Humphreys County Grooms


SABARS, John NICKOLS, Delia 1918-Feb-21
SANDERS, Andrew CARR, Annie 1919-Feb-03
SANDERS, Goodwin EVANS, Hester Bell 1919-Dec-25
SANDERS, Percy THOMAS, Lee Bessie 1920-Apr-21
SANDLING, W T DOWNS, Ava 1920-Aug-18
SCALES, John WAITS, Mattie 1919-Apr-01
SCOTT, Ambrose DAVIS, Sallie May 1919-Feb-13
SCOTT, Edgar ANTHONY, Carrie Belle 1918-Feb-07
SCOTT, John LEE, Sarah 1920-Sep-22
SCOTT, Thomas THOMAS, Elila 1918-Aug-01
SELLERS, John SMITH, Minerva 1920-Jul-03
SELYIUS, Ike BANKSTON, Anna 1920-Mar-12
SESSIONS, Jake MOSELY, Victoria 1919-May-09
SHACKLEFORD, S V SCOTT, Viola 1920-Jan-31
SHARPE, D P GREGORY, Grasie L 1920-Nov-24
SHERMAN, James HILL, Virginia 1918-Sep-15
SHERMAN, James NICKOLS, Lethy 1918-Feb-22
SIFAX, Peter WILLIAMS, Enie 1920-Mar-11
SIMMONS, Emanuel PAGE, Luberta 1920-Dec-14
SIMMONS, Willie TAYLOR, Henry 1918-Dec-23
SINGLETON, Ed TAYLOR, Lizzie 1920-Mar-06
SINGLETON, Manual JONES, Ruby 1919-Dec-29
SINGLETON, Tim CARTER, Mandy 1920-Feb-10
SMILES, Alex JENKINS, Emma 1918-Dec-20
SMITH, B W UPSHAW, Adaline 1919-Feb-17
SMITH, Ed BANKS, Jessie 1918-Dec-23
SMITH, Ed REDMOND, Lula 1919-Dec-29
SMITH, Elry MCLAURIN, Hattie 1919-Dec-15
SMITH, Frank BALLS, Annie 1918-Dec-23
SMITH, Frank MAYSON, Blanche 1918-Feb-17
SMITH, Fred WILLIAMS, Druzella 1920-Jun-09
SMITH, Henry SIMS, Lelia 1918-Jun-07
SMITH, Jackson REED, Tilla 1918-Feb-19
SMITH, James PAGE, Cora 1920-Dec-16
SMITH, James P GOOSBY, Alice L 1919-Jan-29
SMITH, Jim CLAW, Mary 1920-Dec-21
SMITH, Lewis BRAXTON, Agnes 1920-Oct-30
SMITH, Mark TAYLOR, Lula 1919-Mar-05
SMITH, Martin BINGHAM, Merry S 1919-Dec-20
SMITH, Nathan MORRIS, Sadie 1919-Dec-19
SMITH, Richard CARTER, Missouri 1919-May-26
SMITH, Richard CONNER, Mernerva 1919-May-12
SMITH, Roberty PERCY, Charles 1920-Nov-17
SMITH, Sam SINGLETON, Annie 1919-Mar-25
SMITH, Will BROWN, Mary 1919-Dec-24
SMITH, Will FIELDS, Sallie 1918-Dec-11
SPEARMAN, Will ROBINSON, Hattie 1918-Jun-22
SPEARMAN, Willie TURNER, Corine 1920-Feb-07
SPENCER, Robert GREY, Willie 1918-Oct-02
STANFORD, Wm ALDRIDGE, Jennie 1918-Dec-04
STAPLETON, C O LISTER, Alice 1921-May-18
STAPLETON, Jack GARDEN, Mary 1918-Dec-19
STARLING, Geo ROSS, Charlotte 1918-Sep-07
STEVENS, Geo SIMES, Racheil 1918-Oct-12
STEVENS, Jim HOWARD, Liza 1920-Oct-16
STEWART, Sam SMITH, Beaula 1920-Feb-28
STEWART, Will MERCHANT, Annie 1920-Feb-19
STEWART, Will WYATT, Fannie 1918-Feb-11
STONE, Geo T PETTEGREW, Mary E 1920-Aug-09
STONE, Jerry ALLEN, Julia 1919-Dec-05
STRICKLAND, Joe JONES, Pinkey 1920-Dec-13
SWITZER, Mckinley B BELL, Ruth Lee 1919-May-20
SWITZER, Robert CHILDS, Daisy 1919-Feb-22



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