Issaquena County Grooms


KARB, Adam PICKETT, Helna 1890-May-01
KARR, Caesar JOINER, Susan 1890-Oct-29
KEENE, W F BOLLING, L A Miss 1885-Jan-31
KEEP, Jessie BASHFUL, Maggie 1897-Feb-04
KELLEY, Robert SHAFFER, Caroline 1889-Oct-27
KELLIAM, John MALONE, Mary 1888-Oct-12
KELLOGG, Franklin STEELE, Dolly 1887-Jun-25
KELLOGG, M B LAWSON, Precious 1897-Aug-27
KELLY, Frank WILSON, Virginia 1882-Nov-10
KELLY, Franklin BANKS, Louisa 1889-May-30
KELLY, Henry PALEMAN, Mary 1887-Aug-06
KELLY, Henry WASHINGTON, Mary Jane 1900-Feb-18
KELLY, James HARRIS, Susie B 1897-Jan-21
KELLY, Joe WRIGHT, Clarissa 1891-Oct-05
KELLY, John BURKS, Anna Belle 1872-Sep-09
KELLY, Morton SHELLY, Anna 1876-Apr-01
KELLY, Patrick GREY, Annie 1884-Dec-21
KELLY, Saul B JOHNSON, Lenora 1898-Jan-15
KELOW, Jake WIGFALL, Kate 1886-Jan-28
KEMP, Carter WATSON, Martha 1893-Oct-12
KENER, Dave BROWN, Louvenia 1896-Mar-12
KENMAN, F F MOLAND, Nellie 1900-Mar-18
KENNEDY, Gradison WILLAIMS, Della 1871-Mar-11
KENNEDY, Samuel GADDISON, Lisha 1892-Dec-01
KENNEDY, Soloman BELK, Elmina 1871-Mar-11
KENNEY, Thomas RILEY, Martha 1879-Nov-29
KEYES, Medridge SANDERS, Rachael 1887-Jan-02
KEYS, Henry THOMPSON, Emma 1879-Jul-31
KIMBALL, Robert GRIFFIN, Lettie 1879-Dec-24
KIMBROUGH, Calvin DUNNAS, Caroline 1892-Jan-20
KING, Alex PARKER, Victoria 1895-Dec-26
KING, Morris HUNTER, Malinda 1867-Apr-17
KING, William HEATHY, Mary 1894-Jul-14
KING, William STEEKENS, Sallie 1893-Dec-23
KING, Willy HUGHS, Squire 1869-Aug-14
KINNEY, R A GLENN, Mary L 1897-Mar-02
KINNEY, William HICKS, Julia Ann 1888-Nov-15
KINNY, James WATKINS, Matilda 1867-Aug-09
KIRKLAND, John R SHELTON, Ella R 1881-Sep-03
KIRKSEY, T J HINES, Mary 1885-Feb-05
KNOX, Alex BUNELL, Francis 1878-Jan-24
KNOX, Ben YOUNG, Jane 1899-Dec-26
KNOX, Judge Lowry KNIGHT, Sallie 1880-May-08
KNOX, Luck BUTLER, Caroline 1881-Feb-08
KNOX, Peter CATNET, Anna 1887-Jul-09
KNOX, Sam JOHNSON, Lizzie 1898-Mar-09



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