Issaquena County Brides

P - Q

PAGE, Delphina CALEB, Henry 1876-Jul-01
PAGE, Emma JENNINGS, Alex 1875-May-06
PAGE, Hannah LATSON, James 1884-Nov-24
PAGE, Patsey JAMES, Lawrence 1891-Nov-07
PAGE, Rebecca TOLLARD, Austin 1867-Jul-27
PALEMAN, Mary KELLY, Henry 1887-Aug-06
PALMER, Gracie HOOD, Albert 1891-Mar-12
PALMER, Kitty MCDANIEL, Shelton 1873-Dec-23
PALMER, Mary REDDING, James 1885-Dec-17
PANE, Bella SCOTT, Mose 1890-Nov-15
PANE, Patsy BERRY, Robert 1870-Dec-28
PANTO, Sarah HAYES, Hini 1868-Oct-27
PANTS, Julia ROSIN, Phillips 1867-Jan-22
PARINO, Susan SMITH, Henry 1890-Dec-30
PARKER, Alice FRESHWATER, Manuel 1889-Apr-19
PARKER, Eva MATTHEWS, Frank 1891-Feb-05
PARKER, Hettie WATSON, Alfred 1891-Mar-01
PARKER, Julia BARNES, Isiah 1884-Mar-08
PARKER, Lulu YOUNG, Abert 1888-Oct-06
PARKER, Victoria KING, Alex 1895-Dec-26
PARKS, Emma WILSON, James 1900-May-13
PARTLOUGH, Patty BLEDSAW, Isiah 1891-Jun-18
PASCO, Lee WHITLOCK, George 1892-May-31
PASSCOE, Carrie HILL, John 1889-Aug-10
PATERSON, Jane WEBSTER, Henry 1882-Oct-14
PATERSON, Mahala MOORE, Louis 1900-Jan-21
PATERSON, Mary Jane WEBSTER, Henry 1880-Sep-11
PATTERSON, Ann COGER, Henry 1879-May-19
PATTERSON, Julia A ROBINSON, Joe 1891-Jan-10
PATTERSON, Mahala ELLIS, Freeman 1896-Nov-22
PATTERSON, Melissa TAYLOR, Albert 1883-Mar-22
PATTERSON, Sadie HOLMES, H H 1885-Jan-24
PATTERSON, Sarah J HILL, Hinderson 1869-Jul-03
PATTERSON, Tora MCNEELY, J King 1871-Dec-07
PAUL, Anna TAYLOR, Charles 1889-Dec-30
PAUL, Ellen HAMES, Henry 1888-Feb-05
PAUL, Emma HENDERSON, Matthew 1900-Dec-29
PAUL, Nancy SMITH, James 1895-Apr-06
PAUL, Phoebe CHAMBERS, Levi 1893-Jan-21
PAULDO, Amelia GROOM, Paul 1880-Aug-07
PAULDO, Lit REED, Alex 1878-Feb-15
PAULS, Amelia GRIFFIN, Wilford 1890-Aug-10
PAULS, Dafferny SCOTT, Rufus 1899-Mar-14
PAULS, Dalphney COLLINS, Robert 1880-Feb-12
PAULS, Emma MAXEY, Hamilton 1894-Feb-08
PAYNE, Annie THOMAS, Alfred 1876-Mar-02
PAYNE, Caroline NORTH, Joe 1885-Jan-03
PAYNE, Preston FRESHMAN, Louis 1874-Dec-29
PAYNE, Virginia HENDERSON, Thomas 1900-Jan-17
PEACHY, Nancy QUAILS, Wesley 1879-Mar-13
PEARCE, Georgiana DIXON, George 1893-Feb-28
PEARL, Patsy DAVIS, Lucien 1874-Jan-19
PEARSON, Edith RAYFORD, Green 1890-Jun-01
PEARSON, Lucy WILEY, John 1885-Jul-13
PEARSON, M Miss TAYLOR, J A 1886-Dec-21
PEASON, Daisy Ann MOORE, William 1878-Mar-20
PECK, F Lee Miss BARBER, J W 1883-Mar-26
PEMBERTON, Rosa LEE, James 1887-Mar-07
PEMETTO, Ann THOMAS, Moses 1877-Apr-11
PERCY, Mary Anne MANSEY, Charles 1897-Feb-15
PERKINS, Annie ARRINGTON, Sol 1894-Dec-22
PERKINS, Caroline SMITH, Fred 1890-May-12
PERKINS, Lucinda ROBINSON, John 1884-Dec-08
PERKINS, Lulu HOOPER, Phillip 1894-May-11
PERKINS, Mallika PRICE, Hiram 1878-Apr-10
PERKINS, Phillus HUTCHINS, Frank 1889-Jun-15
PERKINSON, Easter FERGUSON, William 1894-Apr-12
PERRY, Jane MITCHEL, Anthony 1888-Apr-14
PERRY, Josephine WATERS, Jefferson D 1885-Apr-09
PERRY, Lucy GIBSON, Charley 1878-Nov-11
PERSON, Melinda SCOTT, Willie 1880-Jul-03
PERVIN, Margaret MERRIEL, George 1875-Dec-30
PETERS, Delia BROWN, Abram 1895-Nov-22
PETERS, Esther PAGE, Robert 1886-Jan-07
PETERS, Hannah WILLIAMS, David 1897-Feb-18
PETERS, Laura HIGHT, David 1874-Mar-21
PETERS, Louisa JAYNES, George 1892-Sep-05
PETERS, Mary PATTERSON, Selvin 1878-Dec-20
PETERSON, Anna WARE, Albert 1892-Feb-03
PETERSON, Bethina WALTON, Andrew 1884-May-31
PETERSON, Eliza SMITH, William M 1885-Dec-06
PETERSON, Eliza E , Geo W 1899-Jan-09
PETERSON, Eliza E ALEXANDER, George W 1898-Jan-09
PETERSON, Ella MAXEY, Matthew 1897-Mar-02
PETERSON, Ella E RUNNELL, Robert 1894-Jul-07
PETERSON, Flora Ann HINDERSON, Hartwell 1866-Sep-01
PETERSON, Laura WILLIAMS, Harrison 1899-Sep-28
PETERSON, Martha JONES, Will 1900-Sep-13
PETERSON, Mary AVERY, Raphael 1889-Apr-20
PETERSON, Mary AVERY, Raphail 1889-Aug-20
PETERSON, Mary WEBSTER, Charley 1897-Jun-20
PETERSON, Patsy FARMER, Edward 1867-Jan-09
PETERSON, Pattie VINCENT, Stephen 1879-Dec-16
PETERSON, Roxie A BROOKS, David 1890-Dec-10
PETERSON, Sallie URNNES, Sheperd 1881-Feb-05
PETERSON, Susan YOUNG, Thomas 1886-Mar-12
PETERSON, Tissue GRIMES, Armstrong 1889-Jan-10
PETTERSON, Bertha SCOTT, Ceasar 1872-Jul-03
PETTERSON, Matilda LUNKENS, Hezekiah 1871-Dec-08
PETTERSON, Millie CLARK, Thomas 1876-Jan-19
PETURM, Sarah MCDANIEL, Allen 1889-Aug-16
PETWAY, Ellen JOHNSON, Mack 1897-Dec-02
PETWAY, Elvia MACKLIN, John 1892-Dec-24
PETWAY, Sarah PETWAY, Sim 1896-Apr-12
PETWAY, Sina GRIFFIN, William 1895-Nov-30
PEYTON, Ann EASTMAN, William Jr 1881-Dec-23
PEYTON, Dolly LEE, Levi 1876-Jul-27
PEYTON, Josephine RUCKER, Amis 1874-Sep-12
PEYTON, Victoria NASH, Travis 1879-Mar-01
PHEGNEES, Henrietta WILLIAMS, Joseph 1871-Nov-27
PHILIP, Caroline BROWN, Nero 1884-Jan-06
PHILIPS, Celia GIBBS, Charles 1886-Dec-21
PHILLIPS, Ellen SMITH, Charles 1877-Jun-11
PHILLIPS, Hager GRIFFIN, Jordan 1889-Dec-23
PHILLIPS, Laura SMITH, Charles 1896-Jan-29
PHILLIPS, Mary HAYTON, Sammon 1891-Feb-21
PHILLIPS, Patricia FOSTER, Benjaman 1868-Oct-10
PHILLIPS, Pinkey WARD, Emanual 1896-Jul-16
PHILLIS, Helena MITCHELL, Warren 1887-Jan-21
PHIPPS, Julia R RICHARDSON, Anthony 1876-Jun-14
PHOEBE, Ann ADAMS, Alfred 1872-Mar-04
PICKETT, Ada MOORE, Henry 1890-Jun-26
PICKETT, Helna KARB, Adam 1890-May-01
PICKNEY, Lizzie CHRISTIAN, Oliver 1882-Jan-03
PIERCE, Elizabeth MOORE, James 1878-Jan-23
PINKNEY, Amanda FOX, Eckart 1892-Feb-04
PINSEY, Celia MOORE, Press 1880-Dec-06
PITT, Hettie HARPER, Allen 1879-Mar-27
PITTMAN, Izora BOWMAN, Robert H 1879-Dec-18
PITTMAN, Maggie ALEXANDER, Robert 1886-May-01
PITTMAN, Maggie ALEXANDER, Robt 1886-May-09
PITTS, Agnes CAMERON, Louis 1899-Nov-23
PITTS, Hester MAXEY, James 1895-Mar-02
PITTS, Isodora MILES, Toney 1895-Dec-12
PITTS, Mary WILLIAMS, Albert 1892-Feb-10
PITTS, Reida Ann PAULS, Robert 1886-Mar-04
PITTS, Taberta BENTON, Lewis 1896-Mar-21
PITWAY, Georgia DEVANCE, Louis 1895-Nov-12
PLATES, Nellie JONES, Washington 1888-Jan-25
PLEASANT, Sarah Jane SMITH, Richard 1893-Aug-05
PLEASENT, Lee WASHINGTON, Travis 1868-May-17
PLUMMER, Ida DAVIS, Major 1896-Aug-10
PLUMMER, Nora WAYMAN, Abraham 1893-Dec-25
POE, Frances JONES, Turpin 1883-Dec-29
POINDEXTER, Candis BROOKS, Frank 1874-Mar-04
POLDO, Patsey WILSON, Thomas 1883-Apr-12
POLK, Nettie HENDERSON, Willis 1872-Jan-02
POLYDORE, Martha MOORE, Linnis 1886-Mar-15
PONDS, Dora WESTERFIELD, Emanuel 1898-Feb-20
POPE, Sarah DAVIS, Henry 1884-Jan-03
PORTER, Bell CLEMMONS, Alex 1882-Mar-16
PORTER, Della BROWN, Axton 1897-Sep-30
PORTER, Diana HUDSON, Robert 1898-Mar-30
PORTER, Maria MOLLISON, Abram 1883-Sep-06
PORTER, Sophie DAVIS, Williams 1896-Feb-26
PORTERFIELD, Ida WALKER, Levi 1885-May-16
POTTER, Helen WALLACE, Ennis 1872-Jun-13
POTTER, Sophia BAKER, Joseph 1895-Nov-28
POTTER, Susan SUMMERSVILLE, Adam 1872-Jan-12
POWEL, Jane BROWN, Peter 1872-Feb-03
POWELL, Caroline BROWN, Thomas 1874-Oct-12
POWELL, Debra YOUNG, Samuel 1876-Feb-12
POWELL, Ester LEWIS, Martin 1895-Dec-21
POWELL, Mary BRADLEY, Anthony 1887-Oct-12
POWELL, Mary CLARK, John 1888-Dec-06
POWELL, Susie PETERSON, William Jr 1885-Jan-09
POWELLS, Jennie JOHNSTON, Isaac 1880-Jan-24
POWER, Kate M FARISH, W L Capt 1880-May-19
PRATT, Kitty WILSON, Goracel 1868-Jan-03
PRAYER, Mercy JONES, Samuel 1872-Sep-17
PRESTON, Ann CRAWFORD, Sim 1879-Jun-06
PRESTON, Betsy HARRIS, Rufus 1886-Jan-30
PRESTON, Caroline JONES, S L 1890-May-29
PRESTON, Fems STEWART, Alex 1876-Apr-08
PRICE, Doney DAVIS, Presley 1881-Feb-24
PRICE, Lizzie DIGGS, Alfred 1876-Jul-10
PRICE, Lucy WILLIAMS, Soloman 1886-Sep-26
PRICE, Lydia Ann WHITE, Dan 1894-Mar-15
PRICE, Matilda EVANS, Felix 1889-Jun-04
PRICE, Susana WILLIS, Barnabus 1893-Mar-23
PRINCE, Mary BALDWIN, William 1885-Feb-07
PROFIT, Margaret GRAMMER, John 1896-Feb-07
PROTHER, Duskannoe GORDEN, Alexander 1880-Oct-31
PUCKETT, James GREEN, Lula 1898-Mar-20
PUGH, Noah J OLIVER, Pauline 1886-Oct-15
PULLEY, Clark COLLINS, Augusta 1892-Dec-22
PURNELL, Amelia MATTHEWS, James 1895-Jan-17
QUINN, Julia BEVINS, Felix 1879-Dec-08



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