Issaquena County Brides

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NAILER, Charlotte JACKSON, Dennis 1881-Dec-21
NAILOR, Susan GRAHAM, Joseph 1893-Jan-10
NAILOR, Vicey SMITH, George 1886-Oct-23
NALEY, Lou DAVIS, Thomas 1884-Feb-20
NASH, Fannie B WALKER, C B 1894-Dec-17
NASH, Queen BROWN, Hector 1875-Mar-30
NASH, Winnie A WASHINGTON, Elonzo 1900-Feb-25
NEAL, Cora HATHAWAY, Thomas 1884-Aug-05
NEAL, Hettie FERGUSON, Israel 1900-Feb-01
NEAL, Margaret TRULY, Henderson 1898-Feb-10
NEAL, Tempe ROBINSON, William 1895-Feb-27
NEAMAN, Annie CLORE, Robert B 1877-May-13
NELMNS, Feby SIMMONS, Louis 1882-May-10
NELSON, Adaline JOHNSTON, Louis 1888-Feb-27
NELSON, Adeline JOHNSON, Louis 1888-Feb-01
NELSON, Affa GREEN, Prince 1889-Nov-23
NELSON, Bettie JEFFORDS, Luke 1893-Jan-17
NELSON, Betty MCCULLOUGH, Monroe 1885-Jun-04
NELSON, Caledonia WILLIAMS, George 1889-Dec-21
NELSON, Carrie DAVIS, J D 1888-Jan-12
NELSON, Dinah PETERS, S P 1887-Dec-22
NELSON, Elizabeth SMITH, William 1895-Apr-30
NELSON, Ellen SADDLER, George Jr 1891-Jul-17
NELSON, Emerline WALLACE, Anthony 1900-Dec-23
NELSON, Giny CUMMINGS, M J Miss 1885-Dec-31
NELSON, Henrietta EVANS, Jerry 1883-Jul-05
NELSON, Katie MARTIN, Levi 1881-Oct-14
NELSON, Mary Ann JOHNSON, Elias 1871-Nov-18
NELSON, Prescilla JENKINS, Leander 1884-Apr-24
NELSON, Susan BAKER, Samuel 1900-Sep-02
NELSON, Tina WALTON, Sol 1894-Jan-05
NELSON, Tinney SHANNON, Pamel 1891-Feb-20
NEPKINS, Amanda DAVIS, Soloman 1891-Aug-18
NEVINS, Nancy JACKSON, Thomas 1875-Aug-21
NEWMAN, Eliza BROWN, Charles 1888-Jan-14
NICHOLAS, Millie WILLIAMS, Joe 1872-Dec-18
NICHOLAS, Pinkey LOTSON, Jones 1891-Dec-01
NICHOLAS, Sylvia BASHFUL, Ed 1896-Dec-29
NICHOLES, Jennie ANDERS, Moses 1869-Dec-27
NICHOLSON, Arneta JEFFERS, Henry 1875-Jan-06
NICHOLSON, Patience MCCOY, Alex 1895-Mar-10
NICKELS, Lizzie WILLIAMS, Pomp 1884-May-01
NICKSON, Ella ANDREWS, G D 1899-May-08
NICOLS, Mattie ANDERSON, George 1892-Mar-06
NICOLSON, Lucinda WASHINGTON, Willie 1892-Jan-28
NIRTH, Mattie Ann RICE, Moses M 1880-Nov-24
NIXON, Easter RILEY, Aaron 1899-Jan-02
NOBLE, Emma COLEMAN, Lee 1891-Mar-04
NOBLE, Emma MITCHELL, Willis 1893-Jul-31
NOLAND, Amanda PETTWAY, Simon 1886-Feb-13
NOLAND, Amanda RIVERS, Joe 1896-Mar-12
NORRIS, Delia SPEARS, Silas 1894-May-05
NORRIS, Grace A CURRIE, Benjamin W 1899-Mar-14
NORRIS, J A Miss GILMORE, C S 1895-Jul-03
NORRIS, Sophie ROZIER, Phillip 1897-Jan-30
NORWOOD, Ruth PATTERSON, Washington 1893-Mar-04
OFFICE, Mintie JOHNSON, Joe 1891-Nov-08
OLIVER, Laura PRINCE, Collins 1892-Jul-15
OLIVER, Martha TAYLOR, William 1893-Dec-16
OLIVER, Mary GRIFFIN, James 1883-Apr-30
OLIVER, Paralina RAY, Moses 1891-Feb-13
OLIVER, Pauline PUGH, Noah J 1886-Oct-15
OLIVER, Tennessee OWENS, Simon 1888-Oct-13
ORANGE, Ella MCCASKILL, Dan 1894-May-16
OSBORN, Flice BRANDON, William 1892-Feb-04
OSBORN, Frances RILEY, Spencer 1895-Apr-07
OSEBERRY, Kate LENORD, Robert 1881-Jul-28
OTIS, Charlotte RAYMOND, Dennis 1867-May-02
OUTLAW, Harriet WILLIAMS, Fletcher 1895-Jul-25
OUTLOOK, Lula LAWSON, Amos 1893-Mar-20
OVERBERRY, Alice CHRISTMAS, Cornelius 1883-Oct-22
OWENS, Anna MURRAY, Charles 1872-Oct-04
OWENS, Caroline JONES, Cornelius 1893-Jan-21
OWENS, Hattie FRANKLIN, Charley 1897-Mar-14
OWENS, Lucy Ann ROBINSON, William 1894-Jan-18
OWENS, Tennessee BROOKS, Isaac J 1898-Dec-01
OWENS, Theresa LANE, Jesse 1873-Sep-23



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