Issaquena County Brides


FAIR, Libby Ann DAVIS, Charles 1873-Aug-29
FAIRFOX, Martha BRYAN, Romeo 1875-Jun-15
FALLS, Amanda SUMTER, John 1885-Dec-12
FANSSE, F C Miss HAMILTON, V P 1896-Jul-19
FARRELL, Clara FOY, Matthew 1889-Dec-01
FARRES, Linda HINDERSON, Willaim 1867-Feb-16
FARROW, Cecia BRANCH, George 1890-Nov-19
FEARS, Jane RUTHERFORD, Dempsey 1885-Feb-14
FEARS, Phoebe JACKSON, Andrew 1886-Oct-09
FEILDS, Sarha GRANISON, Thomas 1867-Jul-05
FELIX, Eveline WINSTON, John 1880-Jan-07
FENNECKE, Tina JONES, Levy 1898-Jul-07
FENNEY, Eveline GREEN, Dandy 1889-Feb-14
FERGUSON, Annie RICHARDSON, Seaborn 1899-Sep-14
FERGUSON, Candice PETERSON, William 1886-Mar-10
FERGUSON, Catherine JONES, Edward 1888-Dec-15
FERGUSON, Celia ROACH, Griffin 1876-Apr-18
FERGUSON, Christiana POWELL, Elijah 1886-Dec-18
FERGUSON, Dalphne CHISHOLM, Anthony 1873-Jan-11
FERGUSON, Mary GIBSON, Friday 1897-Feb-21
FERGUSON, Mary HANDY, Isaac 1887-Apr-14
FERREEN, Rebecca WASHINGTON, Sumpter 1884-Aug-20
FETIN, Cathorine HOLLAND, Elijah 1875-Jan-15
FETOSE, Millie HENDERSON, Gabriel 1879-Dec-29
FETSO, Millie ELLIS, Jackson 1877-Mar-21
FETZER, Alice JOHNSON, Oliver 1883-Oct-06
FETZHUGH, Vinie MOORE, Wilson 1894-Jan-25
FEWS, Eliza WILLIAMS, Charles 1879-Jan-02
FIELD, Lizzie JOHNSON, Henry 1885-Dec-05
FIELDS, Becky HOLLINTON, Acky 1891-Sep-31
FIELDS, Bettie ALLEN, Levy 1881-Dec-05
FIELDS, Catherine WATSON, Henry 1898-Dec-25
FIELDS, Emma BECKLEY, Sol 1894-Jun-06
FIELDS, Harriet HAMPTON, Jake 1893-Dec-21
FIELDS, Ida JACKSON, James 1892-Sep-10
FIELDS, Lula WALLACE, Henry 1889-Nov-13
FIELDS, Mary FISHER, John 1894-Mar-02
FIELDS, Matilda BOWMAN, Zack 1889-May-09
FIELDS, Patsey HENDERSON, Dock 1891-Mar-05
FIELDS, Phoebe SCOTT, Martin 1883-Dec-27
FIELDS, Rebecca BRUCE, William 1886-Apr-09
FIELDS, Rosa ADDISON, Lewis 1896-Feb-24
FIELDS, Rosa ARMSTEAD, Field 1897-Jun-29
FIELDS, Rosa Miss ADDISON, Lewis 1896-Feb-24
FIELDS, Sara HOCKLESS, Jacob 1885-Dec-17
FIFER, Tena ANGEL, John 1893-Jan-12
FIGURES, Rhoda WILLIAMS, Daniel 1873-Jan-21
FINCH, Ellena LEE, William 1893-Nov-20
FINCH, Mary SAMSON, George 1895-Apr-13
FINLOW, Rosa BANKS, Dennis 1887-Apr-09
FINNERY, Emma ROBERSON, Alec 1871-Mar-14
FINNEY, Annie MARTON, Thomas 1881-Jul-21
FINNEY, Ellen FOSTER, William 1881-May-28
FINNEY, Sophia HILL, Sandy 1877-Nov-22
FINNIE, Lillie HOLLY, Wesley 1900-Jan-29
FISHER, Alice YALES, Essex 1872-Aug-30
FISHER, Celeste JANUARY, Philip 1893-Jan-08
FISHER, Josephine CROPPER, Clinton 1894-Nov-05
FISHER, Lettie MITCHELL, Anthony 1898-Dec-10
FISHER, Mary JONES, William Alexander 1887-Feb-16
FISHER, Senna HUNTER, James 1874-Feb-28
FISHERMAN, Alena GALLAWAY, Paul Jr 1871-Jun-03
FITZHUGH, Lucilla ROZIER, Minor 1881-Feb-24
FITZHUGH, Mary CUMMINGS, Will 1898-Mar-31
FITZTINE, Hester PITTS, Westley 1884-Dec-18
FLAX, Ada THOMPSON, Frank 1899-Apr-02
FLAX, Agnes JENNIFER, George 1887-Dec-08
FLAX, Molly SLATE, Henry 1889-Jun-16
FLEMING, Millie BARBER, John 1888-Nov-15
FLEMING, Susan COLEMAN, G W 1883-Nov-21
FLEMMING, Betsy COLLINS, Frank 1887-Jan-08
FLEMMING, Betsy PRAXTON, James 1892-Mar-17
FLEMMING, Sarah BARNES, Nicholas 1890-Feb-02
FLETCHER, Julia FOSTER, Jerry 1895-Jan-03
FLONORY, Victory JOHNSON, Wade 1883-Jan-21
FLORIDA, Luvinia DIGGS, Sandy 1889-Sep-24
FLOWERS, Lizzie GALLOWAY, Samuel 1899-Jul-31
FOLEY, Annie BROWN, Monroe 1881-Feb-16
FOLEY, Belle SINGLETON, Alex 1891-Jan-08
FOLEY, Maria PETERSON, William 1896-Jun-06
FOLEY, Sarah PARKER, John 1888-Mar-01
FOLEY, Virginia BOWEN, Albert 1872-Dec-17
FOOTE, Chanie BARBER, Martin 1891-Jun-06
FOOTE, Henrietta BEACH, Nelson 1891-Jun-17
FOOTE, Lucy Ann MCGEE, Frank 1891-Jul-03
FOOTI, Emaline MALONE, Henry 1877-Dec-28
FORBES, Amanda YOUNG, C G 1887-Jan-10
FORD, Belle COLE, David 1889-Jan-10
FORD, Betsy CHAMBERS, Solomon 1888-Oct-31
FORD, Kate FLEMINGS, Momas 1882-Jun-15
FORD, Laura Ann CHAPMAN, Joseph 1882-Feb-24
FORD, Lizzie CLAXTON, John L 1885-Feb-07
FORD, Sarah MITCHELL, Hilliard 1900-Apr-26
FORD, Senia MCDANIEL, Mobley 1891-Feb-26
FOREMAN, Cornelia REED, Madison 1876-May-07
FOREMAN, Ellen TUCKER, E 1892-Feb-02
FOREMAN, Sarah ANDERSON, John 1892-Dec-15
FOREST, Sallie ISHMAN, Aaron 1882-Jan-11
FORREST, Joanna THOMAS, Monroe 1880-Apr-17
FORREST, Martha VINCENT, Ed 1898-Jan-21
FOSTER, Alice WILLIAMS, Charles 1899-Jul-26
FOSTER, Anna WILLIAMS, Adam 1879-May-07
FOSTER, Annie BELL, Louis 1882-Jul-14
FOSTER, Annie E ELLIS, John D 1899-Jan-11
FOSTER, Belle HAMILTON, James 1884-Dec-08
FOSTER, Celia JOHNSON, William 1885-May-26
FOSTER, Daphney MARSHALL, Daniel 1889-Jun-13
FOSTER, Elizabeth BUFORD, William 1898-Feb-23
FOSTER, Gilesta RAY, Moses 1897-Oct-24
FOSTER, Harriet ADAMS, Alfred 1886-Jan-26
FOSTER, Harriet Mrs ADAMS, Alfred 1886-Jan-26
FOSTER, Mary HODGE, Willis 1885-Sep-20
FOSTER, Matilda FOSTER, Henry 1900-Apr-15
FOSTER, Nancy NICHOLAS, Washington 1890-Feb-15
FOSTER, Rosa PETERS, Thomas 1898-May-26
FOTTER, Ira May BOWERS, Louis 1898-Jan-26
FOURTEEN, Clara BURTON, Willie 1898-May-30
FOWLER, Amelia MASON, James 1899-Sep-24
FOWLER, Betsey GRANVILLE, Edward 1884-Apr-04
FOWLER, Bettie LINCOLN, J H 1896-Jul-27
FOWLER, Emma HUDSON, Louis 1900-Sep-24
FOWLER, Fannie CLINTON, Floyd 1899-Dec-21
FOWLER, Harriet DENAHOU, Allen 1879-Aug-02
FOWLER, Sarah MACYOUNG, John 1887-Feb-24
FOX, Fannie HARRIS, James 1885-Sep-26
FOX, Jennie GARLLIAN, Granntte 1872-Dec-15
FOX, June WHEELER, Nims 1871-Dec-05
FRAGNES, Lucy GILMORE, Jack 1868-Jan-03
FRANCE, Harriet GILES, Newton 1890-Oct-20
FRANCIS, Eveline JAMES, William 1898-Apr-04
FRANK, Agnes HENDERSON, Jake 1874-Oct-03
FRANKLIN, Jane CLARRITT, Calvin 1884-Jan-31
FRANKLIN, Malinda DUNCAN, Derry 1878-Jan-02
FRANKLIN, Mary BLAND, Tom 1888-Feb-16
FRAZER, Viby JONES, Willaim 1869-Oct-03
FRAZIER, Agness CALHOUN, George 1880-Jan-30
FRAZIER, Charlotte HARRIS, Sandford 1874-Jan-02
FRAZIER, Fannie JACKSON, Thomas 1900-Nov-13
FRAZIER, Fronia WILLIAMS, Samuel 1884-Feb-14
FRAZIER, Linda WILSON, Nathan 1867-Aug-24
FRAZIER, Lydia CHANCEY, Richard 1876-May-13
FRAZIER, Mary ALLEN, Leroy 1875-Jun-17
FRAZIER, Sylvia NICKOLS, Jones 1888-Sep-12
FREDERICKS, Cassie PERRY, Essie 1898-Oct-24
FREEMAN, Mary CARTER, Richard 1879-Nov-10
FRENCH, Cynthia DIXON, Samuel L 1890-Mar-20
FRENCH, Jessie A COBB, John B 1892-Jan-28
FRENCH, Octavia O CHILDRESS, Frank 1894-Mar-20
FRESHWATER, Emma HARRIS, Archie 1869-Jan-14
FRITZHUGH, Chlora FLEMMING, Samuel 1872-Jan-05
FULLER, Margaret MCDUFFY, William 1878-Jan-15
FULTON, Caroline CARTER, Manuel 1896-Sep-04
FUNEY, Alice Sue MANUEL, Ceber 1875-Jul-30
FURDY, J N Miss BEVERLY, Frank 1891-Oct-07
FURGUSON, Fanny BOATLEY, George W 1884-Aug-10
FURGUSON, Lizzie NEAL, Shadrick 1882-May-10



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