Humphreys County Grooms

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MANNING, Wesley ISRIAL, Elizabeth 1920-Mar-15
MARLOW, Aaron MATHEWS, Sarah 1919-Dec-29
MARSHALL, A L NELSON, Fannie 1920-Nov-18
MARSHALL, Charley GREEN, Mary 1920-Jun-19
MARSHALL, Miller HUDSON, Willie 1918-Dec-23
MARTIN, Andrew WILLIAMS, Maggie 1918-Mar-10
MARTIN, J P JONES, Kathleen 1920-Nov-29
MATHEWS, Isach MCCRAW, Sadie 1920-Jul-07
MATHEWS, Tom BROWN, Rachiel 1920-Apr-26
MAYBERRY, John PARKER, Rebecca 1920-Oct-30
MAYS, Murphy WEAKLY, Ollie 1919-Dec-04
MCALISTER, John BLYE, Ruby 1919-Jun-09
MCCATTRELL, Jim BIGSBY, Essie 1920-Jun-26
MCCATTRELL, Jim EDWARDS, Peggy 1918-Feb-13
MCCLAN, John LEWIS, Clara 1920-Oct-16
MCCLOUD, Albert BROWN, Willie May 1918-Dec-13
MCCLOUD, Henry FREEMAN, Mariah 1920-Oct-28
MCCRAY, John HOLT, Marthy 1918-Aug-14
MCCURTY, Claibourn WILSON, Lucille 1918-Aug-24
MCDONALD, BROOKS, Ena Lena 1920-Nov-25
MCDONALD, Eugene STARKS, Mary 1918-Nov-16
MCDOWELL, Robert WISLEY, Mamie 1918-Jun-22
MCFARLAND, Willie JOHNSON, John 1919-Dec-08
MCGALL, Harrison BISHOPP, Matilda 1920-Dec-07
MCGRUDER, Jessie KING, Belvy 1919-May-06
MCHAN, J R WHITE, Minnie L 1920-Dec-22
MCINTOSH, Andrin SMITH, Henrietta 1919-Feb-15
MCINTOSH, Leslie VAN, Ruby 1918-Feb-21
MCINTOSH, Maurice NELSON, Willie 1920-Nov-22
MCKEE, Carl FERGUSON, S A Miss 1921-Jan-05
MCKINNEY, G F SMITH, Girlie 1918-Aug-08
MCLAIN, Albert WHEELER, Cora 1919-May-13
MCLAIN, O L KEYES, Mary 1921-Jun-17
MCLENDEN, Wilson DAVIS, Bell 1919-May-06
MCNEILL, Archie A POPE, Annie Maude 1920-Dec-27
MELTON, James STORY, Birdie 1920-Nov-20
MILLER, Hughey HUCKERBY, Ada 1920-Oct-12
MILLER, John FLETCHER, Nellie 1919-May-06
MILLER, Mack PERRY, Mary 1918-Nov-30
MILLER, Marc MCCLELLAN, Velma 1920-Apr-03
MILTON, Joe HALL, Rosa Lee 1920-Oct-07
MILTON, Jorden SHIPPINGS, Willie 1918-Mar-15
MIMS, Joe JEW, Nattie 1920-Dec-13
MINOR, Charley OUTON, Annie 1918-Aug-03
MITCHELL, Buster HURST, Willie Ann 1918-Aug-05
MOLET, Ed WILLIAMS, Bula 1920-Jul-05
MOLETTE, Ed RICHARDS, Ella 1918-Jul-26
MONROE, Proffit HALL, Annie B 1918-Aug-12
MONTGOMERY, Thomas HAYNES, Gena 1920-Mar-27
MONTGOMERY, Victor B CAMPBELL, Nola Belle 1920-Sep-14
MOODY, James R STEWART, Nancy 1918-Sep-28
MOORE, Albert ROSS, Beatrice 1920-Jan-31
MOORE, Charley BRANDON, Virginia 1920-Nov-06
MOORE, Henry MINER, Estelle 1919-Apr-26
MOORE, Jim TYLER, Mary 1919-Dec-27
MOORE, Lewis STEWART, Rebecca 1919-Apr-22
MOORE, Tip NAILOR, Bertha 1920-Jan-10
MORGAN, Albert FISHER, Miller 1918-Mar-01
MORGAN, Andrew WELLS, Sallie 1919-Apr-19
MORGAN, Arthur JORDEN, Fannie 1918-Mar-25
MORGAN, Charley TRAVIS, Pearly 1918-Dec-17
MORGAN, Jim BYRD, Lenora 1919-Feb-03
MORRIS, Sam MORRISON, Josei 1919-May-14
MORRISON, Mckinley TAYLOR, Tena 1918-Mar-15
MORTON, Dock PEATER, Willie 1918-Jun-22
MOTEN, Dave WHITE, Minnie 1918-Oct-26
MOTEN, John CARTER, Ada 1920-May-15
MOTON, Albert ROBINSON, Odusta 1919-Apr-28
MUNSON, Walker WEATHERS, Jessie Bell 1920-Jan-17
MURPHY, Robert LARD, Ellen 1918-Sep-10
MURRY, John GRIFFIN, Orlena 1918-Jun-13
MYERS, Clifton GOUDY, Millie 1920-Jun-22
MYERS, Cyrus WALKER, Bettie 1919-Jan-28
MYERS, S E COLEMAN, Carrie 1918-Sep-11
NANCE, James GEORGE, Callie 1918-Dec-19
NEALS, Roscoe STAKES, Mary Jane 1918-Mar-17
NELMS, Pimp , Creole 1920-Mar-27
NELSON, David IRVIN, Lillie 1919-May-08
NELSON, Isom ANDERSON, Angelina 1919-Jan-25
NELSON, Willie MCINTOSH, Maurice 1920-Nov-22
NELSON, Willis HICKS, Viola 1920-Jan-09
NEWKIRK, Wm Mckinley BARNER, Marie 1919-Apr-24
NORWOOD, Ed BYRD, Mila 1920-Jul-27
NORWOOD, Geo RAGLAND, Allie Lee 1920-Mar-19
NORWOOD, Wm Hy SIMMONS, Bettie 1918-Oct-23
NUTALL, Hy PARKER, Fannie 1918-Oct-22
NUTALL, Jim WALKER, Salina 1920-Dec-06
NUTALL, Robert PICKENS, Margaret 1920-Jan-31
NUTALL, Sam Jr JACKSON, Johnnie Ella 1920-Mar-21



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