Issaquena County Brides


KAISER, S C Miss EATMAN, E C 1874-Mar-26
KANE, Delia TERRELL, Smith 1882-Jul-05
KEE, Fanny WHEELER, Newitt 1889-Jan-13
KEGGLE, Alice WELLS, R W 1890-Aug-15
KELLY, Caroline DAVIS, Thornton 1898-Nov-19
KELLY, Margaret BOZEMAN, Joseph 1886-Jan-21
KELLY, Mary PRICHARD, James 1883-Jun-24
KELLY, Virginia CLARK, H A 1886-Mar-18
KELO, Katie LEAD, Dan M 1899-Jan-19
KELOCK, Martha LEE, John J 1884-Sep-11
KEMP, Rebecca GLOVER, Robert 1898-Jun-07
KENNEDY, Annie WILSON, Tug 1891-May-16
KENNEDY, Emma HAYS, Bob 1883-Oct-27
KETTEN, Amanda WRIGHT, Isac 1872-Oct-26
KEY, Julia CROSLEY, Willie 1891-Jul-16
KEYS, Gabrielle THOMPSON, Isaac 1896-Sep-19
KEYS, Isabella WILEY, Nelson 1898-Dec-09
KEYS, Savanah GREEN, John 1880-Nov-15
KEYS, Savania GREEN, John 1880-Dec-09
KILLIAM, Mary MOTLEY, Amos 1894-Jul-07
KILLIAN, Margaret R ROYCE, Owen 1882-Sep-14
KILLIAN, Mary YOUNG, J L 1884-Oct-28
KILLIAN, Mary Maria HUDSON, M P 1879-Jan-14
KIMBALL, Lettie MADDEN, Henry 1887-Jun-18
KINDALL, Amy ANDERSON, S D 1885-Jul-29
KING, Anna WILLIAMS, Charley 1886-Oct-03
KING, Annie BANKS, Elder Oliver 1881-Mar-24
KING, Charlotte JEANS, Reubin 1877-Nov-08
KING, Delphine GARDNER, Elijah 1888-Dec-13
KING, Emma FEWELL, Albert 1890-Oct-25
KING, Fannie WHITE, Charles 1895-Oct-26
KING, Lucy JAMES, Henry 1887-Jun-26
KING, Mary GOSS, Albert 1899-Mar-16
KING, Mattie HALL, Richard 1878-Nov-13
KING, Mustona BROWN, William 1896-Dec-25
KING, Nora DIXON, George 1888-Oct-29
KING, Rosetta WHITLOCK, Ed 1893-Nov-18
KING, Silvia HUNTER, Daniel 1892-Jan-21
KINGLAND, Mindy WILLIAMS, John 1873-Jun-25
KINNEY, Eliza COLEMAN, May 1888-Jan-05
KINNEY, Ellen DAVENPORT, Luke 1888-Nov-25
KINNEY, Harriet SPANN, Ike 1890-Nov-24
KINZIE, Mary BUTLER, George 1881-Nov-03
KNIGHT, Alice FILAX, Jimmy 1890-Dec-24
KNIGHT, Clarissa THOMPSON, Edward 1876-Oct-11
KNIGHT, Sallie KNOX, Judge Lowry 1880-May-08
KNOX, Della BROWN, James 1896-Dec-03
KNOX, Hester SMITH, Abe 1893-Jun-30
KNOX, Rebecca WRIGHT, Joseph 1899-Nov-09
KNOX, Sallie WIGFALL, Washington 1889-Jan-09
KNOX, Sarah HANDY, Milton 1885-Dec-23
KRAINS, Elizabeth MATON, Home 1869-Sep-23
KYLE, Parlee HOWARD, John 1900-Jan-18



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