Humphreys County Grooms

I - J

INGRAM, W A MORGAN, Lovera 1920-Apr-17
IRVING, Wm CHAMBERS, Lovey 1920-Jan-22
ISREAL, Richard GIBSON, Emma 1918-Jul-08
IVORY, Tom TANNER, Lucile 1920-Feb-25
JACKSON, Allen HUGHES, Lillie 1918-Dec-20
JACKSON, David MILLINGTON, Florence 1918-Feb-08
JACKSON, Neely JOHNSON, May Belle 1920-Oct-09
JACKSON, Ollie IRVIN, Ether 1919-May-10
JACKSON, Robert THOMAS, Annie 1919-Mar-08
JAMES, Isac JONES, Lelia 1918-Mar-01
JAMES, Jim BRIDGES, Lucy 1920-Sep-04
JAMES, Junius TAYLOR, Florence 1919-Mar-31
JEFFERSON, Geo THOMAS, Beatrice 1918-Mar-15
JEFFRIES, Will CHATMON, Catheine 1920-Mar-12
JENKINS, Herman WATKINS, Harriet 1918-Oct-22
JENKINS, Jim MILLER, Carry 1919-May-24
JOHNSON, Charley GARRON, Augusta 1920-Nov-24
JOHNSON, Charley MANLEY, Guynetta 1919-Dec-18
JOHNSON, Charley PATTERSON, Lena 1919-Dec-20
JOHNSON, Charley POWELL, Thelia 1920-Mar-20
JOHNSON, Charley REYNOLDS, Susie 1919-Feb-03
JOHNSON, Dock HAYWOOD, Clara 1919-Jun-03
JOHNSON, Ezeikel JOHNSON, Rosella 1920-Dec-23
JOHNSON, Fred DEZELL, Lula 1920-Nov-06
JOHNSON, Geo HUDSON, Mary 1920-Dec-16
JOHNSON, Hy MOORE, Mosella 1918-Oct-05
JOHNSON, James HERNEY, Annie 1919-Dec-24
JOHNSON, John MCFARLAND, Willie 1919-Dec-08
JOHNSON, John TURNER, Luvenia 1918-Feb-07
JOHNSON, Lonie PUTNAM, Addie 1919-Dec-17
JOHNSON, Mack RASCOE, Sophia 1920-Dec-30
JOHNSON, Mat BROOKS, Lou 1920-Apr-07
JOHNSON, Peter HUGHES, Pernella 1918-Jun-11
JOHNSON, Sam HASKINS, Adaline 1920-May-18
JOHNSON, Samuel HATCH, Mary 1920-Dec-03
JOHNSON, Tom LOVE, Ellen 1919-Dec-09
JOHNSON, Walter SMITH, Ethel 1919-Apr-07
JOHNSON, Will LEE, Sarah Ann 1920-Feb-14
JOHNSON, Willis SHERROD, Evelyn 1920-Dec-11
JOINER, Reuben HARRIS, Ellen 1918-Jul-15
JOINER, Wiley MOORE, Ellen 1918-Mar-06
JOLLIFF, W L HAYS, Pessie 1920-Apr-18
JONES, Albert MITCHELL, Annie 1918-Oct-05
JONES, Alex MORGAN, Rosetta 1918-Feb-25
JONES, Archie CASSIDY, Nomie B 1920-Jul-24
JONES, Dennis SIMMONS, Angeline 1920-Sep-06
JONES, Dozzy WILSON, Alice 1920-Jan-27
JONES, Eddie STUCKENS, Rosie Lee 1920-Mar-18
JONES, Essex CARRUTHERS, Closell 1919-Jan-22
JONES, Jerry BROWN, Ella Lee 1920-Nov-27
JONES, Jessie Jr ROE, Rosie 1919-Apr-03
JONES, John ROBERSON, Callie 1920-Apr-10
JONES, John W ELLIS, Elizabeth 1920-Jan-08
JONES, Lee Andrew THOMAS, Geo 1919-Jun-02
JONES, Melvin MCQUEEN, Annie 1918-Mar-17
JONES, Monroe MINGO, Minnie 1919-Dec-03
JONES, Pinkey STRICKLAND, Joe 1920-Dec-13
JONES, Preston JONES, Carry 1920-Jun-05
JONES, Sam WILLIAMS, Ada 1918-Dec-23
JONES, Sidney LYNCH, Saddie 1920-May-10
JORDAN, Frank GADBERRY, Elizabeth 1920-May-01
JORDAN, Walter DIXON, Lou Ella 1920-Apr-16
JORDON, Robert SMITH, Lula 1919-Dec-06



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