Humphreys County Grooms

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GAINES, Jessie COLDWELL, Carrie 1919-May-24
GALASPY, Marion EDWARDS, Mary Belle 1920-Mar-03
GAMBLE, Oscar SMITH, Lizzie 1920-Dec-04
GARDINER, Turner JORDAN, Amanda 1918-Jun-27
GARNER, Landus LEWIS, Mary 1919-Dec-06
GARNER, Richard LOVE, Deatie 1919-Dec-23
GARY, Mckinley WOOTEN, Anna May 1920-May-15
GATTON, John COLLENS, Elvin 1919-Dec-06
GAYDEN, Clebern WRIGHT, Daisey 1918-Dec-14
GEATHERS, Clark BOSTICK, Corea 1918-Dec-28
GENTRY, Walter TAYLOR, Alice 1918-Feb-21
GENUS, John BAKER, Carrie 1919-Dec-12
GERREL, Collier THURMAN, Sallie 1918-Jun-15
GIBSON, Elem MITCHELL, Eliza 1918-Feb-22
GIBSON, Flem HARRISON, Susie 1920-Sep-25
GIDEN, Wesley STAMPS, Rachel 1920-Sep-16
GINN, Isaac YOUNG, Charity 1920-Nov-25
GIVENS, Lanzie CASTON, Delia 1920-Dec-23
GLEN, Alvin DAVIS, Mary 1919-Mar-19
GOFF, Charley DEVINE, Athesteen 1919-Apr-01
GOLDEN, Allen MILES, Creola 1920-Oct-14
GOODEN, Ben BASS, Mamie 1920-May-28
GOODEN, Tom WHITE, Jessie Lee 1920-Apr-02
GOODWIN, Henry VENSON, Auvie 1919-Mar-05
GORDEN, Norman HAYNES, Julia 1920-Dec-28
GOSS, J W MYREDITH, Myrtel 1921-Jan-25
GREEN, Edward TOLSTON, Louise 1920-Dec-27
GREEN, Sam WALKER, Mariah 1918-Aug-29
GREER, Charley JOINTER, Hattie 1918-Dec-18
GREY, Mack SMITH, Luberty 1920-Feb-19
GRIFFIN, James PATTERSON, Julia 1919-Dec-06
GRIMES, Jessie BARRER, Ludie 1918-Mar-03
GRUBBS, J H BASS, Cristine 1920-Dec-21
GUIS, Augustus LENOX, Violet 1919-Dec-23
HAGAN, W S BUCHANNAN, Minnnie 1918-Dec-26
HAGGART, Will POWELL, Lucile 1920-May-05
HALL, Willie JOHNSON, Flossie 1920-May-01
HANDY, Tom JACKSON, Lindy 1920-Aug-14
HANKERSON, A G AUSTIN, Manda 1919-Jun-02
HARDMAN, Nathan AUSTON, Pearl 1918-Jun-28
HARDSON, Johnnie JONES, Viola 1920-Dec-15
HARGROW, Woodie ALLEN, Rosie Lee 1920-Aug-27
HARPER, Albert WALTON, Sarah 1919-Apr-30
HARPER, Scott BARNES, Anna Bell 1920-Feb-26
HARPER, Willie TRIPLETT, Mattie 1920-Oct-09
HARRIS, Ed REEDY, Mary 1918-Sep-02
HARRIS, Erias KNIGHT, Effie 1918-Dec-09
HARRIS, Frank LUCKET, Murt 1918-Oct-26
HARRIS, Homer LOVORN, Vena 1919-Dec-08
HARRIS, Jeff WASHINGTON, Georgia 1918-Oct-19
HARRIS, Ollie FULLER, Maggie May 1920-Feb-03
HARRIS, Peter SMITH, Armelia 1920-Nov-17
HARRIS, Theopalis CHAIN, Will Ella 1920-Feb-02
HARRIS, Turner REED, Matilda 1920-Jan-31
HARRIS, Willie GRIFFIN, Violet 1920-Jan-08
HARRISON, Willie CARADA, Francis 1920-Dec-11
HARVARD, Isach WARDEN, Eveline 1920-Oct-07
HARVEY, Mcnary GUNN, Marie 1919-May-13
HARVEY, Wm WEATHERFORD, Sarah 1920-Jul-20
HAYNES, Algin BURRUS, Leona 1919-Dec-23
HAYNES, John HARRELL, Daisey 1918-Sep-07
HAYTORNE, Allen ROBINSON, Alberta 1918-Aug-17
HAYWOOD, Charley J WILLIAMS, Ora 1919-Dec-13
HAZELWOOD, Henry HARRIS, Emma 1918-Jan-22
HEARTH, Geo CHAPMAN, Beatrice 1920-Jan-06
HEMPHILL, Walter BARNES, Martha 1919-Dec-06
HENDERSON, Arthur SANDERS, Mattie 1920-Mar-02
HENLEY, J H DALLIS, Mary 1920-Dec-04
HENLEY, Robert MORGAN, Francis 1920-Jan-12
HENRY, John JAMES, Janie 1920-May-08
HENRY, Wister CHILES, Francis Mary 1920-Jun-01
HERRON, Geo GOLDEN, Lula 1919-May-19
HIBLER, Coleman COX, Mary 1919-Feb-01
HICKS, Frank MORGAN, Willie 1919-May-03
HIGDON, Bud LESTER, Mary Louise 1918-Nov-30
HILBURN, B S MILLER, Cammie V 1920-Sep-28
HILL, David MOORE, Ethel 1920-Feb-27
HILL, Jeffrey WILEY, Frank 1919-May-10
HILL, Percy ORANGE, Susie 1920-Jun-02
HINTON, Horace DUNCAN, Callie Willis 1920-Jul-03
HINTON, Horace DUNCAN, Carry 1920-Jun-22
HINTON, Lewis KIRKWOOD, Lucy 1919-Jan-21
HODGE, Willie WINSTON, Rosa Lee 1919-Jun-07
HOGAN, Lee AUTREY, Addie 1920-Apr-03
HOLLOWAY, Oscar GILMER, Maggie May 1920-Oct-18
HOOVER, Henry HOUSTON, Elizabeth 1919-Dec-15
HOPE, Andy PATTERSON, Marthy 1918-Sep-21
HOPKINS, Bennie MARTIN, Madaline 1920-Apr-24
HORACE, Albert HARRIS, Ethel 1918-Mar-13
HORACE, Isaac BERTH, Annie Ruth 1919-Dec-12
HOUSTON, Herbert HICKMAN, Ella 1918-Feb-24
HOUSTON, Tollie JONES, Christiana 1920-Sep-13
HOWARD, Lit JOYNER, Alice 1920-Nov-20
HOWARD, Milton SAPHO, Laura 1920-Aug-30
HOWARD, Willie WHITE, Lillie 1920-Sep-13
HOWELL, Henry BAILEY, Mary 1918-Sep-07
HUDSON, Albert BILLUP, Isabell 1919-Dec-26
HUDSON, Henry HARRIS, Margaret 1919-Apr-10
HUGHERY, Sam JONES, Lula 1920-Dec-17
HUGHES, John THORNTON, Elnora 1918-Mar-17
HUGHES, P J SASAFRAS, Captoria 1920-Mar-27
HUTCHENS, Ike WALKER, Thorley 1920-Feb-20
HUTCHERSON, Whitney JONES, Issaquena 1920-Apr-29



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