Issaquena County Brides


ABBO, Rachael RICHEY, John 1896-Feb-06
ABERNATHY, Julia PARKER, Alex 1892-Mar-04
ACKIN, Georgiana HARRIS, Rufus 1885-Feb-14
ADAMS, Betsey MCCRAIG, William 1880-Nov-13
ADAMS, Caroline WILIAMS, Isaiah 1883-Nov-24
ADAMS, Carrie RAYMOND, William 1884-Sep-04
ADAMS, Carrie WILLIAMS, John 1888-Feb-17
ADAMS, Fannie ARSAN, Henry 1872-Mar-08
ADAMS, Joannie DAVIS, Robert 1880-Sep-11
ADAMS, Lida SMITH, Nelson 1897-Nov-20
ADAMS, Nancy ADAMS, Lawson 1877-Jan-29
ADAMS, Ollie SMITH, Davis 1883-Feb-15
ADAMS, Sallie MARTIN, Henry 1871-Jul-03
ADAMS, Savannah BROWN, Aaron 1895-Nov-28
ADAMS, Sophia SMITH, Aleck 1900-Jul-28
ADDISON, Anna WILSON, Ned 1887-Jan-06
ADDISON, Easter WHITE, R T 1886-Nov-01
ADDISON, Elizabeth JONES, B J 1895-Aug-15
ADDISON, Louisa SCOTT, George P 1899-Jan-18
ADDISON, Peggie PROFFIT, John 1900-Dec-26
ADDISON, Phebie FIELD, A J 1876-Feb-03
ADKINS, Susan GRANT, John L 1879-Jan-05
AGNES, Mary SMITH, Stephen 1886-Aug-01
AGNES, Sallie ROBERTS, Dan 1886-Apr-25
AIKENS, George Ann BURRELL, Sanford 1888-Jul-05
ALEXANDER, Lily BRAZIL, Wesley 1887-Nov-19
ALEXANDER, Mary Ann ADAMS, John 1878-Oct-08
ALEXANDER, Sarah DAVIS, Thomas 1884-Dec-24
ALEXANDER, Sarah WASHINGTON, Ross 1894-Jan-15
ALFORD, Caroline CRUMIEL, Raven 1874-Dec-19
ALICE, Pollyton BRYANT, Haywood 1884-Feb-12
ALLEN, Anna COLLINS, William 1896-Dec-18
ALLEN, Anna WHITING, Henry 1869-Jul-17
ALLEN, Bettie CASEY, Mose 1873-Aug-08
ALLEN, Bettie SCOTT, A P 1890-Nov-27
ALLEN, Charlotte NEWMAN, Paul 1870-Aug-08
ALLEN, Dora ALLEN, J C 1896-Mar-01
ALLEN, Dora Miss ALLEN, J C 1896-Mar-01
ALLEN, Easter YOUNG, Samuel 1897-Feb-06
ALLEN, Emma HARDEMAN, Levi 1889-Jan-10
ALLEN, Georgiana ALLEN, Solomon 1882-Aug-03
ALLEN, Lettie SPRALLS, Harry 1882-Dec-20
ALLEN, Margaret MCTASSELL, Horace 1878-Dec-30
ALLEN, Mary MAXEY, George 1888-Jul-12
ALLEN, Phoebe VINCIENT, Duncan 1890-Oct-30
ALLEN, Rosaline HOLMES, Allen 1893-Oct-28
ALLEN, Rush WILDER, Peter 1898-Jan-07
ALLENSWORTH, Barbara WILSON, Reuben 1887-Oct-16
ALLISON, Elizabeth HUBBOW, Major 1897-Sep-12
ALLOWAY, Elizabeth SMITH, Richard 1889-Jul-11
ALSWORTH, Katie COX, J W 1882-Feb-05
AMOS, Fanny FINNEY, John 1879-May-21
ANDERSON, A K Miss THAMES, Charles S 1899-Dec-29
ANDERSON, Annie WILKES, Will 1898-Nov-25
ANDERSON, Arrie BATES, Adam 1887-Feb-01
ANDERSON, Camelia GRIFFIN, John 1896-Mar-25
ANDERSON, Fannie WHITE, James 1885-Apr-17
ANDERSON, Fanny PURNELL, Dennis 1889-Jul-20
ANDERSON, Ida HARRIS, Joseph 1881-Mar-10
ANDERSON, Lizzie DAVENPORT, Johnson 1888-Mar-29
ANDERSON, Lucy ARBUCKLE, William 1883-Nov-18
ANDERSON, Lucy LOVE, John 1898-Jan-18
ANDERSON, Margaret CARSON, Leany 1869-Jul-01
ANDERSON, Maria MILES, Andrew 1884-Aug-20
ANDERSON, Mary CLARK, Green 1885-Dec-29
ANDERSON, Mary TURNER, Ed 1892-Apr-19
ANDERSON, Mary L YERGER, James R Jr 1889-Feb-12
ANDERSON, Mattie VAUGHN, Lorenzo 1894-Feb-20
ANDERSON, Phoebe Ann CHAMBERS, Murray 1891-Mar-13
ANDERSON, Serena GRIMES, William 1889-Apr-16
ANDERSON, Virginia HOWARD, Emanuel 1868-Oct-06
ANDREWS, Leanora BARNES, S T 1888-May-20
ANDREWS, Nannie ALFORD, Geo 1892-Oct-03
ANGER, Eva RITTER, Willaim 1870-Dec-23
ANN, Phaebe ADAMS, Alfred 1872-Mar-04
ANTHONY, Nelli SNEED, Bob 1872-Jul-20
APPERTON, Susan JONES, Harrison 1882-Nov-09
APPLETON, Rosa IRVIN, George 1877-Aug-09
ARCHER, Mary MADISON, Israel 1889-Dec-23
ARCHER, Minerva RILEY, Willaim 1869-Nov-29
ARMER, Julia BROWN, Dave 1892-Apr-09
ARMOR, Martha HOOKER, John 1893-Dec-27
ARMSTEAD, Ada CAESAR, William 1891-Dec-21
ARMSTEAD, Dianah WISDOM, Ben 1876-Aug-17
ARMSTEAD, Rhoda REYNOLDS, Charles 1888-Feb-14
ARMSTEAD, Sarah FARRIS, Louis 1884-Sep-07
ARMSTRONG, Dinah CLINGMAN, Henry 1886-Aug-12
ARMSTRONG, Mary WILLIAMS, Jacob 1882-Jul-22
ARMSTRONG, Rosa WILSON, Robert 1899-Sep-26
ARNETTE, Annie O PIERCE, F G 1887-Oct-05
ARRINGTON, Adeline MILLER, Isaiah 1887-Nov-08
ARRINGTON, Lillie BROWN, Scott 1896-Jan-08
ARRINGTON, Mary SNIDER, Frank 1893-Jan-28
ARRINGTON, Tempy BLAUNT, Squire 1893-Mar-24
ARTHER, Adaline LAURENCE, Edward 1885-May-10
ARTHUR, Mary ALSTON, Emanuel 1896-Jun-25
ARTHUR, Mary GREEN, John 1894-Jul-10
ARTHUR, Patty TUCKER, Lee 1884-Apr-25
ARTHUR, Rilla COOK, Elijah 1876-Dec-20
ASH, Annie GRAY, Albert 1891-Mar-31
ATKINS, Ida STEWART, Benjamin 1897-Nov-14
ATKINS, Sinie COLEMAN, Lee 1889-Apr-24
ATKINSON, Manervia WRIGHT, William 1890-Nov-20
ATSON, Mary LOUIS, James 1880-Feb-14
AUSTIN, Alice HENDERSON, Dennis 1900-Dec-12
AUSTIN, Charlotte BROOKS, Sam 1891-Jan-20
AUSTIN, Ida LANDERSON, Johnie 1879-Dec-17
AUSTIN, Idell WASHINGTON, Keat 1891-Dec-03
AUTHOR, Littie HARRIS, E B 1883-Apr-28
AYRES, Mima BLALOCK, Joseph 1877-Oct-25



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