Issaquena County Brides


EATEN, Nancy Jane SMITH, George 1881-Aug-20
EDWARDS, Daisey J DAVIS, H H 1897-May-23
EDWARDS, Lizzie WILLIAMS, Jacob 1885-Dec-24
EDWARDS, Lucy CYRUS, John 1889-Dec-30
EDWARDS, Lula HIDE, Felix 1889-Dec-26
EDWARDS, Lula WILLIAMS, Ed 1895-Jan-20
EDWARDS, Malina OWENS, E W 1898-May-20
EDWARDS, Perlina BUTLER, Spencer 1876-Dec-13
EDWARDS, Rachel THOMPKINS, Henry 1882-May-31
EDWARDS, Sallie TILLMAN, Henry 1900-Jan-01
EDWARDS, Slatia Ann THOMAS, Alfred 1876-Aug-31
ELANE, Susan WILSON, Jacob 1867-Nov-02
ELANN, Inlana BANKS, Robert 1871-Nov-18
ELLEN, Mamy WADDY, M M 1880-Dec-06
ELLIOTT, E A Mrs HAREN, E S 1872-May-03
ELLIOTT, M L Mrs HARWELL, J E 1882-Jan-01
ELLIOTT, Rachel SANDERS, Silas 1886-Nov-20
ELLIS, Amanda FARRS, Felix 1882-Jun-21
ELLIS, Dave Ann MORRIS, James 1890-Jun-05
ELLIS, Henrietta DAVIS, Joseph 1885-Aug-19
ELLIS, Louisa MILLER, Joseph 1900-Jan-24
ELLIS, Minervia WILSON, Sherman 1896-Nov-26
ELLIS, Minty BEASLEY, Stant 1891-Oct-18
ELLIS, O C Miss SMITH, J W 1900-May-01
ELLIS, Tennessee OLIVER, John 1880-Sep-09
ELLIS, Venus HALEY, Stewart 1891-Jan-22
ELLISON, Alice COOK, David 1897-Feb-15
EMILE, Catherine WALKER, Louis 1882-Jan-11
EMORY, Jane BROWN, Ed 1888-Mar-03
ENGLAND, Emily GIBSON, Sip 1895-Sep-07
ENOLDS, Martha CARTER, Henry 1900-Feb-02
EPHRON, Irene DANNELL, James 1897-Feb-22
ERMORY, Jane WASHINGTON, Cornelius 1884-Oct-09
ERVIN, George Ann DIAS, Prince 1896-Aug-27
ERVIN, Mary SYKES, Abram 1890-Mar-25
ESTELLE, Mary SCOTT, George 1879-Dec-25
ETHRIDGE, Henrietta BANSWELL, B J 1889-Feb-09
ETHRIDGE, Regina LEE, Frank 1892-Jan-24
ETHRIDGE, Sarah Jane DOUGLAS, Dennis 1890-Jun-19
EVANS, Angeline WALTON, Pet 1890-Aug-17
EVANS, Annie GRACE, John 1891-Aug-02
EVANS, Augusta GREGOURE, Armstead 1895-Jun-25
EVANS, Eliza LINDSEY, Pres 1898-Sep-25
EVANS, Fannie GRAYSON, Monroe 1895-May-24
EVANS, Fanny GREEN, Armstead 1883-Feb-19
EVANS, Mary NELSON, Samuel 1891-Dec-01
EVANS, Rose TAYLOR, Washington 1889-Mar-01
EVANS, Sallie HYOKER, Isaac 1877-Feb-05
EVANS, Sarah WILLIAMS, James 1894-Aug-27
EVENS, Ratchel WRIGHT, Henry 1881-Sep-10
EVINS, Mariah VOSS, William 1881-Jun-28
EWING, Laura SHORTEN, Lafayette 1894-Dec-06
EWINS, Ida MARTIN, Henry 1895-Nov-12
EXFORD, Ellen WILLIAMS, Henry 1885-Oct-19



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