Issaquena County Grooms


AARDWAY, John WARD, Mary 1897-Nov-18
AB, Armstead MARTIN, Annie 1878-Jan-31
ABRAMS, James WALKER, Amy 1889-Aug-15
ADAM, Francis THOMAS, William 1876-Dec-29
ADAMS, Alfred ANN, Phaebe 1872-Mar-04
ADAMS, Alfred FOSTER, Harriet 1886-Jan-26
ADAMS, Alfred FOSTER, Harriet Mrs 1886-Jan-26
ADAMS, Alfred PHOEBE, Ann 1872-Mar-04
ADAMS, Charles CROPPER, Claredonia 1894-Sep-20
ADAMS, Charles CROPPER, Claredonia Miss 1894-Sep-20
ADAMS, Charles JACKSON, Frances 1890-Oct-16
ADAMS, Chas JACKSON, Frances 1890-Oct-16
ADAMS, Daniel BROWN, Caroline 1880-Mar-20
ADAMS, Ed BAILEY, Josephine 1895-Oct-02
ADAMS, Ed BAILEY, Josephine Miss 1895-Oct-02
ADAMS, Ely TURNER, Jane 1896-Apr-08
ADAMS, Ely TURNER, Jane Miss 1896-Jan-08
ADAMS, James MITCHEL, Rachel 1872-Dec-21
ADAMS, James MITCHEL, Rachel 1872-Dec-18
ADAMS, James WINFIELD, Eliza 1878-Jan-31
ADAMS, John ALEXANDER, Mary Ann 1878-Oct-08
ADAMS, Lawson ADAMS, Nancy 1877-Jan-29
ADAMS, Richmond JEFFERSON, Fanny 1887-Jan-27
ADAMS, Richmond JEFFERSON, Fanny Miss 1887-Jan-27
ADAMS, Robert HOOPER, Melissa 1875-Apr-27
ADAMS, Robert HOOPER, Melissa 1875-Apr-17
ADAMS, S A GARRETT, Olivia 1899-Oct-06
ADAMS, S A GARRETT, Olivia 1899-Oct-05
ADAMS, Wilson HOLMES, Jane 1884-Dec-09
ADDISON, Adam HARPER, Mary 1876-May-18
ADDISON, Adam STOKES, Maria 1890-Jan-16
ADDISON, Campbell CLINTON, Mollie 1889-Nov-21
ADDISON, Ike MATTHEWS, Charlotte 1893-Sep-18
ADDISON, Ike MATTHEWS, Charlotte Miss 1893-Sep-18
ADDISON, Isaiah HELTON, Mattie 1881-Apr-02
ADDISON, Isiah HELTON, Mattie 1881-Apr-02
ADDISON, John HIGHTOWER, Jane 1893-Sep-24
ADDISON, John HIGHTOWER, Jane Miss 1893-Sep-24
ADDISON, John STOKES, Maria Miss 1890-Jan-16
ADDISON, Lewis FIELDS, Rosa 1896-Feb-24
ADDISON, Lewis FIELDS, Rosa Miss 1896-Feb-24
ADDISON, Louis GREEN, Mary Miss 1893-Mar-19
ADDISON, Selvis GREEN, Mary 1893-Mar-19
ADIN, Willie C MCLARRIN, W K 1892-Nov-29
ADISON, Cash MCCLOUD, Rose 1896-Dec-19
ADKINS, H CHECKS, Lucinda 1880-Oct-02
ADKINS, Harry CHECKS, Lucinda 1880-Oct-02
ADKINS, Harry CHICKS, Lucinda 1880-Oct-02
ADKINS, Willis STEWART, Caroline 1881-Aug-22
AGEE, Benjamin JAMES, Eliza 1879-Dec-18
AGEE, Colomon COOK, Rebecca Miss 1892-Dec-03
AGEE, Solomon COOK, Rebecca 1892-Dec-03
AGEE, Solomon COOK, Rebecca Miss 1892-Dec-03
AGGE, Benjamin JAMES, Eliza 1879-Dec-18
AIKENS, John DAVENPORT, Georgiana Dixon 1872-Feb-05
ALDRIDGE, A D ROBERSON, Atilda 1875-Nov-10
ALDRIDGE, A D Mr ROBERTSON, Alta C Miss 1875-Nov-10
ALEXANDER, F A WILLIAMS, Sarah Miss 1890-Feb-06
ALEXANDER, Fred WILLIAMS, Sallie 1890-Feb-05
ALEXANDER, George CHAMBERS, Betsy 1885-Sep-11
ALEXANDER, George CHAMBERS, Betsy 1885-Nov-10
ALEXANDER, George W PETERSON, Eliza E 1898-Jan-09
ALEXANDER, James SMITH, Lucinda 1890-Sep-05
ALEXANDER, John SINGLETERRY, Mattie 1895-Dec-02
ALEXANDER, John SINGLETON, Mattie 1895-Dec-02
ALEXANDER, Judage JOHNSON, Martha 1898-Jan-22
ALEXANDER, Prince JACKSON, Lettie 1893-Dec-15
ALEXANDER, Prince JACKSON, Lettie Miss 1893-Dec-19
ALEXANDER, Robert PITTMAN, Maggie 1886-May-01
ALEXANDER, Robt PITTMAN, Maggie 1886-May-09
ALEXANDER, Wesley BENLEY, Margaret 1875-Oct-09
ALEXANDER, Wesley BURLEY, Margaret 1875-Oct-10
ALEXANDER, Wilkes BRETTON, Lucy 1881-Mar-24
ALFORD, Geo ANDREWS, Nannie 1892-Oct-03
ALFORD, Marshall WILLIAMS, Lorena 1879-Jan-31
ALFRED, Lewis WEBSTER, Fanny 1893-Feb-22
ALFRED, Louis WEBSTER, Fanny Miss 1893-Feb-22
ALLEN, Alfred MORRIS, Mattie 1896-Jul-02
ALLEN, Alfred WILLIAMS, Gracie 1890-Aug-08
ALLEN, Allen MCINTOSH, Pleasant 1891-Jan-29
ALLEN, E T COX, M E Miss 1885-Jun-26
ALLEN, Frank HISKER, Priscilla 1869-Nov-18
ALLEN, George WILSON, Angeline 1877-Jun-03
ALLEN, J C ALLEN, Dora 1896-Mar-01
ALLEN, J C ALLEN, Dora Miss 1896-Mar-01
ALLEN, J R HUDSON, Emma 1887-Dec-29
ALLEN, J R HUDSON, Emma Mrs 1887-Dec-29
ALLEN, James JACKSON, Rosetta 1876-Jan-20
ALLEN, John WARE, Julia 1897-Mar-11
ALLEN, Leroy FRAZIER, Mary 1875-Jun-17
ALLEN, Levy FIELDS, Bettie 1881-Dec-05
ALLEN, Solomon ALLEN, Georgiana 1882-Aug-03
ALLEN, W M WILSON, Patsy 1886-Oct-28
ALLEN, William F HILL, Eva L 1877-Nov-27
ALLISON, John JOHNSON, Amanda 1871-Sep-02
ALLISTON, William P GRAVES, Mattie 1880-Oct-12
ALLISTON, William P GRAVES, Mattie A 1880-Oct-12
ALLOWAY, Joe TAYLOR, Katherine 1896-Jan-23
ALLOWAY, Joe TAYLOR, Kathrine Miss 1896-Jan-23
ALSTON, Anis MAYBANK, Nancy 1868-May-25
ALSTON, Emanuel ARTHUR, Mary 1896-Jun-25
AMBACHER, Chris REIS, Margaret 1880-Jun-21
AMBACHER, Christian MAYER, Mary 1889-Dec-06
AMERITY, Louis LACY, Sally 1879-Sep-06
ANDERS, Moses NICHOLES, Jennie 1869-Dec-27
ANDERSN, Thomas WRIGHT, Clara 1894-Apr-10
ANDERSON, Alex LIAS, Ellen 1884-Oct-03
ANDERSON, Arthur REED, Leah 1894-Aug-09
ANDERSON, Charles JONES, Mary Ann 1895-May-04
ANDERSON, Cornelius JAKE, Milton 1898-Mar-15
ANDERSON, Emanuel JOHNSON, Lucy 1894-Jan-27
ANDERSON, Floyd JONES, Anna 1895-Mar-02
ANDERSON, Frank H SMITH, C B 1896-Nov-25
ANDERSON, Gabrel WILLAIMS, Martha 1868-Nov-26
ANDERSON, George MAXEY, Mary 1896-May-01
ANDERSON, George NICOLS, Mattie 1892-Mar-06
ANDERSON, Gus HAMMOND, Nancy 1898-Feb-03
ANDERSON, Gus HARREL, Ellen 1883-Mar-07
ANDERSON, Henry WILLAIMS, Janices 1867-Apr-27
ANDERSON, Isaiah CROXTON, Silvia 1886-Feb-26
ANDERSON, Jake RANSOM, Jennie 1898-Sep-02
ANDERSON, James BROWN, Julia 1888-Mar-26
ANDERSON, James LEWIS, Sally 1884-Feb-21
ANDERSON, John FOREMAN, Sarah 1892-Dec-15
ANDERSON, Leni HUBERT, Rebecca 1883-Apr-22
ANDERSON, Lewis LEWIS, Mollie 1896-Dec-13
ANDERSON, Madison WILLIAMS, Henrietta 1890-Jul-10
ANDERSON, Richard STANBY, Margaret 1889-Aug-12
ANDERSON, S D KINDALL, Amy 1885-Jul-29
ANDERSON, Shelly JONES, Laura 1872-May-04
ANDERSON, Squire HARRELL, Charty 1881-Jan-06
ANDERSON, Thomas HUNT, Dora 1897-May-24
ANDERSON, Thomas JACKSON, Georgiana 1879-Dec-31
ANDERSON, Thomas JAMES, Rosanna 1886-Feb-04
ANDREWS, G D NICKSON, Ella 1899-May-08
ANDREWS, George D MATHIAS, Lizzie 1890-Dec-23
ANGEL, John FIFER, Tena 1893-Jan-12
ANTERBERRY, William HUNTER, Tilda 1893-Jul-29
APPLETON, Daniel HERBS, Dora 1881-Mar-07
APPLETON, Henry JACKSON, Cornelia 1886-Feb-20
ARBUCKLE, William ANDERSON, Lucy 1883-Nov-18
ARCHER, Steven BRITTON, Libby 1868-Jun-19
ARMSTEAD, Field FIELDS, Rosa 1897-Jun-29
ARMSTEAD, Ned WOOLFRED, Hulda Ann 1879-May-24
ARMSTEAD, Peter BOWMAN, Ada 1886-Nov-30
ARMSTRONG, Ceasar JOHNSTON, Lou 1887-Jan-06
ARMSTRONG, Fredrick VANSIL, Elmma 1873-Jan-21
ARMSTRONG, Lenord WILLIAMS, George Anne 1894-Aug-23
ARNOLD, Benjamin JONES, Elizabeth 1877-Oct-27
ARRINGTON, Prince BROWN, Fannie 1884-Dec-06
ARRINGTON, Sol PERKINS, Annie 1894-Dec-22
ARSAN, Henry ADAMS, Fannie 1872-Mar-08
ASH, Armstead MARTIN, Annie 1878-Jan-31
ASHER, Pomp CONEY, Ida 1896-Oct-11
ASHLEY, Pomp SMALL, Mattie 1890-Jan-21
ASHLEY, Pomp SOUALL, Mattie 1890-Jan-21
ATKINS, Thomas WATSON, Theia C 1900-Sep-12
ATKINS, Thomas WATSON THEDIA C, Thedia C M 1900-Sep-12
AUSTIN, Moses HENDERSON, Maria 1885-Nov-19
AUSTIN, Moses HENDERSON, Maria Miss 1885-Nov-19
AUSTIN, Mosla HENDERSON, Maria Miss 1885-Nov-19
AUSTIN, William JACKSON, Georgiana 1889-Jun-19
AUSTIN, Wm JACKSON, Georgiana 1889-Jun-19
AUTHER, Charles JOHNSON, Jane 1886-Nov-23
AUTHOR, Charles JOHNSON, Jane Miss 1886-Nov-23
AVERY, Raphael PETERSON, Mary 1889-Apr-20
AVERY, Raphail PETERSON, Mary 1889-Aug-20



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