Humphreys County Brides

V - Z

VAN, Ruby MCINTOSH, Leslie 1918-Feb-21
VARNELL, Iva Newell WILLIAMS, Eddie Martell 1920-Jul-12
VAUGHN, Bettie WILSON, Geo 1920-May-05
VENSON, Auvie GOODWIN, Henry 1919-Mar-05
VINSON, Abbie T DAVENPORT, Orrin T 1921-Jul-16
VINSON, Erma DAVIS, James 1921-Jan-14
WAITS, Mattie SCALES, John 1919-Apr-01
WALKER, Bettie MYERS, Cyrus 1919-Jan-28
WALKER, Mariah GREEN, Sam 1918-Aug-29
WALKER, Roxie ONEAL, Green 1920-Dec-06
WALKER, Salina NUTALL, Jim 1920-Dec-06
WALKER, Thorley HUTCHENS, Ike 1920-Feb-20
WALLACE, Florence AVONT, Albert 192?-Feb-21
WALLACE, Susan LOVE, Pompey 1918-Mar-03
WALTON, Sarah HARPER, Albert 1919-Apr-30
WARD, Rosa Lee WELLS, James 1919-Dec-30
WARD, Susie BROWN, Richard 1918-Nov-25
WARDEN, Eveline HARVARD, Isach 1920-Oct-07
WARE, Emma Lee CHEATHAM, F G 1921-Feb-08
WARREN, Lucy TERRELL, James Willie 1918-Nov-27
WARSHAM, Nettie BRYANT, Leslie 1919-Jan-21
WASHINGTON, Clara BROWN, Aberdeen 1920-Apr-03
WASHINGTON, Elmira WREN, Ottawa 1920-Jun-22
WASHINGTON, Georgia HARRIS, Jeff 1918-Oct-19
WASHINGTON, Leola CROOK, Humphrey 1919-Feb-01
WASHINGTON, Marie BUTLER, Prince 1920-Dec-27
WASHINGTON, Mary ROBERTS, Odis 1919-Dec-24
WASHINGTON, Mollie LEWIS, Henry 1919-Jan-19
WATKINS, Ella May KNOX, Joe 1919-May-19
WATKINS, Harriet JENKINS, Herman 1918-Oct-22
WATSON, Docia B UPCHURCH, Jim 1919-May-19
WATSON, Manervia THOMAS, John Henry 1920-Dec-18
WEAKLY, Ollie MAYS, Murphy 1919-Dec-04
WEATHERFORD, Sarah HARVEY, Wm 1920-Jul-20
WEATHERS, Jessie Bell MUNSON, Walker 1920-Jan-17
WEATHERSPOON, Mattie DAVIS, Lon 1920-Nov-25
WEAVER, Lizzie WILLIAMS, Bill 1920-Mar-06
WELLS, Jamie WELLS, Thomas 1918-Mar-01
WELLS, Sallie MORGAN, Andrew 1919-Apr-19
WESHAW, Hattie ASHFORD, Wash 1921-Dec-21
WESLEY, Doreathy Lee ALEXANDER, Leroy 1920-Jul-24
WESSHAUE, Hattie ASHFORD, Wesshaue 1921-Dec-21
WHEELER, Cora MCLAIN, Albert 1919-May-13
WHIPPS, Alice ASHFORD, Wash 1918-Jun-16
WHIPPS, Alice ASHFORD, Wash 1918-Jun-12
WHITE, Carry BRUMFIELD, Green 1920-Aug-02
WHITE, Jessie Lee GOODEN, Tom 1920-Apr-02
WHITE, Lillie HOWARD, Willie 1920-Sep-13
WHITE, Lizzie BROWN, D 1920-Feb-06
WHITE, Marthy RUSSELL, Sol 1919-Apr-28
WHITE, Minnie MOTEN, Dave 1918-Oct-26
WHITE, Minnie L MCHAN, J R 1920-Dec-22
WHITE, Pearl EVANS, Jack 1919-Feb-25
WHITTINGTON, Oladge Bell TIERCE, T Tillman 1920-Jul-28
WILLIAMS, Ada JONES, Sam 1918-Dec-23
WILLIAMS, Agnes TURNER, Tom 1920-Mar-29
WILLIAMS, Amie BASS, John 1919-Dec-01
WILLIAMS, Anna ADAMS, Phelix 1920-May-20
WILLIAMS, Anna ADAMS, Phelix 1920-May-15
WILLIAMS, Bula MOLET, Ed 1920-Jul-05
WILLIAMS, Della ADAMS, Richard Jr 1925-Feb-19
WILLIAMS, Druzella SMITH, Fred 1920-Jun-09
WILLIAMS, Enie SIFAX, Peter 1920-Mar-11
WILLIAMS, Estella CAMP, Dave 1918-Mar-12
WILLIAMS, Francis BYRD, J T 1918-Mar-15
WILLIAMS, Georgia DORSEY, Jefferson 1920-Mar-01
WILLIAMS, Jessie COLEMAN, Will 1919-Dec-23
WILLIAMS, Laura LUCKET, Wiley 1919-May-12
WILLIAMS, Louellis COLEY, Willis 1918-Nov-27
WILLIAMS, Maggie MARTIN, Andrew 1918-Mar-10
WILLIAMS, Mary ADAMS, Henry 1919-Dec-24
WILLIAMS, Mary BURNEY, Geo 1919-May-17
WILLIAMS, Mattie COLLINS, James 1920-Jan-06
WILLIAMS, Minnie May ARNOLD, Ira 1920-Jan-15
WILLIAMS, Mollie BROWN, Everett 1920-May-15
WILLIAMS, Ora HAYWOOD, Charley J 1919-Dec-13
WILLIAMS, Pearlie ELDRIDGE, Jimmie 1919-Dec-23
WILLIAMS, Sallie THOMPSON, John 1918-Nov-23
WILLIAMS, Sarah WALKER, Tom 1920-Apr-05
WILLIAMS, Sarah WILLIAMS, Daniel 1920-Dec-20
WILLIAMS, Susie ALDRIDGES, Dave 1921-Jan-03
WILLIAMS, Texana DABNEY, James 1920-Nov-27
WILLIAMS, Viola BESTER, John 1920-Feb-22
WILLIAMS, Viola WILLIAMS, Alex 1919-Feb-01
WILLIS, Delena COLE, Miles 1918-Feb-22
WILLIS, Francis CARR, Will 1919-Dec-23
WILSON, Alice JONES, Dozzy 1920-Jan-27
WILSON, Bessie BRYANT, James 1918-Aug-03
WILSON, Lucille MCCURTY, Claibourn 1918-Aug-24
WILSON, Mary EDWARDS, Dave Jr 1920-Dec-23
WILSON, Queen Annie WILLIAMS, Charley 1918-Sep-04
WILSON, Tempey BLACK, Will 1918-Oct-26
WINFIELD, Elise GOODEN, Irene 1920-May-15
WINGHAM, Aline ROGERS, Charley 1920-Nov-22
WINSTON, Rosa ALONZA, Hamp 1919-Dec-17
WINSTON, Rosa Lee HODGE, Willie 1919-Jun-07
WISLEY, Mamie MCDOWELL, Robert 1918-Jun-22
WOODRUFF, Isabella RICHARDSON, Mat 1920-Jan-03
WOODS, Hattie BANKS, Emanual 1920-Jun-26
WOODS, Majuly WHIPS, Levi 1920-Nov-23
WOODS, Mattie LATIMORE, Will 1918-Jun-29
WOODSON, Nellie ALEXANDER, Reuben 1923-Feb-14
WOODWARD, Malissie CAMPBELL, Lawrence 1919-Apr-17
WOOTEN, Anna May GARY, Mckinley 1920-May-15
WRIGHT, Daisey GAYDEN, Clebern 1918-Dec-14
WRIGHT, Viola ANDERSON, Alex 1920-Jun-18
WYATT, Fannie STEWART, Will 1918-Feb-11
YOUNG, Alice Myrtle CUMMINGS, Van Willis 1920-Aug-31
YOUNG, Carry BANKHEAD, John 1920-Oct-04
YOUNG, Charity GINN, Isaac 1920-Nov-25
YOUNG, Henrietta PEACE, Trim 1918-Mar-22
YOUNG, Julia ANDERSON, Job 1920-Sep-25



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