Humphreys County Grooms

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TARVEN, Shack BORMAN, Beatrice 1918-Jun-20
TATUM, Calvin COOK, Mollie 1919-Apr-05
TAYLOR, Dan ROBINSON, Ada 1918-Dec-21
TAYLOR, Geo JONES, Edna 1918-Sep-16
TAYLOR, Henry SIMMONS, Willie 1918-Dec-23
TAYLOR, J P HILL, Olevy 1919-May-03
TAYLOR, John MITCHELL, Missouri 1919-Jun-02
TAYLOR, Oxsom MURPHY, Clara 1918-Nov-16
TAYLOR, Will BRACY, Hellen 1918-Dec-23
TELDN, Richard Jr CROOK, Catherine 1919-Jun-14
TERRELL, James Willie WARREN, Lucy 1918-Nov-27
THOMAS, Dave MARTIN, Matilda 1920-May-27
THOMAS, Floyd REDMOND, Lucile 1918-Sep-28
THOMAS, Geo JONES, Lee Andrew 1919-Jun-02
THOMAS, Herman MCDALE, Eula 1918-Dec-24
THOMAS, Ike HARRIS, Julia 1918-Feb-07
THOMAS, Jessie DAVIS, Fannie 1920-Sep-16
THOMAS, Jim AMES, Eliza 1918-Aug-26
THOMAS, John Henry WATSON, Manervia 1920-Dec-18
THOMAS, Mitt RANSBERRY, Gus 1919-Dec-18
THOMAS, Walter CRAWFORD, Fannie Belle 1919-Apr-11
THOMAS, Will SCOTT, Mary 1920-Jan-28
THOMPSON, Abe BAILEY, Amelia 1919-Jun-26
THOMPSON, Abe SCOTT, Emma 1920-Dec-23
THOMPSON, Andy K SMITH, Della 1919-Dec-27
THOMPSON, James Earl THOMPSON, Effie May 1920-Dec-23
THOMPSON, John ROBERTS, Beatrice 1920-Nov-13
THOMPSON, John WILLIAMS, Sallie 1918-Nov-23
TIERCE, T Tillman WHITTINGTON, Oladge Bell 1920-Jul-28
TILLIS, Millade JAMESON, Luella 1918-Feb-08
TILLMAN, Lewis NELSON, Sarah 1918-Aug-24
TILLMAN, Richard BARNES, Lillie 1918-Mar-03
TILMORE, Henry BUTCHER, Mary 1920-Dec-28
TOLAR, Tom ELLIS, Berniece 1919-Apr-27
TOLLISON, John R MCCORLEY, Alma E 1919-Dec-27
TOMMINELLO, John RUSTICI, Virginia 1920-Jun-08
TOPKIN, Oscar ROBERTSON, Essie 1918-Nov-15
TOWNSEND, Robert HUNTER, Augusta 1920-Jul-13
TOWNZEN, James A AMMONS, Theo Docia 1921-Jan-20
TRAVIS, John PERKINS, Sella 1919-Dec-29
TRIBBETT, Sam HUDSON, Ludie 1920-Apr-09
TROTMAN, Lewis TURNER, Mary 1920-Mar-18
TRUIT, Robert COOK, Willie 1919-Jun-14
TUCKER, Henry BROCK, Emma 1920-Dec-18
TURNER, Cast JACKSON, Lonie 1920-Mar-13
TURNER, Mose NEAL, Bertha 1918-Nov-20
TURNER, Tom WILLIAMS, Agnes 1920-Mar-29
TURNER, Wm AMBROSE, Rosia 1920-Dec-30
TURRELL, John MORGAN, Fannie 1920-Mar-22
UPCHURCH, Jim WATSON, Docia B 1919-May-19



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