Humphreys County Grooms

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OBANON, Soloman HEARD, Ada 1920-Oct-23
ONEAL, Anderson MARSHALL, Mary 1920-Mar-23
ONEAL, Green WALKER, Roxie 1920-Dec-06
OUTLAW, T C FOY, Dolly 1918-Sep-14
PAINE, Charley DAVIS, Willie Miss 1920-Oct-04
PAINE, G W LONG, Hazel 1921-Mar-15
PALMER, Alf DEAN, Ora 1920-Jul-31
PALMER, W A HARTNESS, Gladys 1921-May-24
PALMER, Will UMA, Will Ella 1920-Dec-30
PANKEY, Harry CALLOWAY, Hattie 1920-Oct-04
PARDU, Frank MCKINLEY, Efloa 1919-Dec-08
PARKER, Charley BOYKIN, Adella 1919-Jun-14
PATTERSON, Ceaser ESTES, Lena 1918-Dec-21
PATTERSON, Emanuel JACKSON, Laura 1920-Feb-28
PATTERSON, Jackson SIMMONS, Pearl L 1918-Oct-26
PATTERSON, Len EVANS, Alice 1918-Nov-21
PATTERSON, Murry JOHNSON, Eliza 1919-Dec-04
PEACE, Trim YOUNG, Henrietta 1918-Mar-22
PERCY, Charles SMITH, Roberty 1920-Nov-17
PERDUE, Bob CANNON, Rubie 1920-Dec-19
PERKINS, Charley HENDERSON, Katie 1920-Feb-21
PERRY, Wallace LINSEY, Olivia 1918-Oct-21
PERRY, Will PHILLIPS, Joe Anna 1919-Jan-12
PETTY, Willie Lee BORDAS, Ada 1919-Apr-22
PICKENS, Eddie HARPER, Annie 1918-Dec-24
PIERCE, John BAKER, Willie 1918-Oct-14
PITCHFORD, John JEWETT, Lula Bell 1919-Dec-20
POLK, Newt CARR, Maggie 1918-Dec-19
POTTS, Dennis SWANS, Mary 1920-Dec-23
POWELL, Robert FLETCHER, Lucinda 1919-Dec-23
PRESTON, Mose HURT, Callie 1920-Mar-06
PRESTON, Robert JONES, Mattie 1920-Jan-06
PRICE, J C Jr COOPER, Inez S 1921-Apr-29
PROFFIT, Wm TURNER, Alice 1920-Jan-31



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