Issaquena County Brides

Y - Z

YEARING, B Miss LEWIS, J M 1890-Jun-21
YOUNG, Addela GIBSON, Matthew 1885-Jan-13
YOUNG, Amanda GRAY, Spencer 1870-Mar-26
YOUNG, Ana ROBINSON, Henry 1869-Dec-05
YOUNG, Anna POWELL, John 1887-Aug-27
YOUNG, Bettie MOSELEY, Washington 1884-Oct-28
YOUNG, Charlotte MITCHELL, James 1883-Dec-27
YOUNG, D Ella BRITTON, Peter 1898-Aug-04
YOUNG, Ella BROWN, Jacob 1885-Jun-01
YOUNG, Harriett ROBINSON, D E 1890-Dec-25
YOUNG, Jane KNOX, Ben 1899-Dec-26
YOUNG, Kesiah WOODS, Phillip 1876-Jan-14
YOUNG, Margaret BROOKS, Andrew 1887-Oct-20
YOUNG, Maria YOUNG, Henry 1896-Feb-04
YOUNG, Martha JOHNSON, Armstead 1879-Jan-16
YOUNG, Martha PETERSON, Andrew 1869-Dec-23
YOUNG, Mary CALDWELL, Andrew 1880-Jan-28
YOUNG, Mary JOHNSON, Frank 1890-Oct-29
YOUNG, Mary Elizabeth GILLIS, Marion 1867-Mar-23
YOUNG, Mary Sarah REED, Robert 1897-Dec-16
YOUNG, Patsey MONTGOMERY, Scip 1892-Dec-07
YOUNG, Sallie BLUFORD, Willie 1886-Nov-26



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