Humphreys County Grooms

K - L

KELLY, David JORDAN, Carrie 1920-Feb-02
KELLY, John CLARK, Beaula 1919-Dec-26
KEMP, Thomas F CHUNN, Josephine 1918-Dec-21
KEYS, Jessie EVANS, Christina 1920-Nov-04
KIDD, Daniel ELDRIDGE, Nena 1918-Dec-23
KIMBLE, Joe SMITH, Unis 1920-Dec-21
KING, Dan ONEAL, Tonnie 1920-May-15
KITCHEN, Tom TOWN, Ether 1918-Mar-12
KNIGHT, Charles HOUSTON, Mary 1920-Feb-02
KNIGHT, Manual KENNEDY, Lucy 1920-Apr-09
KNOX, Joe WATKINS, Ella May 1919-May-19
KYNER, John GRIFFIN, Beatrice 1919-Dec-12
LARD, Richard MOODY, Rosetta 1920-Apr-16
LATEMORE, Jake BLANTON, Mary 1919-Dec-10
LATIMORE, Will WOODS, Mattie 1918-Jun-29
LEE, L D ADAMS, Viana 1919-Dec-12
LEE, Sammie EVANS, Sarah 1918-Feb-01
LEE, Simon SIMMONS, Pernetta 1920-Jan-28
LEMONS, Walter OWENS, Canary 1920-Jul-19
LENARD, Ned ROBINSON, Sarah 1918-Feb-22
LEVERT, John BARBER, Plumy 1920-Sep-02
LEVY, Manual JACKSON, Leony 1918-Dec-24
LEWIS, Henry WASHINGTON, Mollie 1919-Jan-19
LEWIS, Hudson MCGEE, Rosie 1920-Feb-14
LEWIS, Robert HARDY, Alice 1918-Oct-08
LEWIS, Soloman JACKSON, Clarissa 1918-Jul-31
LINDSEY, Wm CARR, Bessie 1918-Feb-18
LIVINGSTON, Oscar DAVIDOW, Sylvia 1919-Apr-09
LLOYD, John READ, Dan Ella 1920-Jul-17
LOVE, Pompey WALLACE, Susan 1918-Mar-03
LUCKET, Ben GARRETT, Oseda 1918-Mar-01
LUCKET, John SHERMAN, Luellen 1918-Nov-30
LUCKET, Torso RILEY, Annie Dee 1918-Feb-25
LUCKET, Wiley WILLIAMS, Laura 1919-May-12
LUSBURN, Ed SCOTT, Bessie 1918-Mar-15
LYNCHARD, Ed HENLEY, Edna 1920-Jun-12



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