Humphreys County Grooms

V - Z

VASSER, M P BLAKE, C H 1920-Nov-09
VAUGHT, Thomas THROGMARTIN, Elsie 1920-Oct-25
WADKINS, Adle THOMAS, Lizzie 1918-Feb-22
WADKINS, Will POWELL, Clensey 1918-Mar-03
WALKER, Edmond JOHNSON, Addie 1920-Mar-05
WALKER, Geo LOCKETT, Lula 1919-Dec-27
WALKER, H B TOLER, Minnie 1920-Apr-13
WALKER, Joe RICHARDSON, Elnora 1919-Dec-22
WALKER, Tom BETTEN, Lillian 1918-Jun-15
WALKER, Tom WILLIAMS, Sarah 1920-Apr-05
WALLACE, Elonzo CHAMBERS, Lizzie 1918-Mar-02
WALTON, John HILL, Masey 1920-Jul-16
WARD, Will ROBINSON, Lucy 1919-Dec-31
WASHINGTON, J W CRAFT, Minnie 1920-Oct-19
WASHINGTON, Lemon RODGERS, Lizzie 1920-May-01
WASHINGTON, Rufus DOTSON, Mattie 1919-Jun-30
WATES, John FILLACE, Hattie 1918-Aug-23
WATKINS, Geo JONES, Emma 1918-Oct-21
WATSON, Sam JOHNSON, Lorena 1920-Jun-30
WATSON, Wm JOHNSON, Viola 1920-Jan-12
WEBSTER, Lewis SCOTT, Viney 1919-Apr-22
WELLS, Charley POWELL, Maggie 1920-Sep-11
WELLS, Dave SMITH, Paralee 1920-Jun-19
WELLS, Isom GREEN, Pearlie 1918-Mar-13
WELLS, James WARD, Rosa Lee 1919-Dec-30
WELLS, Thomas WELLS, Jamie 1918-Mar-01
WHEELER, Willie BRAGGS, Adaline 1920-Oct-18
WHIPS, Levi WOODS, Majuly 1920-Nov-23
WHIPS, Will HILL, Maggie Lee 1919-Dec-19
WHIT, John REED, Lucy 1920-Oct-30
WHITE, Dewitt H MCCOY, Katherine 1919-Feb-15
WHITE, Floyd BIRD, Florence Holly 1920-Aug-07
WHITE, Jessie RICHARD, Mary 1919-Jan-28
WHITE, Larry EVANS, Alice 1919-May-24
WHITE, Payne TAYLOR, Clara 1920-Feb-14
WHITE, Westley JOHNSON, Willie 1918-Sep-28
WHITFIELD, Chanler SPAIN, Gertrude 1920-Mar-10
WIGLEY, Walter T SKINNER, Rosa May 1920-Aug-28
WILEY, Dan MARSHALL, Lizzie 1919-May-13
WILEY, Frank HILL, Jeffrey 1919-May-10
WILKES, Roger A AMMONS, Daisy 1920-Jul-26
WILLIAMS, Alex GIBBS, Janie 1920-Nov-13
WILLIAMS, Alex WILLIAMS, Viola 1919-Feb-01
WILLIAMS, Bill WEAVER, Lizzie 1920-Mar-06
WILLIAMS, Charley WILSON, Queen Annie 1918-Sep-04
WILLIAMS, Clarance CARY, Julia 1920-Dec-23
WILLIAMS, Daniel WILLIAMS, Sarah 1920-Dec-20
WILLIAMS, Downing Jr HUBBARD, Julia 1919-Jan-28
WILLIAMS, Eddie Martell VARNELL, Iva Newell 1920-Jul-12
WILLIAMS, Eugene EANS, Lula 1920-Apr-10
WILLIAMS, Geo MAY, Clara 1920-Mar-05
WILLIAMS, James SELTER, Ether 1920-May-13
WILLIAMS, Jim TIGLES, Eliza 1920-Mar-13
WILLIAMS, Joe TAYLOR, Lula 1919-Jun-04
WILLIAMS, John BANKS, Emma 1920-Jan-15
WILLIAMS, Johnnie PITTS, Maryline 1920-Dec-25
WILLIAMS, Johnson NICHOLS, Lou 1920-Jan-27
WILLIAMS, Jordon GOUDY, Mariah 1918-Nov-07
WILLIAMS, Lize REDMOND, Mary 1920-Dec-17
WILLIAMS, Lonia GORDEN, Martha 1919-Feb-03
WILLIAMS, Morris SMITH, Joe Anna 1920-Feb-21
WILLIAMS, Nathaniel RANSBURG, Lena 1920-May-08
WILLIAMS, Riley HARRIS, Viola 1918-Jul-13
WILLIAMS, Sam HORACE, Beck 1918-Dec-14
WILLIAMS, Sylvester GREY, Nat 1918-Dec-25
WILLIAMS, T BULLARD, Sarah 1920-May-13
WILLIAMS, Will GRIFFIN, Mariah 1918-Nov-09
WILLIS, James SLAUGHTER, Rosa 1918-Dec-26
WILLIS, Richard ELLIS, Estella 1918-Aug-27
WILSON, Geo VAUGHN, Bettie 1920-May-05
WILSON, Hy BROWN, Minnie Lee 1918-Oct-26
WILSON, John BLAINE, Rose 1918-Mar-17
WILSON, Johnnie JENKINS, Pearlina 1919-Dec-22
WOOD, Henry LEE, Callena 1920-Aug-04
WOOTEN, Wm DEWEESE, Leater 1921-May-17
WREN, Ottawa WASHINGTON, Elmira 1920-Jun-22
WRIGHT, Ben CARTER, Duala 1919-Dec-10
WRIGHT, Cliff CUNNINGHAM, Hattie 1920-Dec-27
WRIGHT, James JOHNSON, Lera 1919-Dec-19
WRIGHT, James MADISON, Mary 1920-Sep-25
YORK, Clent BATES, Mary 1918-Jul-06
YOUNG, Cleveland GARRISON, Hattie May 1919-Dec-27
YOUNG, Joe MORGAN, Florence 1920-Jun-03
YOUNG, Phelix JONES, Rosa Lee 1920-Mar-09



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