Humphreys County Grooms


RANDALL, Wm G EUBANKS, Willie May 1920-Feb-02
RANSBERRY, Gus THOMAS, Mitt 1919-Dec-18
RATLEY, Oliver GAINES, Lelia 1918-Sep-07
RAY, Earnest E COLEMAN, Geneva 1921-Jul-16
RAY, Gilbert FURGASON, Nellie 1919-Feb-20
RED, Lige HARRIS, Audie 1919-May-31
REDMOND, Robert COLEMAN, Lucile 1919-May-10
REED, Albert JAMES, Zewellen 1919-Dec-11
REED, Albert MOORE, Lucela 1918-Aug-01
REED, Archie CARTER, Jessie 1918-Dec-23
REED, Charley CAGE, Ella 1920-Aug-12
REED, Dan OSBURN, Sarah 1918-Feb-24
REED, Ruben POE, Mattie 1920-Feb-04
REED, Rubin FUGNA, Susie 1919-Mar-22
REED, Wm H NICHOLSON, Amelia A 1919-Dec-16
REID, Chris THOMAS, Willie May 1920-Jul-03
REMBERT, Cris PLEASANTS, Ora Lee 1918-Jul-31
RHODY, Albert HARRIS, Mary 1918-Feb-08
RICHARDS, Leroy JACKSON, Dinah 1919-Dec-28
RICHARDSON, Governer GRADY, Lilly 1918-Sep-16
RICHARDSON, Mat WOODRUFF, Isabella 1920-Jan-03
ROBBINS, Lee BOLDEN, Corine 1920-Dec-11
ROBERSON, Reed CARTER, Annie Liza 1920-Dec-24
ROBERTS, Marion SWITZER, Rosie 1919-Dec-13
ROBERTS, Odis WASHINGTON, Mary 1919-Dec-24
ROBERTS, Will MCLAIN, Lottie 1918-Feb-26
ROBINSON, Amos FURGISON, Rebecca 1920-Dec-30
ROBINSON, Charley SIMS, Ella 1919-Apr-05
ROBINSON, Clarance COLEMAN, Elnora 1919-May-01
ROBINSON, Clarance SMITH, Lillie Dee 1920-Mar-10
ROBINSON, Cox JONES, Henretta 1920-Jan-10
ROBINSON, J H COATS, Easter 1918-Dec-09
ROBINSON, John MCCOY, Martha 1918-Feb-15
ROBINSON, Vanderbilt GRIFFIN, Isola 1920-Dec-24
ROBINSON, Will DOTSON, Emma 1920-Mar-27
ROBINSON, Willie LASHLEY, Becky 1918-Mar-12
ROBY, Aaron JONES, Christine 1919-Apr-26
ROBY, Aaron SHEARS, Parthena 1920-Mar-27
ROBY, Joe JOHNSON, Topsy 1919-Apr-19
ROBY, Johnnie BLAITON, Rosy 1919-Apr-23
RODGERS, Jim GARNER, Philla 1918-Mar-10
ROGERS, Charley WINGHAM, Aline 1920-Nov-22
RUSH, J R SWITZER, Grace Pearl 1918-Oct-05
RUSSELL, Sol WHITE, Marthy 1919-Apr-28



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