Issaquena County Grooms

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NABLE, Edward COLLINS, Emma 1890-Feb-26
NAILER, James THOMAS, Rena 1887-May-27
NAILOR, Murray MCCOY, Mahaly 1897-Sep-22
NASH, Lewis GRIFFIN, Lidia 1900-May-01
NASH, Travis PEYTON, Victoria 1879-Mar-01
NEAL, Allen LINDSEY, M A Miss 1897-Feb-04
NEAL, Harry HOLLING, Corene 1880-Aug-08
NEAL, Robert BUTLER, Mary 1888-Feb-11
NEAL, Robert WILLIAMS, Ann 1884-Feb-10
NEAL, Shadrick FURGUSON, Lizzie 1882-May-10
NEFF, Willie JOHNSON, Mollie 1885-Jan-08
NEIZER, George Daniel BANKSTON, Lenora 1880-May-20
NELSON, George WADE, Easter 1888-Oct-25
NELSON, James LEE, Sarah 1882-Aug-26
NELSON, Judge COLEMAN, Catherine 1882-Oct-05
NELSON, Mason JOHNSON, Lama 1872-May-18
NELSON, Samuel EVANS, Mary 1891-Dec-01
NELSON, Soloman WHITFIELD, Matilda 1891-Jan-29
NELSON, Thomas MILELAND, Adaline 1884-Dec-11
NESBIT, Albert SINGLETON, Annie 1886-Oct-09
NESBIT, Frank SMITH, Mary 1882-Nov-04
NEVITT, James CARSEY, Anne 1885-Jul-02
NEWITT, Jim GIBSON, Sarah 1892-Dec-11
NEWMAN, George HOLLY, Clara 1886-Jan-30
NEWMAN, Paul ALLEN, Charlotte 1870-Aug-08
NEWSOME, Austin SMITH, Easter 1868-Sep-08
NEWTON, Charley REDMAN, Emily 1876-Dec-26
NEWTON, Horace JORDAN, Maria 1884-May-08
NICHOLAS, Washington FOSTER, Nancy 1890-Feb-15
NICHOLS, R D ROBINSON, Milly 1887-Aug-18
NICHOLS, Richard RUTLEDGE, Mary 1884-Dec-06
NICHOLSON, Albert ROBINSON, Anna 1870-Jan-01
NICHOLSON, David WOOD, Martha Lettia 1872-Jun-17
NICHOLSON, Lee DAVIS, Lizzie 1872-Jun-11
NICKERSON, William T BOOKER, Hattie A 1893-Jun-06
NICKLES, Moreacy JOHNSON, Virginia 1893-Nov-17
NICKOLS, Jones FRAZIER, Sylvia 1888-Sep-12
NICOLS, Jonas STEWART, Belle 1895-Dec-16
NICOLS, Warner COTTON, Josephine 1894-Nov-22
NINSON, Sandy JONES, Mary 1898-Nov-23
NIXON, Andrew BROWN, Lucinda 1900-Feb-01
NOAH, Ervin GAINS, Harriet 1890-Nov-21
NOBLE, Allen WILLIAMS, Susie 1899-Sep-26
NOLAND, Al BARRON, Sarah A 1892-Jan-17
NOMACK, Major BIBBINS, Daphney 1878-Feb-25
NORMON, Nathan SHARKEY, Lilla 1896-Oct-15
NORMON, Willis STEVENSON, Mary 1895-Jul-26
NORRIS, David TAYLOR, Emma 1895-Dec-24
NORRIS, David WRIGHT, Edelia 1888-Jan-05
NORRIS, Phillips SCOTT, Josephine 1899-Jan-12
NORRIS, Richard JONES, Fanny 1879-Jan-16
NORTH, Joe PAYNE, Caroline 1885-Jan-03
NORTH, Levi WILSON, Francis 1900-Mar-05
NORWOOD, Frank GORDON, Julia 1896-Dec-12
NORWOOK, Frank MCDOWELL, Celia Ann 1893-Sep-24
NOY, Therman WALKER, Henrietta 1887-Jul-20
OGLETON, James WIGFALL, Emma 1884-Mar-20
OLIVE, Ambrose HORTON, M L Miss 1886-Apr-05
OLIVER, Bob MORLEY, Kesiah 1876-Dec-20
OLIVER, John ELLIS, Tennessee 1880-Sep-09
OLIVER, Major WILLIAMS, Annie 1881-Dec-22
OLIVER, Paul SELLERS, Anna 1882-Nov-07
OLIVER, S S MCNEALY, Millie 1878-May-31
OMAL, Willaim WOODARD, Mary F 1876-Mar-05
ONEIL, James SHEPHERD, Sarah 1887-Dec-06
ONIS, Robert COLLINS, Hager 1878-Mar-16
ORANGES, Grammerson WASHINGTON, Emma 1888-Feb-19
OUSLEY, Gus LEE, Charlotte 1898-Mar-10
OUSLEY, T B TEARY, Anna 1888-Nov-05
OUSLEY, Thomas WALKER, Susie 1886-Mar-03
OWENS, E W EDWARDS, Malina 1898-May-20
OWENS, Edward WHITE, Julia 1887-Mar-11
OWENS, Emanuel JORDEN, Hannah 1884-Nov-17
OWENS, Emanuel THOMAS, Annie 1888-Aug-08
OWENS, Gilbert SMITH, Sarah 1876-Oct-28
OWENS, Marshall HUNTER, Isabella 1889-Jan-24
OWENS, Robert Lee GIBSON, Rachel E 1882-Aug-28
OWENS, Simon OLIVER, Tennessee 1888-Oct-13



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