Issaquena County Grooms


FAIRCHILD, Antony WRIGHT, Anna 1886-Nov-28
FAIRFAX, Abram MORRIS, Texana 1878-Jan-10
FAIRFAX, Osland GARDNER, Martha 1888-Mar-05
FAIRFIELD, Mayer ROBSON, Leander 1900-Feb-01
FAIRFOX, Osborn JOHNSON, Sarah 1875-Jan-31
FAKE, Nat SMITH, Mary 1888-Dec-24
FAKES, Nat SMITH, Matilda 1898-Jun-01
FARISH, Roberta D HAZLIP, J K 1899-Jul-11
FARISH, W L Capt POWER, Kate M 1880-May-19
FARMER, Edward PETERSON, Patsy 1867-Jan-09
FARRIER, Alex SHORTY, Jane 1884-Oct-06
FARRIS, Louis ARMSTEAD, Sarah 1884-Sep-07
FARRS, Felix ELLIS, Amanda 1882-Jun-21
FEARS, Andrew ROSE, Laney 1884-Oct-30
FEILD, Van Dam HARRIS, Mary Eliza 1872-Mar-05
FEILDS, Elizabeth MATHEWS, Augustus 1872-Apr-29
FELGON, Jonne HITE, Milly 1867-Mar-15
FELLEY, Robert JORDAN, Liza 1889-Nov-30
FELTS, Collins JOHNSON, Laura 1889-Aug-15
FENNEY, Gabriel WILLIAMS, Patsy 1883-Mar-31
FERGUSON, Dennis DOWNS, Creasy 1883-Jul-15
FERGUSON, Edmond DRAYTON, Rebecca 1899-Dec-22
FERGUSON, Gabe WILLIAMS, Emma 1886-Jun-05
FERGUSON, Israel NEAL, Hettie 1900-Feb-01
FERGUSON, January JACKSON, Elsey 1899-Oct-12
FERGUSON, Mose THOMAS, Anna 1893-Jan-12
FERGUSON, Pat MILES, Jennie 1896-Feb-06
FERGUSON, Patrick WILLIAMS, Nannie 1884-Feb-16
FERGUSON, Setmos JOHNSON, Adeline 1889-Jul-06
FERGUSON, Simpson GORDON, Catherine 1896-Feb-18
FERGUSON, William PERKINSON, Easter 1894-Apr-12
FERGUSON, Willie GARRETT, Eliza 1877-Sep-05
FETCHER, William GORINNIA, Julia 1880-Dec-18
FEWELL, Albert KING, Emma 1890-Oct-25
FIELD, A J ADDISON, Phebie 1876-Feb-03
FIELDS, James GADDISON, Emma 1879-Apr-01
FIELDS, James HUGHES, Maria 1899-Feb-15
FIELDS, John MOORE, Katherine 1892-Dec-15
FIELDS, Joseph CHASE, Rosetta 1879-Apr-04
FIELDS, Joseph W HUTCHINS, Eliza 1889-Oct-15
FIELDS, R C COFFEE, Mattie 1878-Nov-14
FIELDS, William WASHINGTON, Mate 1894-Sep-25
FIELDS, Wilson GRANBERRY, Mary 1896-Nov-05
FIFER, Charley REED, Louisa 1889-Feb-14
FILAX, Jimmy KNIGHT, Alice 1890-Dec-24
FIMMICK, Gabe GLASS, Hagar 1899-Jun-08
FINCH, Edmond JOHNSON, Morgan 1878-May-15
FINCH, James CLARK, Eliza 1866-Aug-17
FINLOW, John BRICKLEY, Easter 1886-Dec-25
FINNEY, John AMOS, Fanny 1879-May-21
FINNEY, Peter GRIFFIN, Kizziah 1884-Feb-11
FINNEY, Tobe SPRINKLE, Delia Ann 1880-Mar-13
FISHBURNE, Richard GLOVER, Bettie 1879-Aug-30
FISHER, Alfred SHELBY, Dora 1866-Oct-10
FISHER, John BOOTHS, Laura 1890-Dec-31
FISHER, John DAVIS, Maria 1885-Apr-04
FISHER, John FIELDS, Mary 1894-Mar-02
FISHER, Nelson DORSEY, Isabella 1890-Dec-05
FISHER, W A THUMPSON, Ineia 1873-Sep-22
FITZHUGH, Anthony HEIGHT, Ellen 1867-Jan-03
FITZHUGH, Peter TYLER, Lugenia 1898-Feb-21
FITZHUGH, Peter Jr SNOWDEN, Mary 1890-Mar-20
FLANDERS, Charlie THOMAS, Helena 1884-Jul-19
FLEMING, Harrison JOHNSON, Julia 1899-Sep-28
FLEMING, Thomas HURT, Lizzie 1899-Mar-22
FLEMING, Thomas TINNEY, Pattie 1897-Jan-21
FLEMINGS, Momas FORD, Kate 1882-Jun-15
FLEMMING, Samuel FRITZHUGH, Chlora 1872-Jan-05
FLEMMING, Tom BURTON, Sarah 1868-Oct-13
FLEMON, George DUNCAN, Minerva 1878-Jan-25
FLETCHER, Frank WALL, Elizabeth 1872-Sep-18
FLETCHER, James GARDNER, May 1890-Feb-13
FLINT, Alfred WILLIAMS, Hattie 1882-Apr-22
FLINT, Jackson ROSS, Rhoda 1868-Oct-10
FLOYD, David MCKAY, Julia A 1874-Apr-10
FOLEY, A M BRANDS, Anna 1881-Dec-29
FOLEY, J W GLOVER, C C Miss 1896-Dec-15
FOLEY, Mack THOMPSON, Maria 1884-Jan-02
FOLEY, Steward THOMAS, Georgiana 1888-Jan-13
FORD, Anthony JOHNSON, Amanda 1896-Jul-04
FORD, Anthony WHITE, Hester 1887-Dec-01
FORD, Ben TOWNSEND, Charlotte 1892-Jun-02
FORD, Billy BAKER, Ann 1895-Oct-24
FORD, Charles RICHARDSON, Carrie 1899-Sep-26
FORD, Collin LEVY, Elnora 1883-Feb-14
FORD, E W ROSS, Ann Eliza 1887-Mar-10
FORD, Ed THOMAS, Lucy 1897-Jul-28
FORD, Grant MILLER, Sevilla 1899-Mar-23
FORD, Mason WALLACE, Danel 1870-Apr-29
FORD, Thomas GRANT, Linda 1869-Jul-03
FOREMAN, Jorden GILLYARD, Phoebe 1882-Feb-17
FOSTER, Ben DUNN, Hannah 1876-Mar-02
FOSTER, Benjaman PHILLIPS, Patricia 1868-Oct-10
FOSTER, C W JONES, M B Miss 1896-Sep-15
FOSTER, Frank STUDANAY, Harriet 1878-Aug-03
FOSTER, Henry FOSTER, Matilda 1900-Apr-15
FOSTER, Henry JOHNSON, Mary 1892-Mar-26
FOSTER, Jerry FLETCHER, Julia 1895-Jan-03
FOSTER, Julius LEE, Polly 1896-Oct-31
FOSTER, Robert GADDISON, Josephine 1897-Jan-30
FOSTER, Robert E HEATH, Nannie E 1877-Jan-22
FOSTER, Seaborn GRAHAM, Emma 1889-Feb-07
FOSTER, Shelby COLLINS, Cornelia 1875-Aug-17
FOSTER, Sherman HARRIS, Jane 1874-Sep-12
FOSTER, William FINNEY, Ellen 1881-May-28
FOSTER, William HARRIS, Matilda 1890-Dec-23
FOWLER, Abner DUDLEY, Mary 1889-Jun-20
FOWLER, Monroe ROBINSON, Celena 1879-Apr-05
FOWLER, Sci WINFIELD, Aurdia 1878-Nov-22
FOWLER, William WASHINGTON, Henrietta 1884-Nov-18
FOX, Eckart PINKNEY, Amanda 1892-Feb-04
FOY, Chapman WEST, Matilda 1879-Dec-17
FOY, Matthew FARRELL, Clara 1889-Dec-01
FRAIZER, David ROBINSON, Sallie 1874-Jan-12
FRANKLIN, A R WIGFALL, Flora J 1888-Mar-01
FRANKLIN, A R WIGFALL, Flora Jane 1878-May-25
FRANKLIN, Chaney CRAWFORD, Thomas J 1893-Feb-02
FRANKLIN, Charley OWENS, Hattie 1897-Mar-14
FRANKLIN, Wesley Dr THOMAS, Mary 1879-Aug-07
FRATER, Joe DIXON, Beulah 1887-Dec-30
FRAZIER, Abram LEGGONS, Cherry 1885-Apr-16
FRAZIER, James MARTIN, Florence 1889-Mar-09
FRAZIER, Skipper ROBINSON, Sarah 1869-Jul-16
FRAZIER, Willie GRAMMON, Fanny 1891-Jan-08
FREE, W E C MAGRINE, E J Miss 1875-Aug-31
FREEMAN, Isaiah BELLTEMS, Effie 1889-Nov-07
FREEMAN, Isham MASON, Celia 1885-Nov-30
FREEMAN, Penny BROWNE, Emma 1893-Sep-28
FREEMAN, Thomas DEVINE, Eliza 1889-Dec-24
FREEMAN, Thornton HACKETT, Clarissa 1878-Aug-03
FRESHMAN, Louis PAYNE, Preston 1874-Dec-29
FRESHWATER, Manuel PARKER, Alice 1889-Apr-19
FUINEY, Gabnil DANIELS, Sophia 1871-Jun-10
FULLER, Henry HUNTER, Mary 1884-Jan-07
FULTON, Henry MOSELEY, Melina 1876-Dec-23
FURGUSON, Abraham GLOVER, Mary 1878-Apr-18



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