Issaquena County Brides


TAGLON, E T Miss MCGUCKINS, Patrick 1872-May-02
TAILOR, Phile LEWIS, Mose 1867-Jan-27
TALLEY, Ida E HYLAND, S H 1895-Sep-19
TANER, Sallie PATTISON, Brinnogo 1873-Dec-30
TATUM, Flora WILLAIMS, Alfred 1872-Feb-12
TAYLOR, Agnes CRAWFORD, Simon 1885-Mar-12
TAYLOR, Agnes MCDANIEL, Tommy 1885-May-28
TAYLOR, Amanda BUTLER, Thomas 1876-May-03
TAYLOR, Amanda GRAHAM, Rubin 1874-May-11
TAYLOR, Amanda HOLMES, Richard 1883-Mar-01
TAYLOR, Amanda ROBINSON, Frank 1891-Dec-23
TAYLOR, Amy RUSSELL, Henry 1877-Feb-06
TAYLOR, Annie HOLMES, Jake 1883-Apr-12
TAYLOR, Belle DIXON, Walker 1885-Dec-21
TAYLOR, Bettie GRANT, John 1873-Dec-20
TAYLOR, Betty HARGROVE, Sandy 1889-Mar-14
TAYLOR, Beverly BRUCE, Alice 1892-Sep-13
TAYLOR, Beverly GREEN, Maria 1887-Mar-28
TAYLOR, Beverly JOINER, Eva 1887-Dec-20
TAYLOR, Catherine CLASPY, Jack 1875-Apr-23
TAYLOR, Henry HUNTER, Alice 1885-Mar-25
TAYLOR, Henry RANDALL, Anna 1894-Aug-18
TAYLOR, Henry WILLIAMS, Julia 1887-Feb-06
TAYLOR, Dilsey ROBINSON, Richard 1887-May-21
TAYLOR, Dolly A GREEN, Armstead J 1889-Feb-17
TAYLOR, Dora YOUNG, Jessee 1892-Feb-09
TAYLOR, Ella E GRAMLING, O C 1880-Jan-05
TAYLOR, Emeline ROSS, Jerry R 1890-Sep-25
TAYLOR, Emma NORRIS, David 1895-Dec-24
TAYLOR, Harriet PURNELL, Allen 1879-Apr-19
TAYLOR, Henrietta JONES, Thomas 1881-Jan-21
TAYLOR, Hester SPEED, Robert 1881-May-21
TAYLOR, Jane SMALL, Mat 1891-Jan-19
TAYLOR, Jane STEWART, Orange 1893-Oct-21
TAYLOR, Josephine ROBINSON, William 1889-Jan-03
TAYLOR, Julia GRIFFIN, Jordan 1893-Dec-05
TAYLOR, Katherine ALLOWAY, Joe 1896-Jan-23
TAYLOR, Kathrine Miss ALLOWAY, Joe 1896-Jan-23
TAYLOR, Kiah WILLIAMS, Emma 1891-Jan-03
TAYLOR, Lavenia PETERSON, R L 1892-Jan-22
TAYLOR, Leah JENFORD, George 1882-Nov-21
TAYLOR, Lizzie MOORE, Homer 1883-Feb-15
TAYLOR, Lizzie POOLFOT, Prince 1900-Nov-08
TAYLOR, Luetisha DICKSON, York 1884-Jun-05
TAYLOR, Martha PETERSON, Hanabel 1871-Dec-21
TAYLOR, Mary HARDAWAY, Watkins 1883-Nov-30
TAYLOR, Mary HOLMES, Samuel 1900-Feb-01
TAYLOR, Mary SMITH, A 1891-Jun-06
TAYLOR, Mary Eliza SELMAN, C G 1886-Jan-07
TAYLOR, Mary Jane MCRAE, Mack 1889-Jan-16
TAYLOR, Mattie BEUROY, Casper 1877-Dec-19
TAYLOR, Mattie DAVIS, Fred 1891-Jan-31
TAYLOR, Nancy SIMMONS, James 1873-Nov-10
TAYLOR, Patricia HICKMAN, Herman 1867-Jan-14
TAYLOR, Patsy PHILLIPS, James 1900-Sep-14
TAYLOR, Peggy HEYWOOD, Allen H 1878-Mar-06
TAYLOR, Phyllis SMITH, Caesar 1886-Aug-01
TAYLOR, Rose BAILEY, Henry 1884-Nov-29
TAYLOR, Sally HUNT, William 1874-Feb-14
TAYLOR, Will Anna JENKINS, James 1897-Nov-25
TEARY, Anna OUSLEY, T B 1888-Nov-05
TEBELL, Venus WILLIAMS, Alfred 1899-Jul-13
TELLFARE, Ammey GREEN, William 1880-Feb-18
TEMPLE, Lizzie EDWARDS, W H 1893-Jun-22
TEMPLE, Mary BROWN, Cass 1896-Dec-24
TERRILL, Jane HUNT, Robert 1899-Jun-17
TERRY, Mattie WINFIELD, Moses 1893-Feb-01
THIGPEN, Laura COOLEY, Abraham 1888-May-04
THOID, Ellen MARLON, Lewis 1878-Aug-22
THOMAS, Adaline BARNES, Ned 1879-Mar-01
THOMAS, Amy MORGAN, Charley 1893-Jun-08
THOMAS, Anna FERGUSON, Mose 1893-Jan-12
THOMAS, Anna HILL, James 1887-Feb-19
THOMAS, Anna SUMNER, Green 1888-Oct-29
THOMAS, Annie OWENS, Emanuel 1888-Aug-08
THOMAS, Annie E WILLIAMS, Henry F 1897-Dec-02
THOMAS, Candie JONES, George 1886-Jul-03
THOMAS, Charity GREEN, Frederic 1883-Jan-17
THOMAS, Cinderilla RIVERS, James 1876-Apr-03
THOMAS, Cinthia WHITE, Andrew 1881-Mar-10
THOMAS, Daphne PERKINS, Jake 1887-Aug-28
THOMAS, Dicie JACKSON, Andrew 1880-Aug-12
THOMAS, Dolly SAPPHO, Charley 1888-Oct-22
THOMAS, Easter WEST, Spencer 1883-Jun-30
THOMAS, Eleanor CUNNINGHAM, 1893-Aug-24
THOMAS, Eliza PARKS, Edmund 1871-Dec-22
THOMAS, Elizabeth STEWART, Frank 1876-Feb-10
THOMAS, Elizabeth WALLACE, Straughter 1884-Nov-20
THOMAS, Ella BROOKS, Porter 1891-Nov-17
THOMAS, Ella JOHNSON, Charley 1898-Mar-21
THOMAS, Ellen GRACE, John 1893-Oct-12
THOMAS, Ellen TURNER, William 1890-Jul-14
THOMAS, Emma MURPHY, Joe 1898-Mar-09
THOMAS, Fannie MITCHELL, Frank 1879-Nov-08
THOMAS, Fanny GILES, John 1878-Dec-03
THOMAS, Florence GIBBS, Johnnie 1895-Dec-16
THOMAS, Georgiana FOLEY, Steward 1888-Jan-13
THOMAS, Hannah MADISON, Emanuel 1899-Oct-26
THOMAS, Helena FLANDERS, Charlie 1884-Jul-19
THOMAS, Hermella JACKSON, James 1869-Nov-29
THOMAS, Hettie PAYNE, Morris 1891-May-27
THOMAS, Josephine BOWMAN, John 1896-Aug-04
THOMAS, Julia STEWART, Edmond 1898-Apr-21
THOMAS, Lee Anna PRESTON, Harry 1898-Dec-07
THOMAS, Lizzie WILLIAMS, Henry 1900-Nov-15
THOMAS, Lou WILLIAMS, Jordan 1888-Oct-11
THOMAS, Lucy FORD, Ed 1897-Jul-28
THOMAS, Lucy Ann ELLISON, Isaiah 1885-Sep-25
THOMAS, M J Miss DEZELL, F W 1888-Jan-15
THOMAS, Maria WHITE, Wilford 1899-Apr-05
THOMAS, Martha BRODANAX, Wilson 1880-Oct-23
THOMAS, Mary BALLARD, Essie 1899-Feb-27
THOMAS, Mary BROWN, William 1873-Aug-12
THOMAS, Mary DAVENPORT, Tobe 1887-Apr-01
THOMAS, Mary FRANKLIN, Wesley Dr 1879-Aug-07
THOMAS, Mary HARRIS, Charlie 1888-Dec-22
THOMAS, Melinda LUCAS, Reuben 1888-Oct-29
THOMAS, Rena NAILER, James 1887-May-27
THOMAS, Roxie SMITH, William H 1891-Dec-30
THOMAS, Sophia JENKINS, Fleming 1878-Feb-27
THOMAS, Sophie MILLER, Pink 1888-Dec-20
THOMAS, Susan SHEPPERD, J A J 1877-Jan-10
THOMAS, Susan STIGGERS, Samuel 1894-Oct-11
THOMAS, Virginia RUTLEDGE, Henry 1876-Sep-07
THOMAS, Winnie MICKENS, Bose 1872-Sep-29
THOMPKINS, Jane TAYLOR, John 1885-Feb-14
THOMPSON, Annay JOHNSON, Osmond 1881-Feb-12
THOMPSON, Annie LACKEY, R P 1898-Aug-23
THOMPSON, Barbara BROWN, George 1871-Dec-27
THOMPSON, Caroline BROWN, Dave 1889-Mar-21
THOMPSON, Clara PRESTON, Ben 1900-Jan-31
THOMPSON, Dolinor CURD, David 1882-Jan-11
THOMPSON, Ella WARREN, W M 1885-Dec-31
THOMPSON, Emma KEYS, Henry 1879-Jul-31
THOMPSON, Emma WILSON, Grant 1889-Jun-28
THOMPSON, Frankie JOHNSON, Henry 1879-May-31
THOMPSON, Grace GADDISON, Burkley 1877-Oct-04
THOMPSON, Harriet TYLER, Lewis 1890-Feb-03
THOMPSON, Henrietta HENDERSON, Perry 1892-Apr-25
THOMPSON, Indiana LAWRENCE, H H 1879-Nov-05
THOMPSON, Isabella SCOTT, Welborne 1883-Jan-11
THOMPSON, Jane HUFF, Charles 1867-May-13
THOMPSON, Julia Ann GALLAWAY, March 1871-Mar-03
THOMPSON, Katie JOHNSON, Isom 1874-Dec-30
THOMPSON, Louvenia CARTER, Mike 1886-Sep-15
THOMPSON, Maria FOLEY, Mack 1884-Jan-02
THOMPSON, Martha JOHNSON, Linnel 1874-Mar-02
THOMPSON, Martha ROE, Robert 1884-Nov-29
THOMPSON, Mary Ann JOHNSON, Henry 1886-Jan-28
THOMPSON, Phoebe MILLER, Pink 1878-Apr-13
THOMPSON, Polly MADEN, Phil 1899-Apr-09
THOMPSON, Ratchell MEDLEY, Mose 1883-Mar-15
THOMPSON, Sarah STIGGERS, Samuel 1870-Mar-02
THOMPSON, Stella WILLIAMS, George 1897-Jan-19
THOMPSON, Susan BARBEE, Charles 1874-Nov-04
THOMPSON, Willie WATTS, John 1886-Jan-19
THORNTON, Ellen THOMAS, Aurthur 1876-Nov-02
THORNTON, Laney ROSE, William 1880-Jan-01
THUMPSON, Ineia FISHER, W A 1873-Sep-22
TIBBS, Francis THOMAS, William 1892-Mar-31
TIBBS, Fransis SMITH, Dave 1898-Nov-09
TILLMAN, Delia CLAIBORNE, Calen 1884-Dec-12
TILLMAN, Mary WILLIAMS, John 1891-Feb-22
TILLMAN, Mary E MURPHY, William 1891-Jan-28
TILLMAN, Sallie A MOSLEY, S H 1876-Dec-10
TIMMS, Susie TALBUT, Albert 1883-Aug-20
TINNEL, Mary HOOD, Samuel 1884-Aug-07
TINNEY, Pattie FLEMING, Thomas 1897-Jan-21
TINNIBY, Fannie MOSE, William 1899-Apr-20
TINSLEY, Phillis MILLEN, John 1869-Nov-29
TISON, Betty WILLIAMS, James 1888-Jul-28
TIVINE, Mary ROBINSON, James 1889-Dec-23
TODD, Agnes GRIGGLY, Elbert 1887-Aug-20
TOHNAN, Hannah BUCKNER, Phillip 1888-Mar-01
TOLBERT, Nancy BAKER, Sawney 1890-Mar-27
TOLBERT, Rosa HARRIS, John 1896-Jan-01
TOLIVER, Lottie JACKSON, John 1894-Dec-11
TOLVERT, Harriet WILKINSON, Abe S 1887-Dec-17
TOMAS, Rebecca WILLIAMS, Anthony 1886-Jan-17
TOMPKIN, Barbara Ann MILLER, Henry 1885-Oct-01
TORSMAN, Rebecca PARKER, Arah 1888-Feb-15
TOSEN, Mary MCFARLAND, William 1897-Aug-11
TOWN, Louisa MIDDLETON, D N 1891-Jan-04
TOWNS, Rebecca GOPHER, James 1888-Mar-31
TOWNS, Sarha BRAXTON, Willaim 1872-Jan-20
TOWNSEND, Charlotte FORD, Ben 1892-Jun-02
TOY, Mahala RIVERS, Alex 1886-Jan-11
TOY, Mary GLOVER, Fred 1882-Dec-05
TOY, Rosa LAIRS, George 1878-Nov-28
TRASS, Hettie HENDERSON, Nathan 1889-Dec-28
TRAVIS, Leanah ROBERTS, Thomas 1886-Jan-14
TRUET, Francis JACKSON, Mosis 1869-Sep-05
TRULY, Lottie HENDERSON, Caleb 1891-Mar-12
TUCKER, Catherine LAWSON, Daniel 1872-Jul-08
TUCKER, Fannie ERFERT, Frank 1880-Aug-17
TUCKER, Lula ROBERSON, Abe 1900-Dec-19
TUCKER, Nannie BUTLER, Robert 1900-Jan-20
TUPER, Marinda TURNER, Alex 1882-Nov-19
TURNBALL, Julia RUSSELL, John 1881-Jan-28
TURNER, Annie ROSE, Limnel 1900-Dec-27
TURNER, Charlotte HANDY, Henry 1872-Feb-15
TURNER, Hannah MCYOUNG, John 1893-May-04
TURNER, Henrietta CLARKE, Henry 1889-Feb-06
TURNER, Henrietta IRVIN, George 1891-May-23
TURNER, Henrietta WOODS, Ephraim 1885-Apr-10
TURNER, Jane ADAMS, Ely 1896-Apr-08
TURNER, Jane Miss ADAMS, Ely 1896-Jan-08
TURNER, Lilly JACKSON, Lazarus 1899-Jan-25
TURNER, Lizzie BLANK, William 1874-Jun-19
TURNER, Lizzie SPEARS, William 1891-Feb-16
TURNER, Mary BARNUM, Mose 1896-Jan-16
TURNER, Mary GRAHAM, Alfred 1884-Nov-08
TURNER, Mary WILLIAMS, Robert 1888-Dec-03
TURNER, Rebecca WILLIAMS, Will 1890-Mar-06
TURNER, Rena JACKSON, Wesley 1871-Mar-08
TURNER, Ritta WILLIAMS, Bill 1889-Feb-21
TURNER, Sarah ROUSEY, Randle 1887-Mar-31
TURNER, Sophia BOOZE, S J 1890-Feb-27
TURNER, Virginia PIERCE, William 1885-May-05
TUT, Even SMITH, William 1881-Jan-15
TWAIN, Sarah Jane ROBINSON, Edmond 1896-Jan-13
TYLER, Clarcy Ann MICKY, Dan 1866-Dec-26
TYLER, Ella CASPER, Owen 1895-Dec-25
TYLER, Emma Jane GREEN, Jackson 1894-Oct-04
TYLER, Lugenia FITZHUGH, Peter 1898-Feb-21
TYLER, Patsy BRADSAW, Nas 1875-Dec-27
TYLER, Patsy Mrs WIGGINS, Sidney 1884-Sep-07
TYLER, Rebecca CALVIN, Austin 1900-Dec-24



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