Humphreys County Grooms

E - F

EASLEY, Bud ADAMS, Violet 1920-Feb-18
EDWARDS, Dave Jr WILSON, Mary 1920-Dec-23
EDWARDS, Will PARMOUR, Winnie 1920-Aug-23
EDWARDS, Willie BURKS, Wilella 1920-Feb-20
ELDRIDGE, Jimmie WILLIAMS, Pearlie 1919-Dec-23
ELLIS, Jessie HARING, Letha 1919-Dec-24
ENELL, Alfred REMBERT, Fannie 1920-Mar-02
ENGLISH, Sam MURPHY, Geldine 1919-Dec-24
ESTES, John THURMAN, Alice 1920-Feb-20
EVANS, Frank POOL, Marthy 1918-Nov-04
EVANS, Henderson MAYS, Earnestine 1919-Jan-21
EVANS, Jack WHITE, Pearl 1919-Feb-25
EVANS, Norman SCREWS, Pearl 1921-Apr-02
EVANS, Richard SANDERS, Mary B 1918-Feb-08
EVDGE, Ellis ITTERS, Margarett 1919-Dec-31
EVERETT, Clifton HUNTER, Mary 1920-Jul-30
FARISH, Houston CARR, Lillie 1920-Mar-23
FARMER, Ed BENSON, Lizzie 1919-Apr-14
FAY, Eddie SIMPKIN, Jeannette 1920-Apr-02
FIELDS, Daniel W SHARP, Fra A 1920-Sep-17
FIELDS, Johnnie NUNN, Carry 1920-Nov-18
FIFER, Ed CROZIER, Liza 1920-Jul-30
FISHER, Jim PEARY, Catherine 1920-Apr-23
FISHER, Miller MORGAN, Albert 1918-Mar-01
FISHER, W A LYON, Allie Gene 1921-Jun-09
FISHER, Will JORDEN, Minnie 1918-Dec-23
FORD, Chris GARY, Pinky 1920-Jan-03
FOSTER, Willey BEASLEY, Marion W 1918-Nov-27
FOUNTAIN, Jordan PAGE, Arrissa 1920-Feb-09
FOY, Earnest ROBERSON, Nora 1920-Aug-14
FRANCE, Charles MATTHEWS, Rebecca 1920-Aug-24
FRAZIER, James W MILLWOOD, Hattie 1919-Feb-22
FREEMAN, Josh KING, Malinda 1920-Jan-15
FREEMAN, Willis PRICE, Lillian 1920-Dec-18
FRIESON, Albert KENNEDY, Lettie 1920-Feb-12
FRY, Cleveland JONES, Estell 1920-Jan-10
FULTON, Wm STEWART, Hailey 1919-Dec-06
FURGISON, Ernest PERDUE, Amy 1918-Dec-29
FURGUSON, Oscar COOK, Mollie 1920-Nov-13



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