Issaquena County Brides


RAGISTON, Martha LAWSON, William 1881-Nov-09
RAIN, Diana DAVIS, Washington 1876-May-29
RAINEY, Martha GRAVES, Vander 1891-Feb-05
RAISLER, Cat DOVERY, Gestive 1878-Dec-26
RAMSON, Kitty ELLAS, Dick 1874-Jun-06
RANDALL, Anna TAYLOR, Henry 1894-Aug-18
RANDALL, Ella CROXTON, Reubin 1880-Jul-01
RANSOM, Jennie ANDERSON, Jake 1898-Sep-02
RASBON, Sarah GOODE, Archy 1874-Jul-25
RAY, Polly LOYD, Jim 1890-Jul-15
RAYMOND, Julia COLLINS, Richard 1885-Jul-25
READE, Fanny MARSH, Joseph A 1886-Feb-19
READE, Parabell WEBSTER, Junius 1884-Nov-10
REDDING, Macey GATES, Nebuchadnezzar 1890-Feb-27
REDMAN, Emily NEWTON, Charley 1876-Dec-26
REDMOND, Amelia PIERSON, Mose 1879-Mar-20
REDMOND, Auvena LUMPKIN, Kiah J 1899-Dec-23
REDRICK, Jennie WASHINGTON, Ben 1881-Oct-03
REED, Alice WATTS, Charles 1873-Apr-16
REED, Delphia DICKSON, Isaiah 1894-Jan-03
REED, Harriet WASHINGTON, Henry 1897-Dec-23
REED, Henrietta TURNER, Binum 1877-Dec-26
REED, Leah ANDERSON, Arthur 1894-Aug-09
REED, Louisa FIFER, Charley 1889-Feb-14
REED, Malvina BROWN, Paris 1894-Jul-12
REED, Maria MOULTON, York 1897-Dec-20
REED, Maria THORNTON, Shelton 1890-Oct-16
REED, Millie BROWN, Cison 1869-Dec-14
REED, Minerva RUTHERFORD, Columbus 1883-Jul-24
REED, Mony WARDEN, Amos 1874-Jan-30
REED, Peggy CHASE, Abe 1890-Nov-30
REED, Susie WELLS, Willie 1897-Feb-25
REEDE, Clarisa WILLIAMS, Mosses 1889-Nov-26
REESE, Clara HARRIS, Egbert 1879-Apr-14
REESE, Elizabeth BARKSDALE, Pleasant 1879-Aug-21
REESE, Fanny WEBSTER, William 1886-May-09
REESE, Mattie PRESTON, Shadrick 1889-Dec-19
REEVES, Cornelius GRAHAM, Lucy 1895-Jun-06
REGEN, Barbara DEGAUHARD, John Fredrick 1876-Feb-18
REILEY, Lucy JONES, Arthur 1889-Nov-29
REIS, Margaret AMBACHER, Chris 1880-Jun-21
RENALDS, Rebecca WILLIS, Samuel 1872-Jan-17
REYNOLDS, Birdie H GILKEY, R W 1900-Aug-16
REYNOLDS, Emma SMITH, Henry 1897-Dec-31
REYNOLDS, Lucy VORTON, Simon 1891-May-03
REYNOLDS, Susan PICK, D F 1885-May-05
RICE, Comfort BLUFORD, John 1893-Feb-08
RICE, Delia WATSON, Willie 1897-Nov-11
RICE, Nettie LOUIS, Phillip 1879-Jan-07
RICE, Susan MORRIS, Anderson 1866-Dec-31
RICHARD, Callie MITCHELL, Marcus 1882-Jul-11
RICHARD, Mary WEBSTER, Daniel 1887-Jun-30
RICHARDSON, Abby BROOKS, Randolf 1879-Dec-24
RICHARDSON, Augusta Carrie PAUL, Edmond 1896-Dec-09
RICHARDSON, Celia WALKER, Henry 1873-Dec-29
RICHARDSON, Ellen GREEN, Carey 1881-Apr-04
RICHARDSON, Emmaline BELL, John 1884-Oct-04
RICHARDSON, Fanney LENARD, William 1880-Nov-24
RICHARDSON, Georgianna STEVENSON, Elijah 1888-Mar-22
RICHARDSON, Hettie MCCRAY, Killis 1885-Apr-30
RICHARDSON, Hettie MCKINNEY, Abram 1888-Mar-13
RICHARDSON, Letitia BROWN, Louis 1899-Apr-02
RICHARDSON, Lizzie GRANT, Ned 1881-Apr-02
RICHARDSON, Lizzie GREEN, W R 1893-Aug-31
RICHARDSON, Mary WRIGHT, Isom 1886-May-18
RICHARDSON, Paralee DAVIS, William 1900-May-12
RICHARDSON, Phoela MAKINS, Ceasar 1867-May-08
RICHARDSON, Sarah ROBINSON, Hap 1885-Nov-29
RICHARDSON, Selina MONEY, Henry 1887-Jul-27
RICHARDSON, Vinnia BROOKS, Samson 1882-Dec-30
RICHIE, Amelia PURNELL, James 1889-Jan-19
RIFE, Lettia WILLIAMS, Jesse 1872-Sep-12
RILEY, Fanny TAYLOR, George 1883-Feb-01
RILEY, Ida BROWN, Daniel 1894-Aug-24
RILEY, Martha KENNEY, Thomas 1879-Nov-29
RILEY, Martha MITCHELL, Hilliard 1883-Dec-13
RILEY, Minnie HOLLINGSWORTH, Jeff 1889-Dec-20
RILEY, Sarah MARSH, Sammuel 1879-Oct-25
RILEY, Winnie CARLOVE, Ed 1891-Nov-08
RINGMAN, Laura CONANS, Pink 1878-Mar-28
RINGMAN, Priscella COLLINS, William 1880-Jan-24
RINGOLD, Mary HARRIS, Richard 1886-Aug-21
RIVERS, Lily JAKE, Amos 1895-Dec-19
RIVES, C W Miss BANKS, E B 1886-Jan-12
ROACH, Amanda JOHNSON, A C 1889-Dec-21
ROACHLEY, Sallie HOLLY, Kit 1889-Sep-03
ROBEN, Francis HOLMES, Peter 1867-Aug-19
ROBERSON, Annie GOWNES, Abner 1881-Nov-08
ROBERSON, Atilda ALDRIDGE, A D 1875-Nov-10
ROBERSON, Elmira SCOTT, J L 1881-Apr-28
ROBERSON, Florence E SKIPPER, Andrew 1900-Nov-20
ROBERSON, Flower JONES, Charley 1883-Feb-14
ROBERSON, Harriet SMOTHERS, William 1898-May-12
ROBERSON, Lucy GRIFFIN, L H 1876-Jan-10
ROBERSON, Mary GRAY, John 1897-Dec-15
ROBERTS, R F Miss MCKNIGHT, J H 1883-Jan-17
ROBERTSON, Alta C Miss ALDRIDGE, A D Mr 1875-Nov-10
ROBERTSON, Dicy SCOTT, Robert 1879-Apr-23
ROBERTSON, Matilda YOUNG, James 1878-Nov-19
ROBERTSON, Patsy MATTHEWS, Thomas 1883-Jun-30
ROBINSON, Alice TAYLOR, Williams 1884-Dec-09
ROBINSON, Amelia BROWN, Ned 1900-Dec-27
ROBINSON, Anna NICHOLSON, Albert 1870-Jan-01
ROBINSON, Anne DAVIS, Conner 1885-Apr-12
ROBINSON, Bertha BOWMAN, Washington 1894-Aug-23
ROBINSON, Celena FOWLER, Monroe 1879-Apr-05
ROBINSON, Cinda WILLIAMS, Henry 1880-Jan-21
ROBINSON, Delia JONES, Ned 1891-Dec-10
ROBINSON, Dempsey CHASE, Sandy 1890-Feb-08
ROBINSON, Dempsey TAYLOR, Edward 1900-Feb-05
ROBINSON, Elizabeth DRAYTON, Cuffy 1878-Apr-17
ROBINSON, Elizabeth PATTERSON, Frank 1884-Nov-01
ROBINSON, Ellen WILLIAMS, Henry 1886-Apr-09
ROBINSON, Emma MCNEAL, William 1886-Sep-27
ROBINSON, Fanny HERRINGTON, Eli 1888-Apr-05
ROBINSON, Florence MOORE, Tyler 1898-Sep-17
ROBINSON, Gertrude PINKSTON, Aaron 1885-Oct-15
ROBINSON, Hamiel SNELLS, George 1867-Jul-31
ROBINSON, Henrietta GEDRON, Friday 1887-Jul-16
ROBINSON, Ida LEWIS, Ned 1879-Dec-13
ROBINSON, Jane DAVIS, Fred 1887-Sep-02
ROBINSON, Janie CONWAY, Silas 1889-Dec-31
ROBINSON, Julia MONTGOMERY, Israel 1886-Mar-15
ROBINSON, Julia MURPHY, Charles 1879-Feb-13
ROBINSON, Kizziah MAXEY, A C 1883-Oct-11
ROBINSON, Laura THARP, Phil 1894-Mar-15
ROBINSON, Leander MITCHEL, Alex 1896-Jun-20
ROBINSON, Lizzie MITCHELL, Wash 1896-Feb-25
ROBINSON, Lizzie ROBINSON, Horrace 1889-Feb-06
ROBINSON, Lucy BROOKS, Adam 1893-Feb-18
ROBINSON, Lusinda SMITH, Moses 1886-Dec-01
ROBINSON, Maggie HENDERSON, William 1888-Nov-26
ROBINSON, Maggie LOWS, William 1883-Nov-14
ROBINSON, Manervia DARDEN, Lem 1891-Jul-30
ROBINSON, Margaret BURTON, Freddy 1894-Dec-27
ROBINSON, Martha SHEPPARD, Edman 1876-Feb-25
ROBINSON, Mary HUNT, Chester 1885-Feb-23
ROBINSON, Mary JONES, Henry 1892-Jan-21
ROBINSON, Millie BRUSTER, John 1880-Apr-25
ROBINSON, Millie CUTTINDEN, John 1893-Mar-04
ROBINSON, Milly NICHOLS, R D 1887-Aug-18
ROBINSON, Richard TAYLOR, Dilsey 1887-May-21
ROBINSON, Rosa JONES, Mark 1890-Jan-04
ROBINSON, Sallie BROWN, Thompson 1889-Oct-12
ROBINSON, Sallie FRAIZER, David 1874-Jan-12
ROBINSON, Sarah BROWN, James 1884-Dec-20
ROBINSON, Sarah FRAZIER, Skipper 1869-Jul-16
ROBINSON, Sarah MILLEN, Spencer 1872-Apr-30
ROBINSON, Sarah ROBINSON, S G 1897-Jan-20
ROBINSON, Sellina STEPHENSON, Stephing 1879-Dec-13
ROBINSON, Tempy A WEIR, Ben 1889-Nov-19
ROBINSON, Virginia LANY, Green 1885-Oct-29
ROBINSON, Virginia MITCHELL, Willie 1892-Jun-02
ROBSON, Sarah JOINER, John 1892-Jun-01
RODGERS, Lucy BUTLER, Ben 1876-Jun-17
ROERSON, Lena GILMORE, Josh 1875-Jun-03
ROGERS, Lula WELSH, John 1887-Nov-05
ROGERS, Mattie GREEN, Jones 1880-Sep-13
ROGERS, Ritta BARNES, Ed 1889-Jun-25
ROLLING, Matilda LEGIAN, Billy 1880-Dec-12
ROMER, Margaret STRACHAN, David 1890-Feb-14
ROOB, Carrie GOLDENBURG, Z 1874-Aug-17
ROOT, Ida L BROWN, Willie Henry 1894-May-13
ROPER, Maria RICHARDSON, Steven 1897-Feb-06
ROSE, Francis DELLIS, Mayor 1885-Apr-16
ROSE, Laney FEARS, Andrew 1884-Oct-30
ROSE, Laura SMITH, Albert 1898-Feb-25
ROSENBAUM, Maria BARSDOFEKY, Louis 1897-Jul-05
ROSS, Ann Eliza FORD, E W 1887-Mar-10
ROSS, Bettie BRADY, Jacob 1898-Nov-29
ROSS, Clara HENDERSON, Frank 1888-Jan-26
ROSS, Emma DUDLEY, Robert 1890-Jan-02
ROSS, Emma MCCOY, Alex 1895-Jan-27
ROSS, Jane MCDOWELL, Thomas 1888-Feb-01
ROSS, Lucy BANKS, Aaron 1884-Nov-06
ROSS, Maggie TURNER, William 1886-Jan-30
ROSS, Melissa TAYLOR, George 1880-Dec-11
ROSS, Menthia WHITLOCK, Edward 1888-Jan-02
ROSS, Miley A ROBINSON, Douglass 1886-Apr-12
ROSS, Nancy MILTON, Hardy 1880-Sep-15
ROSS, Philice MARYBELL, Jonsce 1885-Feb-27
ROSS, Phillis BUCKNER, Joshua 1886-Mar-03
ROSS, Phoebe WHITHERS, Felix 1896-Mar-04
ROSS, Polly Ann PEPPIN, H P 1887-Aug-13
ROSS, Rhoda FLINT, Jackson 1868-Oct-10
ROSS, Sallie PITTS, Isom 1874-Jul-03
ROSS, Tenie THOMAS, Henry 1887-Jan-06
ROUSE, Patsy YOUNG, Sam 1890-Oct-18
ROWELLS, Annie ELLIS, Adam 1888-Feb-13
ROYCE, M A Miss MOORE, C 1889-Jun-04
ROYLE, Margaret YOUNG, Barney 1892-May-07
ROZIER, Leverta PETERSON, Joseph 1899-Jul-15
ROZIER, Lottie WALKER, Charles 1899-Nov-11
ROZIER, Lucilla GREEN, Jackson 1885-Aug-13
ROZIER, Susie BROWN, Benjamin 1895-Sep-19
RUFUS, Julia WOODLEY, Hubbard 1886-Apr-16
RUS, Della STEADMAN, M S 1891-Jan-09
RUSH, Lucinda WILLIAMS, Jerry 1874-Aug-06
RUSSELL, Anna LUNKINS, Reubin 1874-Jun-20
RUSSELL, Delsia SCRIBBENS, James 1898-Jul-09
RUSSELL, Fannie WILLIAMS, Samuel 1899-May-18
RUSSELL, Hattie RUSSELL, Jim 1893-Nov-06
RUSSELL, Matilda COLLINS, George 1888-Dec-18
RUTLEDGE, Hagar SINGLETON, Mat 1883-Dec-13
RUTLEDGE, Mary NICHOLS, Richard 1884-Dec-06
RUTLEDGE, Rose BRADLEY, Charley 1885-Jul-11
RUTLEY, Lizzie HOUSTON, David 1872-Feb-03
RYANS, Missouri Ann JOHNSON, William 1879-May-08



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