Issaquena County Grooms


LACEY, William WILSON, Sena 1893-Apr-22
LACKEY, R P THOMPSON, Annie 1898-Aug-23
LACY, Ben BENNETT, July Ann 1883-Feb-25
LACY, Henry SHEARS, Alice 1872-Dec-17
LADIMORE, William DUNBAR, Mariah 1898-Feb-10
LAIRS, George TOY, Rosa 1878-Nov-28
LANCASTER, Jesse CATARD, Anna 1876-May-27
LANDERSON, Johnie AUSTIN, Ida 1879-Dec-17
LANDON, Emanuel WILLIAMS, Rosa 1894-Nov-22
LANDSDOWN, Ben JOHNSON, Rosa 1882-May-06
LANDSDOWN, Ben STOCKNER, Lula 1898-Apr-19
LANDSDOWN, John WASHINGTON, Lounie 1894-Feb-19
LANE, Jesse OWENS, Theresa 1873-Sep-23
LANE, Joseph WASHINGTON, Hannah 1877-Oct-08
LANE, Thomas GIBBS, Dora 1887-Apr-12
LANE, Thomas JOHNSON, Martha 1887-Apr-12
LANG, Alexander JOHNSON, Linda 1867-Apr-31
LANG, Johnnie BROWN, Florence 1898-Mar-06
LANIER, Phil HAYNES, Bella 1886-Oct-16
LANSOR, Daniel COATS, Amanda 1873-Nov-10
LANY, Green ROBINSON, Virginia 1885-Oct-29
LARKIN, Larry MARSHALL, Nancy 1885-Oct-29
LATIMER, Ralf CRAIG, Elizabeth 1893-Dec-19
LATIMORE, Rape WATSON, Hettie 1888-Oct-22
LATSON, George HOLMES, Linda 1886-Feb-02
LATSON, James PAGE, Hannah 1884-Nov-24
LAURENCE, Edward ARTHER, Adaline 1885-May-10
LAWRENCE, H H THOMPSON, Indiana 1879-Nov-05
LAWRENCE, John HART, Lon 1882-Aug-16
LAWRENCE, Joseph SEWIN, Flora 1889-Apr-30
LAWRENCE, Thomas ROBINSON, Patsey 1885-Sep-07
LAWS, George LANGADOWN, Francis 1875-Jan-08
LAWSON, Amos OUTLOOK, Lula 1893-Mar-20
LAWSON, Daniel TUCKER, Catherine 1872-Jul-08
LAWSON, N W BROOKS, Louisa 1893-Nov-28
LAWSON, William RAGISTON, Martha 1881-Nov-09
LAY, James WATSON, Harriet 1879-Jun-16
LAYTON, George CASINET, Carry 1900-Sep-04
LEAD, Dan M KELO, Katie 1899-Jan-19
LEANARD, Griffin LUSKER, Maria 1878-Jul-12
LEANARD, John GREEN, Lucy 1879-Jun-28
LEATHERWOOD, Newton GRACE, Lilly 1899-Feb-07
LEE, Adam HUNT, Peggy 1891-Mar-01
LEE, Anderson DEMBO, Julia 1878-Jun-01
LEE, Charley SHANNON, Violet 1877-Mar-30
LEE, Frank ETHRIDGE, Regina 1892-Jan-24
LEE, Freeman DAVIS, Martha 1897-Sep-17
LEE, Harry HUMPHREYS, Ella 1897-Mar-01
LEE, Henry CARSON, Hellen 1893-Sep-03
LEE, Isreal S BRAHAM, Lizzie 1881-Jun-14
LEE, James BOWIE, Mary 1877-Mar-17
LEE, James BROWN, Betsey 1872-Oct-05
LEE, James PEMBERTON, Rosa 1887-Mar-07
LEE, James WASHINGTON, Leutitia 1891-Jan-20
LEE, Jessie DUNCAN, Anne 1892-Mar-13
LEE, John J KELOCK, Martha 1884-Sep-11
LEE, Joseph GINNINGS, Melissa 1873-Feb-08
LEE, Levi PEYTON, Dolly 1876-Jul-27
LEE, Louis HOLT, Eliza 1884-Nov-26
LEE, Mack BARNETT, Jane 1884-Jan-14
LEE, Mack BARRETT, Jane 1885-Jan-20
LEE, Reubin DIXON, Mary 1888-Apr-07
LEE, Robert JACKSON, Ann 1884-Oct-18
LEE, Sam JACKSON, Queen 1899-Oct-23
LEE, Stephen MARSHALL, Celia 1877-Aug-09
LEE, Stephen MARTIN, Amelia 1888-Jan-01
LEE, Steven GUSTA, Millie 1897-Sep-02
LEE, William FINCH, Ellena 1893-Nov-20
LEGGINS, William CROCKETT, Cherry 1882-Jun-03
LEGILEN, John CARTER, Fannie 1867-Jun-27
LENARD, Gabe DARHAM, Neely 1900-Feb-18
LENARD, Marshall JOHNSON, Mariah 1881-Nov-20
LENARD, William RICHARDSON, Fanney 1880-Nov-24
LENORD, Robert OSEBERRY, Kate 1881-Jul-28
LEONARD, John GASTON, Kate 1892-Nov-25
LET, Henry WILSON, Louisa 1873-Oct-21
LEVY, Henry SMITH, Nancy 1892-Apr-02
LEWIS, Andrew JOHNSON, Aby 1878-Aug-03
LEWIS, Arthur WALLACE, Helen 1876-Apr-01
LEWIS, Calvin WALKER, Sylvan 1873-Apr-29
LEWIS, Charles LEWIS, Lucky 1875-May-15
LEWIS, Gray MOORE, Juna S 1876-Oct-26
LEWIS, Henry BROWN, Rosa 1885-Apr-30
LEWIS, Henry DICKSON, Clara 1874-Feb-13
LEWIS, Henry HENRY, Joanna 1891-May-10
LEWIS, Henry JOHNSON, Corrine 1891-Feb-18
LEWIS, Henry MILLER, Susan 1886-May-15
LEWIS, Isaac SMART, Nannie 1875-Jul-23
LEWIS, J M YEARING, B Miss 1890-Jun-21
LEWIS, Jeff MITCHELL, Lucinda 1891-Feb-18
LEWIS, John SNOW, Ann 1875-May-06
LEWIS, John VICKS, Francis 1869-Nov-30
LEWIS, Laurance LEWIS, Elizabeth 1866-Sep-08
LEWIS, Martin POWELL, Ester 1895-Dec-21
LEWIS, Mose TAILOR, Phile 1867-Jan-27
LEWIS, Ned ROBINSON, Ida 1879-Dec-13
LEWIS, Ned SPRINKLE, Celia 1887-Jan-25
LEWIS, Oskey SMITH, Anney 1881-Apr-09
LIAS, Joseph JOHNSON, Annie 1884-Sep-20
LIMB, Henry GIBBS, Nancy 1866-Dec-20
LINCOLN, J H FOWLER, Bettie 1896-Jul-27
LINDSAY, Lawyer BROWN, Emma 1900-Apr-14
LINDSEY, Peter MARSHALL, Annie 1900-Oct-02
LINDSEY, Pres EVANS, Eliza 1898-Sep-25
LINDSEY, Silas CHASE, Lydia 1878-Jun-23
LINSEY, Peter Jr WATSON, Caroline 1887-Aug-18
LIPSCOMB, Anderson JOHNSTON, Maria 1888-Feb-09
LIPSCOMB, Fleming MORGAN, Juno 1887-Jun-18
LIPSCOMB, Jim JONES, Ella 1893-Feb-06
LIPSCOMB, Juno WILSON, Cain 1893-Feb-24
LIPSCOMB, Ransom JONES, Susan 1891-Feb-12
LOCKETT, Ed JONES, Martha 1895-Jul-23
LOCKETT, Henry CLARK, Belle 1872-Dec-27
LOCKMAN, John SMITH, Virgniia 1896-Mar-12
LOGAN, Horace JONES, Henrietta 1887-Dec-22
LONGMEYER, James LAWSON, Martha 1892-Mar-01
LONGMEYER, Rich HATCHINS, Mary 1895-Feb-13
LOPEZ, B WEDGEWORTH, Sarah 1875-Jan-18
LOTSON, Jones NICHOLAS, Pinkey 1891-Dec-01
LOUIS, James ATSON, Mary 1880-Feb-14
LOUIS, Jefferson JACKSON, Louisa 1883-Feb-15
LOUIS, Phillip RICE, Nettie 1879-Jan-07
LOUIS, Robert WARD, Amanda 1885-Jun-06
LOVE, George BROWN, Fanny 1885-Dec-23
LOVE, George SMITH, Alice 1890-Jan-22
LOVE, John ANDERSON, Lucy 1898-Jan-18
LOVE, Pink MITCHELL, Nancy 1896-Aug-25
LOVE, Soloman STEVENSON, Martha 1896-May-30
LOVELESS, Henry JOHNSON, Priscilla Mrs 1877-Nov-09
LOWE, Frank BROWN, Helen 1892-Jan-07
LOWELL, Wilson CHENAUTT, Sarah Mrs 1881-Mar-24
LOWELLS, Ed MILTON, Annie 1880-Sep-15
LOWELLS, Mingo HOLLANDS, Chloe 1878-Apr-01
LOWRY, Ike WARNER, Mary 1894-Feb-17
LOWRY, Robert MOORE, Eugenia 1866-Oct-06
LOWRY, Robert WALKER, Nancy 1869-Nov-29
LOWS, William ROBINSON, Maggie 1883-Nov-14
LOYD, George BREWSTER, Lizzie 1900-Mar-05
LOYD, Jim RAY, Polly 1890-Jul-15
LUCAS, Elijah BROWN, Minnie 1890-Apr-11
LUCAS, George DOUGLAS, Annie 1888-Jun-09
LUCAS, Reuben THOMAS, Melinda 1888-Oct-29
LUCAS, Toney JOHNSON, Amy 1896-Jul-06
LUCKETT, Sellers DAVIS, Mollie 1879-Nov-29
LUCY, James STEWART, Rachel 1873-Feb-12
LUHN, Robert Julius LUHN, Maria F 1883-Jul-24
LUMPKIN, Henry STOKES, Annie 1896-Nov-15
LUNDY, Sal JOHNSON, Martha 1875-Mar-31
LUNKENS, Hezekiah PETTERSON, Matilda 1871-Dec-08
LUNKINS, Reuben JEAN, Reno 1874-Jan-17
LUNKINS, Reubin RUSSELL, Anna 1874-Jun-20
LYNCH, J C GOULD, Mattie F 1876-Feb-24
LYNCH, R T BROWN, Carrie 1886-Jan-01



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