Issaquena County Brides


LACEY, Emma MAYFIELD, Silas 1890-Oct-16
LACEY, Mary DEVINE, Lem 1896-Dec-24
LACEY, Rosa JOHNSON, William 1895-Dec-22
LACY, Sally AMERITY, Louis 1879-Sep-06
LACY, Sarah PAUL, Randall 1900-Dec-26
LAMB, Emma RIVERS, Henry 1892-May-07
LAMPKINS, Alberta PERKINS, Steve 1896-Nov-10
LAND, Venie JACKSON, Henry 1895-Apr-10
LANDSDOWN, Rosa COLLINS, Frank 1898-Oct-22
LANE, Keggie HUNT, Paul 1872-Jun-13
LANE, Prescilla PETERSON, James 1894-Jun-01
LANGADOWN, Francis LAWS, George 1875-Jan-08
LANGFORD, Ada PRICE, J E 1889-Mar-18
LANSDOMN, Lizzie DANIELS, William 1873-Jul-04
LANSDOWN, Sallie GOODLOW, Harry 1878-Dec-04
LANSING, Fanny EAGER, James W 1873-Jun-20
LATIMER, Martha BUTLER, Charles 1886-May-13
LATSON, Nancy BROWN, Jenkins 1897-Oct-09
LAURANCE, Lucinda MITCHELL, Wright 1873-Dec-08
LAVELL, Rhoda MCDOWELL, John 1887-Jun-07
LAWRENCE, Annie PARKER, Alonzo 1890-Jul-26
LAWS, Rosa MCGIVINS, Joseph 1884-Sep-20
LAWSON, Martha LONGMEYER, James 1892-Mar-01
LAWSON, Martha WRIGHT, Silas 1896-Sep-15
LAWSON, Precious KELLOGG, M B 1897-Aug-27
LAYMEYER, Mollie SHEPHERD, Charles 1887-Dec-08
LEE, Alice THOMAS, Robert 1889-Oct-31
LEE, Annie CHANEY, Robert 1897-Feb-25
LEE, Charlotte OUSLEY, Gus 1898-Mar-10
LEE, Cora GROSS, S J H 1890-Feb-17
LEE, Cora WOODY, Ephriam 1884-Dec-06
LEE, Diana GADSON, John 1868-Sep-28
LEE, Elsa JENKINS, Jim 1874-Feb-19
LEE, Fannie MCGEE, Sammual 1866-Nov-09
LEE, Harriet JONES, William 1898-Feb-14
LEE, Laura TAYLOR, Robert 1897-Dec-20
LEE, Letha Ann ELSIBY, Bill 1898-Sep-03
LEE, Mahaly CARTER, Henry 1896-Mar-21
LEE, Mary SMITH, James 1890-Jan-25
LEE, Mims CURRY, F B Mrs 1899-Jan-08
LEE, Minta WRIGHT, Frank 1884-Aug-22
LEE, Nancy PRESTON, Mack 1872-Jan-09
LEE, Nandonia DALLEY, William 1881-Jun-02
LEE, Nellie CHASE, Allen 1867-Feb-17
LEE, Nellie RICHARDSON, Frank 1897-Mar-09
LEE, Pearl DAVIS, Gus 1895-Dec-25
LEE, Polly FOSTER, Julius 1896-Oct-31
LEE, Rachel DAVIS, Winchester 1870-Jan-05
LEE, Rosa REECE, M M 1898-Jan-12
LEE, Sarah JOHNSON, Henry 1890-Feb-27
LEE, Sarah NELSON, James 1882-Aug-26
LEGGONS, Cherry FRAZIER, Abram 1885-Apr-16
LEGIAN, Billy ROLLING, Matilda 1880-Dec-12
LELAND, Dora STEWART, Ambrose 1896-Apr-02
LEONARD, Katie VICK, Charlie 1888-Aug-01
LESPMINCE, Hannah JOHNSON, Cornealius 1874-Jul-08
LESTER, Lizzie MCKINNEY, Abe 1892-Jan-13
LEVY, Elnora FORD, Collin 1883-Feb-14
LEWIS, Ann BIRCH, Benjamin 1890-Feb-16
LEWIS, Anna WILLIAMS, Pierce 1876-Nov-30
LEWIS, Annie STARKS, A W 1884-Jun-03
LEWIS, Callie MILLER, Jeff 1897-Jan-02
LEWIS, Clara GREY, W B 1885-Feb-10
LEWIS, Edie MORTON, Jack 1885-Jan-02
LEWIS, Elizabeth BROWN, Charles 1869-Aug-14
LEWIS, Elizabeth LEWIS, Laurance 1866-Sep-08
LEWIS, Ella STEWART, William 1891-Jan-16
LEWIS, Inez BONNER, Jesse 1878-Apr-20
LEWIS, Joanna HARPER, George 1887-Feb-24
LEWIS, Josephine JOHNSON, Dick 1897-Jul-06
LEWIS, Josephine MCCULLOUGH, Thomas 1895-Feb-26
LEWIS, Julia HENDERSON, Ben 1875-Nov-13
LEWIS, Lacy BROWN, Axton 1872-Jan-12
LEWIS, Lavinia HUTCHINS, George 1877-Oct-13
LEWIS, Louvinia THOMPSON, Warren 1878-May-01
LEWIS, Lucky LEWIS, Charles 1875-May-15
LEWIS, Lucy MILLER, Robert 1887-Jun-02
LEWIS, Lydia COLLINS, Ben 1898-Feb-16
LEWIS, Maggie HIGHT, Phillip 1896-Jun-13
LEWIS, Maria THOMPSON, Mingo 1878-May-18
LEWIS, Matilda JOHNSON, Frank 1869-Sep-11
LEWIS, Mollie ANDERSON, Lewis 1896-Dec-13
LEWIS, Murilda JACKSON, Ben 1883-Jan-27
LEWIS, Nora HARDY, Benjamin 1876-Nov-03
LEWIS, Sally ANDERSON, James 1884-Feb-21
LEWIS, Sarah WOODLANDS, Thornton 1878-Jan-30
LEWSEY, Mary CLENDENOM, Henry 1880-Feb-28
LIAS, Ellen ANDERSON, Alex 1884-Oct-03
LIGHTFOOT, Mana WALL, Plato 1872-Dec-18
LIGHTS, Annie BLACKWELL, Soloman 1872-Jun-24
LIGHTS, Elizabeth HITE, Tobe 1900-Jan-29
LIGHTS, Jane THOMAS, Henderson 1887-Jan-29
LIGHTS, Martha HEIGHT, David 1897-Feb-04
LINCONE, Celia SCOTT, Robert 1883-Apr-07
LINDSAY, Emmaline JOHNSON, Albert 1884-Oct-18
LINDSAY, Francis MILLER, James 1900-Apr-07
LINDSEY, Georgean JACKSON, Simon 1873-Feb-14
LINDSEY, Lenora TAYLOR, Charley 1895-Aug-11
LINDSEY, M A Miss NEAL, Allen 1897-Feb-04
LINDSEY, Mattie PITTS, William 1898-Oct-15
LINDSEY, Rachel GILMORE, Simon 1891-Oct-17
LINNKINS, Becky CHANEY, Joe 1870-Dec-22
LINTON, Annie EVANS, Andy 1890-Nov-20
LIPSCON, Flemming WINFIELD, Abe 1884-Aug-22
LIPSON, Minerva GREEN, Nimrod 1878-Dec-28
LISTON, Lon BOXLEY, Sam 1899-Dec-13
LIVINGSTON, Evaline VERNON, Bargain 1887-Nov-10
LOCKEY, Nancy WILLAIMS, Prince 1867-Oct-03
LOCUST, Lizzie TAYLOR, John 1880-Aug-12
LOGAN, Martha HARRIS, William 1875-Jun-15
LOKERS, Mary BROWN, Sam 1869-Jun-26
LOMAX, Minia COOPER, William 1882-Jul-05
LONG, Amebia JONES, George 1873-Aug-06
LONGMEYER, Nina WRIGHT, Felix 1891-Jan-05
LONY, Roxie GILMORE, Matthew 1897-Dec-25
LOTT, Rhoda TAYLOR, Simon 1889-Mar-02
LOUIS, India REES, Boston 1880-Nov-25
LOUIS, Rosey MOSELEY, Nathan 1881-Aug-05
LOURY, Martha WASHINGTON, George 1867-Aug-16
LOVE, Alice WOOLDRIDGE, William 1884-Nov-20
LOVE, Hara DENOIS, J B 1872-Mar-25
LOVELACE, Minerva THOMPSON, William 1872-Feb-28
LOVELESS, Henrietta GREEN, Frank 1878-Jun-15
LOWERY, Rhoda HOFFMAN, Jeff 1880-Aug-12
LOWRY, Chloegna HOLLINS, Calvin 1870-Sep-07
LOWRY, Martha BROWN, Duff 1894-Apr-07
LOWRY, Martha TEMPLE, Archie 1869-Dec-20
LOWRY, Virginia CREIGHTON, Frank 1896-Apr-26
LOWSON, Shady JOHNSTON, Fred 1898-Jul-27
LOYD, Lillie WILLIAMS, Charles 1899-Mar-02
LUCAS, Charity JACKSON, John W 1885-Feb-18
LUCAS, Gracie JOHNSON, William 1886-Apr-22
LUCAS, Martha YOUNG, David 1884-Jan-03
LUCKETT, Maria ROBINSON, Joseph 1885-Feb-10
LUCKETT, Mollie STEWARD, John 1885-Sep-02
LUETS, Judith MURRAY, James B 1874-Aug-17
LUHN, Maria F LUHN, Robert Julius 1883-Jul-24
LUMPKIN, Isabella GILMORE, Eli 1896-Oct-06
LUMPKIN, Kiah J REDMOND, Auvena 1899-Dec-23
LUMPKIN, Mary CHASE, Sylvester 1883-Oct-18
LUNKINS, Idella YOUNG, S L 1879-Dec-03
LUNNE, Sarah HUNT, Richard 1867-Apr-27
LURKENS, Edmona HENDERSON, Cicero 1877-Apr-12
LUSKER, Maria LEANARD, Griffin 1878-Jul-12
LYNCH, Emma DAVIS, Marshall 1894-Jan-11



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