anna 1898-Dec-07
PRESTON, James BUTLER, Addie 1897-Jan-21
PRESTON, James DAVIS, Callie 1882-Dec-21
PRESTON, Mack LEE, Nancy 1872-Jan-09
PRESTON, Robert CHANEY, Laura 1889-Dec-17
PRESTON, Rufus SINGLETON, Margaret 1878-Nov-27
PRESTON, Shadrick REESE, Mattie 1889-Dec-19
PRICE, Harry HENROY, Pinkney 1885-Jun-24
PRICE, Hiram PERKINS, Mallika 1878-Apr-10
PRICE, J E LANGFORD, Ada 1889-Mar-18
PRICE, Mack GRAHAM, Martha 1880-Dec-18
PRICE, Richard BENTON, Lizzie 1886-Jan-28
PRICHARD, James JOHNSON, Harriet 1872-Jan-11
PRICHARD, James KELLY, Mary 1883-Jun-24
PRIER, Dan BROWN, Sophia 1881-Mar-09
PRINCE, Collins OLIVER, Laura 1892-Jul-15
PRINCE, Thomas GRIFFIN, Ida 1893-Jan-20
PROCTER, John WASHINGTON, Sarah 1879-Oct-27
PROFFIT, John ADDISON, Peggie 1900-Dec-26
PULLOM, Amelia ROBINSON, Isham 1887-Jan-29
PULLY, Anna MORGAN, Prince 1876-Feb-27
PULLY, Nelly GREEN, William R 1879-Mar-17
PULLY, Polly WILLIAMS, Henry 1886-Oct-26
PULLY, W M BLACKMAN, Francis 1900-Nov-10
PULLY, Wilbert SINGLETON, Mamie 1894-Aug-05
PULLY, Wilson CARTER, Josephine 1886-Feb-03
PURNELL, Allen TAYLOR, Harriet 1879-Apr-19
PURNELL, Dennis ANDERSON, Fanny 1889-Jul-20
PURNELL, James RICHIE, Amelia 1889-Jan-19
PURNELL, Perry WILLIAMS, Betsey 1882-Nov-11
PURVIS, Robert MORSE, Mahala 1887-Dec-17
QUAILS, Wesley PEACHY, Nancy 1879-Mar-13
QUALLS, Wesley JOHNSON, Cathrine 1884-Jun-04



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